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What do you think about Fernie Alpine?
Just got back from a 3 week trip, plenty of snowfall, lots of
powder. We first went out to Fernie about 4 years ago and we
keep going back so that pretty much says it all -- I'm still
finding my feet snowboarding but my boyfriend is a
skateboarder and has been riding for years, the mountain has
something for both of us which is great -- Nice uncrowded
slopes mean that you can enjoy the mountain at your own pace,
whether that be tearing down the hill or going at a more gentle
pace. Fernie Downtown has a genuine warm and friendly vibe,
population 4900. I really can't fault this beautiful place.

Plenty to do all year long

Winter: Ski, Snowboard, SnowCats, Cross Country,
Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, Ice Fishing

Summer: Boating, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Golfing, Hiking,
White Water Rafting.

Brett : from Canada
Brett : from Canada (Guest)

Fernie is the ultimate powder destination.
It recieves over 30 feet of snow per season. It is never that busy, so you get fresh tracks all day. I have been to Fernie 3 times. 2 of those times it has been knee deep powder. Last year it was hip deep.
Stregnths Weaknesses

-consistant powder -Terrain Park is
-low elevation located near the top
won't bother people (this means you have
with altitude sickness to take a longer
-steep and challenging lift ride each time)
skiing inbounds(no need to -low elevation means
go OB) snow at bottom can
-Awesome Nightlife turn slushy
-Lots of accomadation -usually foggy at the
-Good terrain park top for some reason
-Cheap, interchangeable -lifties get in the
lift tickets(also can be way, more than they
used at Lake Louise, Kimberley do their jobs
and Nakiska) (not all of
-Cool town(good food) them)
(good fishing
in summer)

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Spent a few days in Fernie during a longer road trip. Large system with many different levels of slopes.
Unfortunately we did not get any fresh snow when we were there and, as in many other ski resorts, it is with humpback piste when no new snow falls. It was then that even icy piste slopes were preferred to humped unpiste slopes.
But IF you dive right and are there when it dumps snow then there are endless opportunities for cruel rides.
However, the downside is that the lift tickets are quite expensive - but as I said, you put in the right days so you may not think as much about the cost :)

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Review from the 18/19 season!

Hey! Spent about 2.5 months in Fernie during the 18/19 season and is more than happy. Here comes a quick + and - list!

+ Great riding with good variety, between steep / flat rides and the same with the length of the ride. Did not get tired of the resort during my entire travel time.
+ Extremely nice local population, very helpful in pointing out "special / hidden" example.
+ Cozy city with walking distance to everything, in relation to the size of the city there were very many good restaurants.
+ Steady snowfall, as in most places in Canada.
+ Easily accessible tours in direct connection to the ski system, great variety on these as well.
+ Could live relatively cheaply (apart from lift pass and accommodation).
+ Is there a really good avalanche course that goes to "College of the Rockies", but it is important that you enroll in good time when it only goes 1 time / month. Price approx 2500sec then includes 3 evenings at school and 1 full day on the mountain.

- Extremely expensive housing costs if you want to book something before you go there instead of looking around the premises while you are there.
- Expensive lift ticket approx 12000sec for the 18/19 season, if you do not buy at the "buy early" discount.
- If you want to go to another place you have to have access to a car as the bus connections are minimal as the Greyhound buses have stopped running.
- Two lifts that go from the "bottom" of the system, which means that quite often you have to go all the way down even though the first half of the ride is what you were really looking for.

Hope this helped something! // Oskar

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The absolute best thing about Fernie is the light, fluffy champagne powder that Fernie is also known for. I did a season there a few years ago and it was absolutely amazing. Everyone is wonderfully nice in town and it's not really long between the hill and the village which I think is a huge advantage.

The thing with Fernie is that you need to get to know the surroundings a bit to get the best of the offpiste. But if you are hanging out of "unknown" people and locals, they are more than happy to show their favorite drips and sniffing and then suddenly it's another type of skiing. Then there is not as much crowd as in Whistler and Banff etc.

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"What a lot of snow" was the first thing I thought when we came to Fernie at night a few years ago. The next day I heard from someone who lived there that we had a bad luck who just came that season. I asked why, and apparently it was unusually a bit of snow that year. Then you're going to get back again ... because if that's right then the little village can be a really nice place for offpiste skiing between the sparse trees.

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Fernie is a little wonderful cushion in the amazingly nice Canada. Me and my girlfriend spent 10 weeks in Jan-March 2006. There I had some of the best ski days in my life. We were lucky to have a good season with a lot of snow and good conditions.
Here is a small + and - list about Fernie, based on how we had it in 2006.

+ Very nice terrain, there are several areas with good slope and shine between the trees as well as a number of challenging gutters.
+ Much snow, especially in Swedish measurements! The snow is quite often dry.
+ Cruel quality on the slopes for those who want to carve between snowfall. One of the things that surprised me most, but they could really giraffe over there.
+ No lift queues, max 2-5 min on weekends. On weekdays, the people shone with their absence.
+ Absolutely wonderful nice people! They are helpful and provide a lift to and from the hill every day without any problems !!
+ Raging Elk Hostel, terribly nice and good place to start living before you find anything else or stay on all the time.

- Slightly poor fall height, would have liked to rise a few hundred meters.
- Flat lane in the lower part of the system where the slopes accumulate to the lifts.
- For the party with more skiing than skiing, Fernie is probably not the first option, although there is a lot of variety. Party at Raging Elk was by far the most fun.
- Normal park, but without a separate lift! The park graves could either put the skis on their shoulder or go a long way to Falling star to get up again.
- Seasonal dependence. We were terrified, but I imagine that you would not be as cheerful with rain and nipple.

If you are in Fernie, you should not miss when the skischool's fresco instructors try to get the students to learn how to carve with the pants so when they are tied together in real Stockholm style! May be nice to see that development does not go so fast everywhere

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Hello, is in Fernie now the second month, going to be here in May, lots of snow, the base of the plant is 3.6 meters. The city is really nice, lots of life and a sick cool place to stay is SameSun Lodge. forget the other places to live. is a bit cold now -20 and not so much powder but it's coming back again, the sickest I've experienced was when the lizard bowl was opened for the first time in two weeks and it was 1 meter of powder just waiting to be driven.

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Stayed in Fernie for three months. Got an okey snow season in Swedish measurements measured. But living in Fernie is not like any other pause I've been, at first all are, then I mean F * N everyone is nice. And the atmosphere is calm and sensible just the way I want it. Many may understand why it is so quiet there. But I can highly recommend Fernie in every way.

We solved accommodation from home, but it is not necessary to always find cheaper if you go and talk to people. That said they are kind and helpful.

"You know allot about golf ... I know even more about grass."

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I find it hard to understand those who say there is a problem of off-piste and challenging terrain. Where have you been really? Fall height is not higher than Åre, that's true, but it's Fernie's only weakness in my opinion.

There are lots of easy-to-reach off-piste, both large open spaces (like Polar Peak) and fairly sparse forests. And even many of the marked slopes are all usually filled with loose snow (and soft goa puckles) because they do not drive very often with the pistons (as is).