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A beautiful view, sun and snow. If this sounds exactly like what you are after, you should take a closer look at Les 2 alpes in the French Alps.

Les 2 Alpes is located at an altitude of 4,200-11,800 feet and offers glacier skiing at an altitude of 11,800 feet. Freestyle riders from all different parts of the world gather here to train in the two snow parks located on the mountain. Various different "summer camps" for skiers and snowboarders take place here every year.

If you would like to take a break from skiing in Les 2 Alpes for a day, you can jump on a ski bus that will take you to the neighboring town of Alpe d'Huez. Or why not go visit one of the Alps' most famous off-piste areas, La Grave?

When in one of the bars, there is a good chance that you will run into seasonal skiers from Sweden, both during peak season and in the summertime.

Snow forecast

  • Saturday

    4.5 cm snow
    Lätt snöfall
    2 m/s
  • Sunday

    1 cm snow
    Sun/clear sky
    3 m/s
  • Monday

    25 cm snow
    Kraftigt snöfall
    2 m/s
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Best Off-Piste:
Where do you start? An impossible question to answer for La Grave I’m afraid. There are just so many options to suit all different skiing and boarding tastes. The one definite is that you should take an experienced guide with you.

Best Black Run:
My favourite pisted black run has to be Diable – it has all you really expect from a challenging black run with the pose factor thrown in, and it has to be the steepest easily-accessible powder close to your place in town. All this means you have to get there early!

Best Red Run:
Dome from Dome de Puy Salie across and down the Glacier de Mantel to link up with the laid-back scenic Signal blue.

Best Blue/Green:
Route de la Fee is the answer on this one, taking you all the way down the valley into La Fe. For a very different green option, if you can hack the lifts, get all the way up to Soreiller – surely one of the highest green runs on the planet?!

By: Chemmy Alcott Britain’s top female downhill skier and 2010 Olympic hopeful

What do you think about Les 2 Alpes?
Yesterday 12:19
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We were there at the end of March 2017 and were lucky enough to have a good snowfall the day before. It was lucky otherwise there would have been no snow. Les2Alps is a relatively small ski resort and very quiet. We hired an offpist guide one day to get some untouched snow and have a fantastic day. You can also go to La Grave.
Tip, take the lift down to the cozy little village of Venosc if you want to take a break from skiing.

It is possible to take a day trip with the ski bus to Alp D'huez. It includes a day's skiing there with the lift pass. Fun to test a system but when we were there late in the season there was not much snow.

Went with Langley and lived quite close to the piste

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Have just done a week in L2A. Unfortunately, there was no way outside the slopes due to lack of snowfall, it was mostly rock and grasslands.

Despite the snow shortage, a brilliant work was done with the slopes, every morning there was well prepared manchester and only a few slopes were shut down due to poor ground. Even late in the afternoon, most of the system was fine. It did not feel like there were a lot of people despite the fact that the queue line queue was long in the morning. If you do not want to queue, take advantage of the little white egg on the mountain instead, a little crowded but no queue to talk about. Once upon a time there were no queues at all.

Very positive is that there are slopes with quite wide variety and even easier slopes at high altitudes where the snowfall is safer so that even those with moderate skills can enjoy the magnificent view. However, it seems to blow more than fresh quite often. There is not much forest so in the worse view you have few options. Fall height is clearly approved.

There is also the possibility to get from the top over to La Grave, if weather permits which of course did not happen during my visit. It still gives a big plus when it comes to a bit more adventurous ride.

The village itself is very nice, good range of shops, cafes and restaurants. It's quite small so the distances are short. There is a cab ride down to the village of Venosc which is worth visiting. There are also a number of other ski resorts on a reasonable distance for those who want to see themselves a little more.

The final score will be very good despite the lack of snow.

Tommy E
Tommy E (Guest)
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Recommend the slopes throughout Les Deux Alpes, where there was last week in Mars when it was a bad winter, but still got a great skiing. Several good slopes that were well-groomed and really long beautiful yesterday. Did not test on the offpiste because I did not even go on all the slopes. No lift queues in principle and definitely not crowded in the slopes. Good après ski drag on the Pano bar in the middle of the hill and the evening life in the village was lovely. The village had no less than 15 Michelin guide restaurants with reasonable prices, and unfortunately he only tested four.

The only negative I can get is that it was a bit rocky at the end of the hill down towards the village, but it is also late in the season. I will definitely be back.

