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Gerlos belong to Zillertal.

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01/03/2008 (Modified: 19/03/2008)
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Gerlos is a cozy little town a little bit away from Mayrhofen. There is a bit more speed in Mayrhofen than it is in Gerlos but Gerlos also has many resturants and things. Gerlos ski system was much better than I expected. There is never a queue for the gondolas in the morning, they have a new and fresh park and the ski system is bigger than you think. Gerlos is also on a much higher altitude than Mayrhofen so when we were there V.8 this year there was plenty of snow in Gerlos while there was a barb in Mayrhofen. One negative is that there are too many Dutch people. They are everywhere and they start to bother themselves after a while. Otherwise it is very nice ride.

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Come there v.7 last seen when we arrived at the small but charming village of Gerlos. At first we did not know what we would think, what we saw was a church and a couple of choirs. One can say that there is a long street, which is the village of 500m, where there is a well-sorted snowboard shop ( and some ski gear. Gerlos plant does not have a lot to offer to the experienced skier, possibly a pair of powder scratches that the Dutch have left. The system is cleared in one day. Then there are great good communications to when lying areas are really good, Hintertux etc ..
I'd sat at the Mayerhofen, which is a bit away from it.

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The old elevator (on the south side of the city) is almost inhabited. nice off-piste opportunities on the east and west side of the mountain. Larger lifting facilities on the north side (linked with the rest of the Zillertal). Best of all: No Scandinavians = untouched off-piste

Sight: The light blue stripe ball of about 10m2. Hello hallo, if I can not remember completely wrong. If anyone can tell me what it looks like inside, say so

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Rider: Sebastian Garhammer Photo: Mattias Fredriksson


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