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Les Deux Alpes is the ski system that has the fourth largest drop in Europe. From the top of the glacier at 3421 masl down to the village with 1650 masl. I visited the resort week 13. Which is late in the season because I wanted to avoid being affected by restrictions due to covid-19. The last restrictions had been lifted just a week earlier in France.

Almost the entire ski system is located east of the village and two lifts lead up to the first level of 2400-2100 masl. Down from the first level there is a black piste which is probably the steepest piste in the whole system.

To the middle part of 3288-2400 masl there is a long direct cable car from the village. The middle part is the main part of the system, with almost only long sweeping wide blue and red slopes. This is also where the park is located. Here the terrain is open and it is very easy to find unlimited areas for off-piste. Which is one of the great things about the system!

The upper part of the system between 3421-3288 masl is on the glacier. You get to the top by an anchor lift that is attached to the glacier or by a train that goes in a tunnel in the mountain under the glacier. On the glacier there are some wide blue and red slopes.

My ski week started with two days of sun, then two days with changing weather and some rain, to end with two snowy and windy days with very poor visibility. Best ski day would be the day I went home. So they can join skiing this late in the season!

It was mostly skiing on the glacier during the first two days when there was occasionally poor visibility in the system. Riding directly to the top on the first day without being used to the height felt physically heavy. After that, it was riding mostly in the middle part of the system.

There is a small part of the system that is located west of the village and is called Vallée Blanche and has a peak of 2100 masl. This part of the system consists of two blue slopes. However, the new lift Super Venosc did not work so there was no ride here.

The restaurants in the system are all quite nice. The one I liked best was Le Diable au Coeur which had good food, great menu and a nice view of the village.

I planned to visit La Grave for off-piste skiing for a day, but only parts of La Grave were possible to go on as it had been a snow-poor season. So nothing came of it. If you want to go there, you have to go by taxi as there is no regular bus.

An unexpected and pleasant break was to take a helicopter over to the ski resort of Alpe d´Huez. The flight takes place for a few days a week and is booked no later than one day in advance at the lift ticket sales. The flight takes place from the first level in the system at Cretes and takes about 4 minutes. The start is at 9 and the flight back at 15.30. The round trip cost 70 Euro per person. A fun thing to do!

Les 2 Alpes as the village calls itself is quite small and nice. The village is located along a street that is about 2.5 km long. There is no clear center but all attractions are after or near the street. Most of the houses are modern or almost modern and built with a combination of wood and concrete. There are hotels with the possibility of ski in - ski out for those who so wish. In general, the resort is nicer the further you travel along the street. There are many restaurants and bars on the street. However, no given après-ski place where everyone gathers. I myself visited, among other things, a Canadian saloon which was a stylistic mix between France, the Rocky Mountains and Quebec!

In summary, thanks to the glacier and the height, Les Deux Alpes is very snow-safe even late in a snow-poor season. A large system with a large drop and with wide slopes and easy to find opportunities for off-piste skiing. The system is located high and is completely open and thus sensitive to wind, even if they probably do not need to turn off the lifts. The ski resort has good service and is suitable for all kinds of visitors. It is an international atmosphere with many visitors from the UK even though the French are in the majority. By Börje Hammarling.

Mathias A
Mathias A (Guest)
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Stayed here for four days in the 10th 2018 with the kid's gang after four years in Chamonix and have to say that this place did not disappoint us. We were lucky and got some loose snow the same day we arrived so the first day of skiing became quite magical with the glorious sun and lots of easy-to-use snowshoeing! The nice ride both on and off piste was hanging all day and compared to Chamonix so I think the skiing was very good even if it did not reach the lovely rides we had from the top of Grand Montet in Cham!

The village is relatively small and very nice although it does not feel particularly "genuine" (what it means now :))! Plenty of good quality bars and restaurants and a lot of even easier (and cheaper) places.

The only negative from "grab-gang perspective" is that we lacked a place with great apres ski with live music. At Umbrella bar, however, it was still quite OK with a just DJ who played even though we lacked the feeling of singing (screaming) us hese to classical after-ski music live. However, we made a brave attempt to support a local troubadour that had the talent to play Robbie Williams "Angels" when we passed by ;-). "a big round of applauds to the gentlemen in the corner" :-)

As a whole very good and I had not hesitated to go here with the family sometime too. There is also the possibility of variation by visiting other systems nearby if you would get tired of just L2A during longer stays.

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We were fortunate enough to dab in a sick week when the snow completely wrecked almost every day; one should keep that in mind with this review. I don't think the experience had been as good without it. We were a large group who went and with the trip there were also toddlers. One requirement was to live close to the lift, which can be done both in hotels and by renting houses in private.