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Fantastic nice ski resort that I really recommend! Great off-piste if it's snow lately. Long and short slopes of varying severity. Many nice wide slopes for lovely carvings. There were v. 11 and then there were basically no lift queues. Incredibly good food, both in the village and at the two restaurants in the hill that I tested (of course there are many more I did not try). Really good and scary after skiing at Pano, in the middle of the hill. Also very good at Umbrella Bar down the village, something later in the afternoon.

Jimmie (Guest)
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Great skiing. Awesome nightlife. Cheap as a fan. Would love to come here again. (however, is not a fan of French food, therefore a 4th)

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I was in class 2 alpes v.9 2012 and had a top week! The skiing was very good, the off-piste was ill good but there were also very good slopes for my friends who just started skiing. Some of us went to the ski school and the ski instructor was very educational and we really got a lot of skiing school. I would also recommend going to Alpe d'Huez or Serre Chevalier which also had very nice slopes.

Nightlife was good, very party and lots of people! I was really fun every night, there were both fun bars and clubs. Even after skin was cruel!

I really recommend going to les 2 alpes, then my week there was completely unforgettable!

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I was in Reading 2 alpes v.9 last season, and it was really awesome! The slopes were asfina and great in the piste as well as outside. The crowd pressure was relatively high because the fransos had sports leave, but it was the most reminiscent of the evening when there was a damn move on the town. Sadly a lot of people and a bad party! That this also caused an afternoon on the pano with a huge amount of beer just made the thing better. Also had a day in La Grave with guide, something I can really recommend. Similar off-pist I have NEVER experienced and it was clearly worth the money! Also want to take a shot to take the ski bus to one of the nearby resorts, Alpe d'Huez or Serre Chevalier, as it was very convenient and rewarding. Also heard that La Folie douche (legendary after-ski) would open in Alpe d'Huez to this season, so maybe it's worth taking the latter bus from there;) In summary, I would like to say that I've been to some other French cities Under v.9 and Les 2 alpes, it is doubtless the best experience I have. I recommend you to go there!

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I was in Les 2 alpes last season and really thought it would be a top week! The French had their own sports permit when I was there, which meant that there were people in the slopes (though you could look out for the offpiste and avoid most things) but also a lot of life in the evenings! It was a good mood and much cheaper than in other French cities! It was also badly cool to sit on the pano bar on after skis at 2600 meters altitude and pimpla beer.

Overall, we really enjoyed it and it really became a week beyond the expectation after reading the other reviews!

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Les 2 Alpes is unfortunately no higher if compared to the other French Alps.

It's a good place, no snack on that matter.

But far from as good as the other "big " resorts in the Alps. There are some bars and a night club, though small and only dudes.

There is NO après ski in Les 2 Alps, which I think was boring. I do not care about the nightlife in the evenings, but afterski is a little holy.

Well, what goes down is all the stones that were on the slopes. Everyone in our company got big scratches on the skis even though we went on the piste. Do not really know what it's all about, there was a lot of snow and the week after we went to Alpe d'Huez, which is next door, and there they did not at all have the stone problem.

So read 2 Alps is unfortunately not recommended :(

Steffe (Guest)
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I do not care about the nightlife, but it seemed to be a vibrant city, not least in the evenings. Generally a nice nice town and not as ugly as many seem to think there was also a lot of charm. Perhaps that also was because it was pretty good snow conditions the week I was there, at the end of the week it came about 70 cm in 1.5 days, a skiing day went away but the day after was better at least if you like to sneak off otherwise it would be limited. Big offpiste opportunities throughout the area. Did many really black and red backs go to you so I do not understand some previous reviews? either you have been to another place or within a limited area. So the sun side has the easier ride even if there were real goodies. Good to start fm there. Really, a lot of English people I met and went 2 dgr together with a bunch of experienced riders. It is not only Swedes who can go skiing. There is skiing for everyone with some restrictions for beginners.
Have been to many ski resorts in the Alps in IT, AT, CH, FR and have a lot to compare with. Can definitely imagine going to 2 alps any more time. Therefore, I can also recommend Swedes to go there, but if you want easier skiing then go instead to the neighboring towns of Alp D'Huez or Serre Che.
Then the accommodation is not always the best in FR although I at the moment stayed at a 4-star hotel, but the food was excellent good. 2012-01-14 / 21st

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