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Micke (Guest)
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Laax / Flims is one of the Alps' best ski systems with endless offpiste opportunities. There are also five extremely good restaurants (but very expensive). Das Elephant, Startgetls, La Vacca, Larnags and Capalari. If you want to get out cheaper, there are a lot of simpler but cozy places to choose from.

sara (Guest)
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Laax is probably one of the best ski resorts I've been to. Located 1.5 hours from Zurich. The park is absolutely perfect, the superpipe is absolutely senselessly beautiful and there is plenty of snowmobile, it's very sick, the slopes are long and wide. The longest ride you can get is at 7km ..

Have received some emails about accommodation, live in an apartment all year here, so it's hard and answer. Laax has a good side that everything is on. But, as I've heard and seen, looking for a party, you'll be staying at Riders Palace, which is just a few hundred meters far from the Laax Murschetg valley station. Looking for a good standard hotel is Hotel Meiler or Grischuna in Flims good alternative, they are also close to the valley station.

The Swedes are, as is sometimes, many unpleasant people who do not like tourists, apparently do not change and change, but there are actually a whole lot of nice people, believe me.

Laax has always been a snowboard resort, they run the Burton European Open and Ice Ripper, etc. every winter. But they are starting to work now and have begun to work together with the freerolls Orage, last year they set up the Orage Jumpopotamus event, they are completely ill, and this season the ORAGE EUROPEAN FREESKIOPEN will be 22-26 March, which they apparently intend to run every year. Will be really fun .. Have a chance to go to the Freeski department at the NTC in Flims ...

Laax now also has a website at

Gooo laax;)

Alex (Guest)
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Used with all transport stretches. The backs are often badly pissed, the lifts come from the stone age and the offpiste consists of short and slippery yokes. Do not go here if you like skiing. Go here if you like expensive restaurants and unpleasant Swiss people.

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Flims / LAAX / Felera

I've been to Laax twice .. A wonderful ski resort .. Very good ride ..
I flew down to Zurich where I continued to the ski resort (took about 1.5 hours)

The first time i was there was the best!
Others were snowmobiles all week .. They even closed off the roads up to the ski resorts ..
They closed 50% of the slopes .. So I went to the ski resort Arosa one day which was okay ..

But nothing strikes Laax .. at the end of the day, you always take the longest 7km long hill and in the middle of the hill there is a pub where everyone stays and drinks.

I lived in my relatives apartment which was in the middle of the village ..
LAAX is my best ski resort!
/ Emanuelsson

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To the "triple village" Flims Laax Falera does not seem like so many Scandinavians found yet. Most of whom I encountered the times I was there were Danes who worked at the lunch places in the mountains.

It was in Flims that I first encountered Skwal ( and became total age directly. Not so strange - given how perfect backs are there to carve in here. Many slopes are long and wide, and you drive from a peak down to Flims, so you can get a sick-speed train.

The system is large, but not as overwhelming as, for example, Avoriaz / Port De Soleil or Tre Dalarna, which I think is a plus.

In the case of off-piste, I have had a few senseless days here. I also had a sabla trip that timed when a snow depth of five meters was measured and the village looked like a maze of snow valleys. There is an opisted mountain side which is entirely intended for free-kicking, but unfortunately it has been a little too infinite to open there the times I have been to Flims.

On the minus side, it is quite common with Switzerland - everything must be expensive and remarkable.
The worst thing I had been with was enough in Zurich when I had to switch money and the girl at the checkout refused to give me anything but a 200CHF banknote. She argued that it would be easy to come along when promoting "small things" like soda and train tickets. When I tried to persuade her to give me a little less denominations, I only got the answer - "Are you or me living in Switzerland" ...

Have stayed at a few different places, but I can recommend Grischuna which has great food & breakfast.

Port enough on a second place over my favorite places in Europe.
/ Teddo