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Are you sick of over-crowded ski resorts, long lift queues and dull slopes? What would you say to a ski field where new snow lies untouched for days and the off-piste skiing is unbelievably awesome? Such a place does exist, and it's called Disentis. Hidden in a valley between the Oberalp Pass and Chur, Disentis has still not been exploited by mass tourism. Instead, you can expect great snow conditions and superb off-piste skiing.

For those who prefer comfortable skiing, there are long and wide red pistes. If you are into fierce off-piste skiing then it’s best to bring climbing skins. You reach the best runs after a 30-minute walk. There is easy touring from the T-bar lift (Lai Alv – Péz Ault) up to Péz Ault, from which point there is a long run down through Val Gronda, or you can continue touring across to Brunnifirnglaciären and Oberalpstock. There are numerous different ways to do these runs. A completely different option is to take the train from Disentis to Andermatt and get off at Oberalppass, located at an altitude of 2,000 meters. There are runs both towards Andermatt and towards the Sedrun lift systems.

Swedish-owned Nangijala offers accommodation, home-made burgers and “Swedish fika” (coffee with something sweet) or beer. Sax Lodge is also operated by Swedes. The latter is more of a hotel, while accommodation at the former is more basic.

Disentis in Switzerland is no "Alpine capital", but quite known among most serious skiers. Still, visitors aren't coming in droves (yet). Powder skiing, massive amounts of snow, amazing views and great restaurants are waiting for you. You can even visit the little factory of the luxurious ski brand Zai at the train station in Disentis, if you so wish.

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We were a bunch of 7 people who spent 2 fantastic months in Disentis winter 2010. Disentis is a relatively small ski resort. Fits very well if you like the off-road lift-off. Disentis is very playful and there were not long queues when we were there.

+ Incredibly good liftburen offpist
+ Easy to get around
+ Beautiful environment (as always in the Alps maybe?)

- Can be experienced a little bit "little" if you spend a long time there
- In other places, the tour options are a bit more limited (compare with, for example, Chamonix)

In summary, there will be a dump in Disentis and you're there to ride the lift-off offpiste, it's just gratulations.

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Disentis is a "hidden gem"! Now the place will be united with the Nätchen system in Andermatt. Suitable for those who like offpiste. Large areas. Some people were there when we were there on Saturday, February 6th. Particularly good was the off-piste from the top of the Ankarlift from Lai Alv, down Val Gronda, which takes you back to the valley station. The train goes straight to the ski slope as usual in Switzerland!

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+ is well that the offpiste ride is the best in the world (according to me)
+ nice lifts
+ have a park
+ good food

- too little lifts
- bad park
- expensive


has a park, unbelievable, but only 4 iron pipes and a flatbox that was completely broken and a jump I do not want to talk about.
It was a lot of offpiste, so if you want to build a jump, just ask the machine of the lift machine in German if you can borrow a spade.
good off-piste skiing, steep and a lot of snow when it's snowing, the village is cozy but there's nothing drag somewhere, completely dead in the evenings.
good hotel and nice bus to the cabway, but if you are looking for a park, disentis is no elevated place, TIMER :)

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