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From an alp perspective, Andermatt's skiing system is not one of the biggest ones. The lifts are relatively few, and just like in Chamonix, the system is divided among different mountains where the easiest way to go from one to the other is by bus or train.

Even though the Andermatt system is not the biggest ski system, the smoothest or by all means the most modern one, there are plenty of rewards when it comes to skiing for those who come here. The resort is famous for being a safe choice if you want to be sure of snow and countless days of a cushioned prime alpine environment. This has given the resort a bit of a cult following, and there are countless riders coming back year after year. For those who want the feeling of a genuine, cozy alp-city, Andermatt is hard to beat. The village is, just like the lift system, relatively unchanged from its original state. You can also go across to the neighboring city of Sedrun by train without a problem.

Andermatt Snow forecast

  • Wednesday
    0.4 in rain
    Rain showers
    2 mph
  • Thursday
    0 in rain
    3 mph
  • Friday
    0.6 in rain
    Heavy rain
    1 mph

Facts about Andermatt

Slopes (Total: 44)
Green Learning / beginner:0
Blue Easy:0
Red Intermediate:70
Black Advanced / Expert:30
Total length of pistes:74.6 miles

Lifts (Total: 22)
Gondola lift:3
Aerial tramway:2
Chair lifts:9
Lift capacity:  21200 persons/hour

Vertical drop
Andermatt Vertical drop
Mountain high: 9715 ft
Vertical drop: 4977 ft
Mountain low: 4738 ft

Start:19 December
End:11 April

Cross country skiing
Tracks:17.4 miles
Lit tracks:1.2 miles
Artificial snow:0 miles

Country: Switzerland

Reviews for Andermatt

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Very good if you are looking for off-piste and lift-started tours.
There was a scarce week in mid-February 2020. Had two (50 plus 20cm) nightly snowfalls and most clear on the days. Andermatt is said to be one of the snowiest resorts and that was true when I was there.
Gemsstock is ffa for off-piste and lift-started tours, large patrol area and many opportunities for tours (including for me with snowboarding and snowshoes). Two efficient booths supplemented with tow and chairlifts. There is a large patrolled area directly from the top cabin at Gemsstock, and with shorter slopes (and avalanche knowledge and equipment) you reach Felsental and Giraffe (Giraffe Couloir - but I had not found it without a guide), with shorter hike Guspis is also accessible lucky.
On the other side, Andermatt-Oberalppass-Sedrun (which is combined), and then Disentis (needed 5min by train from Sedrun), it is more like classic alport, nice slopes of different steepness and Swiss well-piste. New efficient lifts and right with piste-close off piste all around. Here it is south facing, nice when it is sunny, and if you like sloppy plus degree off-piste then it became good opportunity in the afternoon - think about the avalanche danger here too. At the top of the Disentis area there are more good off-piste opportunities. You can then take the train all the way between Disentis and Andermatt, included in the lift pass - there are also 'après-ski' departures.
Both areas are mostly 'bare mountains' with very little forest, so are sensitive to poor visibility ... but on the other hand are very beautiful, you are in the Gotthard massif.
Although I was there in the European high season, there were almost no lift queues, except Gemsstock's valley station in the mornings after the snowfall - Andermatt is nothing if you want to avoid powderiness (but still much better than StAnton, for example).
It is Switzerland, so food and accommodation is not cheap, but it is not for the food you go here, and typically Swiss-saturated, correct-friendly accommodation. The lift ticket prices are not disturbingly high (if I remember right a little over half of Zermatt) and had no problems finding a perfectly ok priced accommodation (there is expensive luxury for those who want). I can't say much about the nightlife, because the conditions were so good, so my focus became sleep.
Plus: Gemsstock - mountain with fantastic opportunities for off-piste. Snow conditions. Good more classic alpine skiing can be found in Andermatt-Oberalppass-Sedrun-Disentis (recently expanded and assembled if I understood it correctly, become quite large overall)
Minus: Sensitive to poor visibility conditions. The powderiness I experienced lies somewhere between StAnton and Zermatt.

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Spent v.6 2020 in the village. Took the train from Zurich airport which was reasonably cheap and smooth. Once in place several plus degrees and rain. The day after heavy snowfall and the strong winds that lasted during the week. Only stayed 3 days when the peaks lifts were running. He did, however, drive through the entire SkiArena which stretches from Andermatt to Disentis.

Appreciated the ride above Sedrun and Disentis the most. There is plenty of fluff to go by the slopes there and you quickly get there by train or lift cage. The train is the Matterhorn-Gotthard bahn which offers beautiful views of the Oberalp pass. Didn't test the after ski train but it looked nice.
Gemstock was a pleasant experience during the fresh snow in the black and yellow descent from the top. The red has too much element of "transport". There are some opportunities for off-piste and several trips starting from Gemstock's back. But otherwise no remarkable piste skiing in my opinion, tough to pick up cabin (despite double) several times but probably less queues / visitors than in the more famous resorts in Switzerland.
The netting on the other side of the village is perfect for families with children and for sunbathing.

