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A lot of snack about steep and dangerous La Grave .. Do not think it's so dangerous. Sure, you should not go here if you do not like the offpiste. But you can actually go a lot without a guide and get a great ride. The fact that La Grave is for the really good is grossly excessive! As long as you have your brain and do not stupid, it's cool ...

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This mountain is nothing for untrained .. It's a brutal mountain and being untroted is to be disrespectful of the mountain. Because it's something it requires of you as a skier. You do not want to make a mistake due to fatigue at the beginning of a colouiar. We were there for a week and went with Pelle L. An love to go fast and always find the best rides. I have been in Alaska and New Zealand, Canada, USA for Heliskiing. This was a completely different experience..very wonderful. Do I need to say: Helmet and back protection? Probably not. If you are not Frenchman, obviously, they think it's enough with a browband. Skiersdog and the guides can do their thing, to say the least! Get your humble, and the mountain and magnificent nature will enlist you tenfold. Though; avoid LA Meije when Derbyt goes ... two-legged Frenchmen in the village and on the mountain.

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Oh what i long for ...............
Were in La Grave week 5, 2004. As a girl I was extremely nervous but at the same time wonderfully happy to go to this mythical place. La Grave has a reputation for being steep and dangerous. Sure, but not only. I really recommend you to go. We had incredible luck with the weather, the sunshine most days but still powdering all the time when it dumped at the beginning of the week. We went with the guide all the time and it was very soft when you did not have to think so much yourself when someone else finds the golden eye for one. What I strongly want to point out is that you should be very well-trained for
to cope with the long voyages and the infinitely dry hikes.

Lots of love for this wonderful place !!!

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Arrived yesterday after a week of least-variable weather in La Grave.

Sunday - Driving in LG with okay conditions.
Monday - LG closed, riding in Chazelet in the rain.
Tuesday - LG closed. Rainy and closed roads in the area. Snowfall P1 and up.
Wednesday - LG closed, ice skating on Alpe D'Huez. Snowfall in LG (P1 and up)
Thursday - Top of LG closed. Heavenly ridge between P2 and P1 with featherweight cushions. Several avalanches had gone where we went on monday.
Friday - LG closed on a avalanche. Pillows in Monitier.

Despite only two days of skiing in La Grave and only a small part of the system open, we were very pleased with our week. This very thanks to the absolutely superb staff at Skiers Lodge who really worked hard to make us feel welcome despite the weather.
Our guides also did everything they could to satisfy our wishes.
I had asked for (in the forum) before we left the traverses that worried me when we boarded me and my wife. However, they did not matter when there was so much snow. On the other hand, I was far too untrue for LG. I simply could not avail myself of the ride because I did not hurry. As there was so little open, the area quickly got up and the puckles that this resulted in were not fun when boarding untrained. However, I saw a lot of fighters who without difficulty drove hard among the puckles.

We have traveled a lot, but only in a ski area. Once there you can drive hot on the slopes for day two or three to go out on the terrain. You always have the opportunity to "rest" in the piste, something you can not do in La Grave.

One thing that was difficult was that during the off season, we had to go to a group of three good skiers. The guide also went skiing and it made the choice of landlines not really them a skier would choose. This meant that we felt stressed to get down quickly and that the skiers, quite rightly, thought it was sad to wait for us.
This was noticed, and although it meant additional costs (which we did not pay), I and my wife got their own snowboarding guide the last two days of the hike. We lift the hat for Pelle Long and Langley Travel for the highly appreciated gesture. I expect that from Langley's directions, you will be more careful to provide information about such items when booking in advance to avoid additional costs. I will address this to them.
Even if you belong to the top layer of snowboarders (which we do NOT), I think you have trouble walking with good skiers, since the lines are usually completely different.

We both told us when we went home that when we go back again we will do a couple of things differently.
- Book the trip late, the day before, if possible to ensure that there is plenty of snow and good weather.
- Loan training at least half a year before.
- Check out that we end up in a group of snowboarders only.

My grade is divided as follows:

- The room at Skiers Lodge: 3 (Missing clothes lines to wipe the clothes)
- Personnel at Skiers Lodge: 5+
- Cozyness at the lodge: 5+
- Overall impression of the lodge: 5
- Weather: 1
- Running: 4 (the last two days outweigh everything!)
- Guides: 5
- Food: 5 (The restaurant at the lodge did not finish when we were there but, according to rumors, will be really good with a good cook. We ate out in the village and there is really good food that is very affordable)
- Hilarious people: 5 (Crazy Dave and Renault man)

In short:
Be well-groomed and keep your thumbs up for good weather.

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The uniqueness of La Grave is that it is (relative) public space and
amazingly brutal but certainly you will find colouirs, open fields,
steep rides, challenged glaciers etc at other resorts in
the country is as good. Add to that the lack of schyssta
bars and girls (extinct in La Grave). But ... there will be two completely
different things and never meet you hopefully. La Grave
is and will hopefully be lonely, small, snowy and
brutal. That's the strength and it's for those sake
go there All hail to the mountain!

/ BonSkieur - on & on

Lars-Ove (Guest)
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Certainly La Grave is good but not that big. After the snowfall the area gets awake in a morning. As snow snow was so high this year, the area became even smaller. Even Pan de Rideau and Grecken looked like potato chips after a couple of hours.
But you think it's fun to go around with a cool UIAGM guide and wear harness while riding in the woods, so you can visit La Grave and Skiers Lodge. But no powder hole is La Grave no longer ...

Tobias (Guest)
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What to say? Maximum fall height about 2300 meters ... One of the world's best ski slopes with as many opportunities as possible. The village is a nice genuine haven.

Mickis (Guest)
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I was a day in La Grave last year in January. Was really in Serre Che, but since there was no snow I went on an excursion over the day. It was very exciting to go in this talked-up system, and of course I was a little nervous if I could handle it! We were a group of 6 people, where I was single girl and the only one who went telemark. In order to slow down the pace, the guide also chose to go telemark ... With the surface that prevailed ... old snow with a decimeter hard packed layer at the top, which, however, was untouched, it was quite difficult actually no sliding. Even La Grave suffered from the pain of snow, which was labeled down the village. A couple of rich fat layers are recommended to surf the top of the mountain up the mountain! Had I known how the groundwork would be, I had rented skis (really wide for the surf and without conscience for scratches further down the village!) We were still fairly smooth, but after 3 days my muscles said, and while the rest went on a scratch strolled in the village and took a well deserved hot chocolate! To really enjoy La Grave you should have good muscles and be a good skier, and you should go with a guide if you can not "the system", the mountain is full of cracks ... And it's really cool to have been there !

Fredde (Guest)
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Should I be the first to place this place? Strange.
In any case, this is a wonderful place. I stayed at Pelle at Skiers Lodge 1994, it's actually called La Meije, I have for me. Nice atmosphere, good food, continental atmosphere. We had quite a good ride on the mountain even though it had not snowed for a long time. We went for a couple of days in the Serre Chevallier also, which had very nice woodland skiing. The town of La Grave is a small town that is charming.
Recommended! However, it was six years since I was there ...