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Gerlos is very snow-safe also late in the season and offers an extraordinary natural experience. The resort is located on a mountain ridge and is therefore high up at about 1300 meters and therefore Gerlos has the advantage of having plenty of snow far into the end of the season even though there is no glacier. The area offers plenty of sun as most of the system slopes south. It was also really good for snow when I was there during week 12. My ski week started with a day of persistent snowfall and poor visibility. Then it was sunny and nice weather for the rest of the week.

Gerlos is strategically located in the middle of a large system comprising three parts, Zell am Ziller in the west and Königsleiten / Hochkrimml-Gerlosplatte in the east. From the village there are two gondolas that take the riders up into the system. The new gondola in Gelos goes in from the tourist office where there is also a new service center with ski rental and deposit. The old gondola begins where those who visit Gerlos during the day park their cars. Both gondolas go up a larger open area that serves as the center of the entire system. Here are some restaurants and ski schools.

The western part of the system has some lifts that take a higher up to the top. On the way you pass Krimmlalm, which is the best off-piste area in the system as it is high and has dry air. The Gerlos section of the system was built in 2009 together with the Zell am Zillertal. Which you gained a lot from when the system became so much bigger and it is easy to reach the whole system from the Zillertal. Via a few lifts you reach the highest peak Ubergangsjoch which is 2500 m. From here you have a nice view of the valley Zillertal to the west and a good overview of the ski system. Here you can enjoy many red slopes in all variants. All the restaurants of different sizes feel nice in the area. The nicest of all the restaurants is the small restaurant in Wiesenalm.

Königsleiten is the eastern part of the system with the top Königsleitenspitze with 2315 m. Here are some long and fast pistes in the forest that are protected from the wind. The best area to be outside in windy weather. Larmach-Alm is a large modern and very nice restaurant that is worth stopping by for both heat and food. The village of Köningsleiten itself has quite a few inhabitants year-round and many tenant-owners. Therefore, the village may feel somewhat deserted at the end of the season. To the south of the village is a large open ski area called Hochkrimml-Gerlosplatte and is best suited for families with children. From here you can see from a distance the Krimmler Falls, which is Europe's highest waterfall in three stages of 140 + 100 + 140 meters. The waterfall is undoubtedly an attraction that you can make an excursion to for a few hours. If you are traveling to Gerlos from the east you should take the time to stop. Especially in the spring, the fall is an attraction when there is a lot of melt water in the fall.
The village of Gerlos is about a kilometer long and along the main street everything is in service road. The entertainment life in the village revolves around a few bars and there is a "Little Holland" with the center of the Cin Cin restaurant. Where the Dutch have a good start with the village's largest after ski. I recommend Hotel Post as it is a really good spa hotel with a nice and modern bathing facility as well as good food and good service. Hotel Post has the advantage of having the ski room wall to wall with the lift and after the ride you can just walk to the hotel room. The price is in the higher class but no doubt worth the price. The hotel is a classic Austrian Post hotel in the best sense of the word!

In summary, Gerlos has very good to offer in the form of skiing in all forms in a wonderful nature. Very snow-safe even at the end of the season and guaranteed lots of sun. In the village there are some really good spa hotels but also some hotels in the middle price range. The resort attracts many Austrians and Germans as well as many Dutch. The score is 5 out of 5 by Börje Hammarling.

01/03/2008 (Modified: 19/03/2008)
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Gerlos is a cozy little town a little bit away from Mayrhofen. There is a bit more speed in Mayrhofen than it is in Gerlos but Gerlos also has many resturants and things. Gerlos ski system was much better than I expected. There is never a queue for the gondolas in the morning, they have a new and fresh park and the ski system is bigger than you think. Gerlos is also on a much higher altitude than Mayrhofen so when we were there V.8 this year there was plenty of snow in Gerlos while there was a barb in Mayrhofen. One negative is that there are too many Dutch people. They are everywhere and they start to bother themselves after a while. Otherwise it is very nice ride.

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Come there v.7 last seen when we arrived at the small but charming village of Gerlos. At first we did not know what we would think, what we saw was a church and a couple of choirs. One can say that there is a long street, which is the village of 500m, where there is a well-sorted snowboard shop ( and some ski gear. Gerlos plant does not have a lot to offer to the experienced skier, possibly a pair of powder scratches that the Dutch have left. The system is cleared in one day. Then there are great good communications to when lying areas are really good, Hintertux etc ..
I'd sat at the Mayerhofen, which is a bit away from it.

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The old elevator (on the south side of the city) is almost inhabited. nice off-piste opportunities on the east and west side of the mountain. Larger lifting facilities on the north side (linked with the rest of the Zillertal). Best of all: No Scandinavians = untouched off-piste

Sight: The light blue stripe ball of about 10m2. Hello hallo, if I can not remember completely wrong. If anyone can tell me what it looks like inside, say so