Walking distance to the train station and to the lifts. Cozy main street with a good selection of restaurants and some shops. Did not experience the village as particularly expensive. But on the other side of the station, the new luxury section is expanding fully with luxury accommodation and luxury stores.

Tested cross-country trails that are easily accessible and extend over large open areas of the valley. Due to strong winds, snow drifts blew across the tracks so it went a bit slow that day :)

Totally ok ski resort thanks to the choices in SkiArena but had been thrown with a good bathing & sports facility as a pastime during days with bad weather.

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Mark (Guest)
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Freeride mecca on the gemstock

Jonas (Guest)
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Note yesterday only here if you like off piste and do not want to party the village is stendöd after 22 if you do not want to pay expensive at the new jetset hotel.
Off the piste is cruel energy, you only wander a bit from Gemstock's back, you get unprecedented driving for hours, incredibly snow-covered, however, high low-risk due to the amount that comes each year. Get lifts, but you drive them even if it's really windy, it's just a gem and you'll find easy-to-reach off piste right down the village.
Cozy city with good food but as said no move except in the hill. Also positive is the proximity to Zurich.
Note rating at a lot of snow which is almost always

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I was in Andermatt weekend week 11. We came there and it had not been snowing for a few days, although it was very easy to find untouched snow.

+ snow proof, came 7-8 meters snow per season according to local guide
+ easily accessible offpiste
+ cruel fall height
+ little people

- pretty cool lifts
- The village is dead after 21:00
"If it has not been snowing for a while, it's quite boring

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Positive: Good Mecka for those who like offpiste. Good jaw at the restaurants. Great area, Nätschen, as few people use, take the train! (the lift card works)

Negative: You'll be sad soon on the pretty little area, (Gemsstock) under the cable car if you drive mostly in the piste. The lifts went halfway when there were little people. Waiting time on weekends in the cabins. The ski bus between the areas is no hit even if it's free. Then a little detail that you rely on; No snowmobile on the sidewalks (held around 5-6 times) Perhaps no big thing, but shredding on the way to the lift / bus etc feels a bit B. Even the end point below Gemsstock is right at the main road that goes through the village. One might think they could clear away so you do not let go down the road where traffic is going on. Maybe a bit, but I would like Andermatt to take a trip to the major ski resorts in France. Small details but important anyway :-) The snow report said 4.2 meters V8 -2013, but it was only 2 dm in the slope.

Mattias Carlsson
Mattias Carlsson (Guest)
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Is in Andermatt for the second time. Has been in the 20th century resorts in the Alps and Canada. In addition to Whistler, Andermatt is the best place. I have traveled myself, with my wife and children. Many nice travel memories, especially since we book late, when we know where the snow is falling. For us, Andermatt with large snowfall, large rides reachable by lifts or skins has provided unforgettable skiing experiences, both in simple wide, unspoilt snowy areas and in steeper steep passages. Everything has been achieved with good equipment, as we hired at the sports shop, good map material and good advice from knowledgeable staff at the Intersport business. In addition to skiing that we value most, the village is really cozy, easily reached by low cost flights to, for example, Basel from Copenhagen, El Zurch from Stockholm, and perfect working train for 2-3 hours. Both times we have been here, it feels like home in the country, no queues, cows in the center. This is the place for those who focus on skiing. Afterski is there but is not as lively as in Austria. The restaurants are not very cheap, so we took the apartment and went to the wrist. Last time we wore here it was 4m at the top and came half a meter during the week. This time it was 4m on top also came 2dm. Both times we had to go for a couple of days to play the snow. Will probably add a map showing some easy-access off-pistons when we get home.

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Have no evil to say about Andermatt. Really nice / big mountains and the great fall height offer great rides and long runs. Cruel offpiste already during New Year's Eve 2009. Small cozy town with proximity to Oberalp and Sedrun on the same ski pass by train.

Benke (Guest)
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Visited Andermatt for the first time during the past week and the place owns! Cozy alpine with quite quiet nightlife and a lot of restaurants. We simply stayed but incredibly fresh for 50 CHF / night including breakfast. By ski bus just outside it took about 5 min to the cable car, which goes up to Gemstock. From there, there are many beautiful yokes. If you want to hurry, the world is literally for one's feet.
We tried parts of the Giraffe, Felsentahl (about 1500 m fall height ...) and Guspis. But the best ride we had after a 40 minute easy climb to the back of a top next to Gemstock. Endless loose snow, very untouched even though it did not snow in a week! After that it was stabbing about 10 km (included in the calculations) to get back to the village, but it was worth it.
Forest skiing is not allowed but at the end of Felsentahl (to the left of the ravine) there is a nice trail with little small trees and shrubs at a fair distance. Again, much was untouched despite a week without snow.
Thank you to Björn (ski patrol) who was looking for a good ride!
If you want to sneak piste there are better places. If you want to enjoy a long lullaby, Andermatt is world-class. We are coming back!

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Andermatt does not have much to offer on off-road skating, but for those who like to carve on the slopes, it's a very good option. Snow amount is okay for the most part. There are some good offpiste places but very hard to get to .

The snow amount was not the best while I was there but I think so well, alright.

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Trail map Andermatt

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