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For decades, Swedes have traveled to the Austrian Alps in hordes, with the excitement of experiencing well-prepared pistes and great off-piste skiing. Kitzbühel is no exception.

Kitzbühel is possibly best known for its downhill ski race and many Swedes probably remember Kitzbühel as the place where Ingemar Stenmark took the only downhill medal of his career, which he did in a combined competition which included a downhill run.

Now there are pistes for everyone and with the welcoming town at the bottom of the mountain with its great atmosphere and wild nightlife, Kitzbühel attracts both party goers and families today.

The village is situated between the mountain tops of Hahnenkamm and Kitzbühel Horn, and offers 57 lifts and a vertical drop of just over 1,200 meters. Unfortunately, Kitzbühel tends to not have the best snow conditions with runs that are not skiable all the way down to the village. This means parts of the pistes commonly become over-crowded.

Kitzbühel Snow forecast

  • Thursday
    0 ft
    1 mph
  • Friday
    0 in rain
    Partly cloudy
    2 mph
  • Saturday
    0 in rain
    2 mph

Facts about Kitzbühel

Slopes (Total: 59)
Green Learning / beginner:0
Blue Easy:22
Red Intermediate:26
Black Advanced / Expert:11
Evening skiing:2 number of slopes
Longest slope:25098 ft
Total length of pistes:105.6 miles

Lifts (Total: 57)

Vertical drop
Kitzbühel Vertical drop
Mountain high: 6575 ft
Vertical drop: 3950 ft
Mountain low: 2625 ft

Cross country skiing
Tracks:44.1 miles
Lit tracks:0 miles
Artificial snow:0 miles

Childrens area:4
Country: Austria

Reviews for Kitzbühel

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Been there for a couple of times, maybe Dennis below does not quite (I think St. Anton and Lech / Zürs were more Alpine and skiing), but he is right that Kitzl is "awesome".

In addition to Hahnenkamm you can also try Diretissima (Warnung - 70% steep).

Dennis Wasberg
Dennis Wasberg (Guest)
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The first time I went to Kitzbuhel was like 12 years old with my grandfather in 1993, since then I've been there 7-8 times. As you understand, I'm not quite subjective, but I have also been 2 v in St. Anton, 2 times in Zell am See / Kitzsteinhorn, 2 times in Saalbach and also Kitzbuhel's Skiwelt / Wilder Kaiser grid system.

I simply think Kitzbuhel is awesome, the best place I've been to!

Here are a bunch of reasons why I like it so much:
+ A large hypermodern ski and lift system with very varied rides (about 170 km of piste)
  You travel across large areas, where you can hardly find a good ride
  In bad weather - snow / rain / winds, there are exotic forests, and almost the entire "central" system today consists of modern fast lifts with bumps against precipitation and even chair heat in some. (In ex StAnton, it is more sensitive to fog / wind / snow when 95% of the skiing is above the tree line)
  Is it a little warmer, you can go downhill at a somewhat lower level in the mornings and go towards PassThurn and Mitterzill, which is in the north of 2000 m, and get better colder snow even in the afternoon.
+ Kitzbuhel's system is big, but for those who want even more variation, one can add hundreds of dogs and also access Skiwelt / Wilderkaiser (about 280 km of piste) reached by 5 min free ski bus. The same lift pass also includes Zell am See, St Johan, Saalbach, Alpbach plus a few more. All within max 50 min from Kitzbuhel.
+ Austrian gem in both the village and the slopes. There is an extremely good and varied selection of places to eat. Two-piece tips are Mexican LaFonda and Zinnkrug, where you get awesome ribs.
+ Afterskin on the Londoner. The best I've been to, Crazy Cangaroo hits StAnton with horse length.
+ Might easily accessible offpist (Have had snow pumps 3 years in a row when I was there in mid March - but otherwise it's a bit more powder proof compared to ex StAnton which is higher)
+ No queues please be almost exclusively new, fast modern lifts.
+ Less people than elsewhere (perceived as iaf, then maybe it's the lifts lr that it's very wide backs)
+ Also, it's relatively cheap - Lunch at the back about 120 SEK for main course / drink, Dinner in the evening with beer for about 250 SEK, Pizza between 60-90 kr.

Can safely come across more things I like with Kitzbuhel but it will suffice. =)

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Have spent several sports holidays in Kitzbuhel. However, I have lived in Mittersill about 20 minutes from Kitzbuhel. Bott at an old castle from the 11th century. Cheap accommodation with breakfast, lunch, dinner. The room is large old castle room where famous people once lived. Sloss Mittersill is located in the middle of the mountain with a magnificent view and close to the hill.
The skiing is okay, you have to look forward to the best slopes. And then there are the slopes located at Kitzbuhel to seek. Further afield (Pass Thurn and Jochberg, no offense) the slopes are shorter but then there are less people in the slopes. It is worth visiting Kitzbuhel, blissful mix of people, good atmosphere. And relaxed place if you're not going to party. Otherwise, you should go to another ski resort.

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Were in kitz. under the sport promise, pure sugar was on the back 2-3 the first days there was a big sun and then it was snowing a little on the night it was 10-15cm so damn nice where it was, find the worst beautiful offpist strip below the 55th ..

all of the slopes were not open anyway, but there was more snow there now than it had been throughout the season.

                      can really recomend this, a rich snob town
                      you can find virtually anything ...


Pontus Johansson
Pontus Johansson (Guest)
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Have been there for several sports holidays with the family and it is very nice skiing. too bad that there are not so many parks .. it's a really go piste ride and that's a big area since they built the cab to Passhorn 3s. I think I'm out of my mind. there are many who complain about kitzbühel but I think it's okay ...

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Va in Kitzbühel (Mittersill) on the sports promise and every once in a while.
I think it's okay, but skiing can be a lot of people in the middle of the day.
Now they have also built the Kitzbühle system with the Passthurn system through a cabin (3S), so if you live in Mittersill you can reach Kirchberg without having to go by bus to the outside.
Every time I've been there, there's perfect weather and a lot of snow.
I like the place. : P

Malmen&Sonken (Guest)
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Working season in Kitzan -86, -87, that was really awesome. I've been to places that had a lot higher, longer and grumpy slopes, but Kitzan probably has the best mix of ski slopes, après ski and mountaineering. Looking into the system, there is a really good ride ... but I'm not going to tell you where, hehe. You'll figure it out ...
Have it! / Malmen & Sonken

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Kitzbühel is nothing to recommend to those advanced. They are good transport stretches, etc. Family families are just perfect! Mayerhofen is the best place for all skiers in Austria. There is everything you can imagine from skiing to the nightlife! Kids backs to the most advanced are all!

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Sunshine and wonderful warmth! The snow is okay if you get up early. Not much queues to the slightly more difficult slopes. Perhaps a bit more family skiing but also the better can find its a favorite spot!
After-skiing at The London is a must !! The gritty mood to the full hole in time, do not forget about the u-boat! Shorty and Curly is called the guys who play beautiful songs like Mr Jones and others. Even Pippi Longstocking managed to be tampered with by these English grabbs!
Super cozy city, really cozy! Not so many places but afterskin is so fun that it does not play such a big part. GO!

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Fun place. Knowing where to go can find really nice and untouched pillows. The parks go well with them (recommending to build their own jump in the Off piste), Unfortunately, there is not so much nightlife, Great place for the family.

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