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Well there's a month in the winter. Good tuning except when Craig Kelly died in nearby REvelstoke. Do not miss freshmeat monday. Well there, early in January, my tip is to go there in Mars / April, there was a lot better snow then.

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This is a place that will let you know more when building the area a little more. Today, one is dependent on a single new gondola with impressive lift height.
Was there 3 days in March 2002, nice snow despite several days ago snowfall, very cold was it. Brant and nice off-piste, especially if you get a little bit crazy. Little people, which is good for the snow.
From Banff there are ski buses a few times a week, recommended. Otherwise you live in Golden. Stayed in a scabby hostel on the wrong side of the railroad. Kilometer-long trains a few times an hour do not benefit sleep. Good party performance, especially on "the kicking hore" ... just joking, in "Beautiful Golden" you will not stop to party. Stan is located near Rogers Pass.
Plus too high fall height, long season and 7 m snow per year. The system is small, with extensive expansion possibilities.

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Canon great place. We arrived there about 3-4 days after snowfall. Still good anyway. The dream would be to come there the day after a night's snowing. (But you always want ifs!) Very good lift that took one from the bottom to the top quickly and smoothly. Gondola that cools about 8 pers. Very good service among the lift staff, took care of the skis and put them in the elevator!
The restaurant at the top is worth a visit even if the price is a bit higher than normal.

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Kicking Horse is formerly called Whitetooth. The Dutch big finance has sent a lot of bullets to build a long gondola, which probably caused the name change. Unfortunately, you have stuck with the number of eggs so it will be queue anyway. The fall height you get when you take the gondola is unbelievable 1260 m. At the top is a restaurant with white tablecloths and cannon food. Views over Crystal Bowl and Bowl Over, some traverses take a rather easy to unspoilt terrain. If the snow ends, you can hesitate a bit. The ride in the upper parts of the system is of high quality. However, when it does not snow, the North American phenomenon "monster puckel" occurs in the lower parts of the system. Puckel seems to be macho so there should be a lot of it. I suspect, however, that they saved the pistols.

You live in Golden. Do not forget the TP game for boring evenings and bananas if you want to melt with the locals. Golden sucks but mountain kickes!