Les 2 alps offers a nice system, easy and accessible without too much hassle for family and children. The slopes are fine, great variation in slope and length so there is something for everyone. There are a lot of steeper slopes to choose from. Bonus for the easier off-piste skiing offered in connection with the slopes. It was easy to bother between slopes and lifts in order to be able to utilize all untracked terrain. As it continued to dump while we were there, there were no real reasons for embarking on a more advanced trip.

Despite its size, the village was no more than ok, with relatively much traffic on the curved main street. The village, however, offers a lot of different restaurants and an occasional après-ski pub - it may be all you can ask for from an alpine city anyway.

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Very nice place. As with all ski resorts, the weather and other external conditions will be immensely crucial for the experience of a place. We had gotten a very nice house right by the elevator at one edge of the system, so everything was hugely accessible to us. When we went with several toddlers and several families, we prioritized just that kind of accommodation so that it would be easy to change your childcare. The system is very big, but it was easy to navigate. As our external conditions were a bit amazing with two real dumps during the week, we did not spend a lot of time exploring the piste range, but what we went on in the system can be seen that it is mostly about long sweeping slopes. Fairly far from the Swedish system with straight slopes right in the line in a row.

Back to the dumps. We used to be in a system when it dumped but then felt it was quite difficult for an "outbreak" to get good off-piste but the layout in Les2 made it always easy to access and it was relatively easy to get off the lifts how to go. There were also always winding transports that ensured that they got back to the lift from their adventures.

Because we went with little children, the outdoors became somewhat limited, but the village is relatively big and genuine. We are not talking about any tourist complex on a mountain top without a real city. In order for me to get good food and drink I do not doubt a second. However, there was a pretty good store offering for the child-watching part of the gang to engage with.

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Can really recommend L2A - here's everything! Good and many slopes, easily accessible offpiste, amazing views and very snow proof. I was there on week 9 2018 and enjoyed this legendary ski resort (second oldest in all of France). Very efficient lift system and a gem that Sweden seems to have missed a little ....

Elin Röding
Elin Röding (Guest)
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Going to this amazing ski resort every year! Nice atmosphere in the village and good skiing. Good prices.

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Week 8 2017, bad with snow at the village, bad with slopes on top. Excellent accommodation and cozy city.
3 adults, 3 children and one adult with a gypsum wrist.
Possibly due to lack of snow, the piste system becomes too small and monotonous. Many and long transport stretches that are sometimes narrow. Two series clocks in one week, feel B. The position of the lifts demanded more strike than usual. Top flat slopes, at the village good slopes if there is snow. In the middle a fun park like the kids 11,12,14 and 15 liked. Mixed grades from the group, but my rating is under funds. I would choose another Alpine peak.

Emma (Guest)
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Les 2 Alpes is a cozy ski resort that has slopes of varying difficulty and length.
Les deux Alpes has a snow-proof glacier that has well-prepared slopes. The area is large with a long fall height, but the slopes are divided into lots with many flatter parts.
The backs are always well prepared and it is usually possible to find backs protected from wind.

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We were there at the end of March 2017 and were lucky enough to have a good snowfall the day before. It was lucky otherwise there would have been no snow. Les2Alps is a relatively small ski resort and very quiet. We hired an offpist guide one day to get some untouched snow and have a fantastic day. You can also go to La Grave.
Tip, take the lift down to the cozy little village of Venosc if you want to take a break from skiing.

It is possible to take a day trip with the ski bus to Alp D'huez. It includes a day's skiing there with the lift pass. Fun to test a system but when we were there late in the season there was not much snow.

Went with Langley and lived quite close to the piste

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Have just done a week in L2A. Unfortunately, there was no way outside the slopes due to lack of snowfall, it was mostly rock and grasslands.

Despite the snow shortage, a brilliant work was done with the slopes, every morning there was well prepared manchester and only a few slopes were shut down due to poor ground. Even late in the afternoon, most of the system was fine. It did not feel like there were a lot of people despite the fact that the queue line queue was long in the morning. If you do not want to queue, take advantage of the little white egg on the mountain instead, a little crowded but no queue to talk about. Once upon a time there were no queues at all.

Very positive is that there are slopes with quite wide variety and even easier slopes at high altitudes where the snowfall is safer so that even those with moderate skills can enjoy the magnificent view. However, it seems to blow more than fresh quite often. There is not much forest so in the worse view you have few options. Fall height is clearly approved.

There is also the possibility to get from the top over to La Grave, if weather permits which of course did not happen during my visit. It still gives a big plus when it comes to a bit more adventurous ride.

The village itself is very nice, good range of shops, cafes and restaurants. It's quite small so the distances are short. There is a cab ride down to the village of Venosc which is worth visiting. There are also a number of other ski resorts on a reasonable distance for those who want to see themselves a little more.

The final score will be very good despite the lack of snow.