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If the focus is on skiing, Les Arcs is superb. The village itself is completely non-existent but it is about a ski resort thrown on a mountain. At the same time you are very close to a real city, Bourg st Maurice so there are both pros and cons there as well

Olof Malmlöf
Olof Malmlöf (Guest)
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Paradiski (Les Arcs and La Plagne) is one of the world's largest ski areas with Espace Killy as a neighbor and Trois Valles as the other. Perfect for a family when there is flat, steep and off-piste often available so everyone can pull their line but easily meet "at the bottom " of the valley you are in. One of Europe's longest cohesive slopes starts at 3,400 meters . Stay in the new 5-star village of Arc1950. It differs entirely from the others. Ski-in ski-out but with atmisfär and people wandering around the village. The accommodation is in top class (Pierre & Vacances Premium or Radisson Bleu) but reasonably priced compared to Switzerland. Access from 4 airports as well as TGV and London direct trains! Outdoor and whirlpool and other at every hotel / lodge. Nice separate spa with nice pools.

+ Ski system, variation, size, scenery. View of Mont Blanc. Several glaciers!
+ 1950 village very nice and with pedestrian access to Arc2000
+ Snow proof!
+ If you are tired of all Swedes in Valtho or Valdi

- If you do not appreciate French, English, Italian, Swiss and Dutch
- Arc 1800 and 160 the right charmless functionalist towns

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The journey o residents:

Went with Slopetrotter week 8, 2012. Accommodation at Les Arc 1800. Nice tour leader. However, the stove did not work despite 2 mistakes. The door lock broke 2 times. The service was safe from those who are taking care of the apartments. Got salad 2 years ago. No shadow over the tour leader, he was ok.

The backs o the lifts:

The skiing was a bit of a disappointment the first days when you did not check the entire system. It was a little more fun on the la Plange side with open widths and good slopes. The entire system suffers from very blue backs, even the "red" should in many cases be redone to blue. Long transport distances, most in Les Arc dock. The downhill from Col De La Chiaupe was cruel, hump all the way. The best ride was in Les Arcs 1600. However, some sorbet was after 14.00. The lifts went halfway at low occupancy, sad. Liftköer is a hell, sometimes 10 minutes to come from Les Arcs 1800.


Costs a 15 Euro in the village, 20 on the mountain. No one is overcome. A chicken thigh + pommes + an Evian 17 Euro ... Dax for Gordon Ramsey to make entre'kanske?


It's Day 1, the rest of the sun and cloudless

Total: 3 rows of 5

Hampus Wahlberg
Hampus Wahlberg (Guest)
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Be on the sports license, 2007. This ski resort is built together with La Plange via a giant two-story cabin, believes it is the largest in Europe and perhaps the world. Together these two ski systems make up an enormous ski area with 400 kilometers of piste. It was surprisingly easy to get between les arcs and la plange. We lived in Les Arcs 1800, one of several different villages listed with the height. Thanks to the high altitude, this area is very snow proof. The lift queues usually sparked their absence.

There are very few Swedes who know this system, than cruel bat with 400 kilometers of piste! It is portable with, for example, Val d'Isère, 300 kilometers and St. Anthony, 250 kilometers of piste. probably the world's most underrated ski resort.

+ 400 kilometers of piste! there is something for everyone.
+ almost all villages with ski in and ski out location.
+ superb skiing just after a lift (almost all villages)
+ state of the art lift system. did not go for a single tow lift every week! fast lifts.
+ Europe's longest pist, starting from the top aiguille rouge, 3226 mph to the village villages, 1200 m. black / red carving piste of over 2000 fall height meters. You're definitely over when you come down.
+ there is a glacier ride in la plange.

- do not think that any Swedish ski organizer has a trip here, type sts.
Maybe not as much obvious offpist as the choice thorens, (although there is).
- "cheaper", but where in the Alps are there? You still have to make the money.

Alperna's perhaps best kept secret, I do not even think skiing knows how good the les arcs along with la plange are.

Oh, it's definitely worth it!

Katreen (Guest)
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Spent the winter 07/08 in this ski resort o was very impressed! Highly recommended! A plus in the edge was that the Alps had a really good winter, and that was also true of Les Arcs. In January there were perfect conditions, ie 2 days of snowfall, 3 days of sunshine, 2 days of snow, 3 days of sun, etc. Incredible. Snowy but sunny in February, and finally a lot of snow in March. Feels sick to say it, but almost too much snow. Les arcs offers quite flat and boring slopes, but really good offpiste that is easily accessible, however, gets upset fast to hurry, but there are pearls that last for a long time. One must be to go to the top of Aguille Grive and go either the Coulores down to Peisey-Vallandry or the Great Brain, which, however, harvests a few victims of avalanches every year, so be careful. In Comborciere there is a dirt forest forest with an area that looks like a natural terrain park. Likewise, it is in Plan-bois in Peisey-Vallandry and also at lower altitudes around the Arc 1600. Up at Grand Col there is a beautiful ride and a cozy afternoon sun is to go back to Aguille Grive to get to the small village of Nancroix o ta take the bus back, then enjoy the sun in the old, scrambled telebelle baskets. The park in Les Arcs is totally okey, offering 3 jump per line (green, red and black) and 2 really big BJ, plus boxrails and a wallride. Would highly recommend Les Arcs to spend a season in the French Alps! Here there is really all kind of skiing and plenty of snow. Nightlife is also fun, with a lot of bars and restaurants and a few nightclubs. The village is ugly, built in the 1970s and looks afterwards. Poor at Scandinavians (met 3 times throughout the winter), on the other hand, many English and, of course, Frenchmen. The level of the riders is high, hence the off-piste is quickly raised. This winter the cabin between Les Arcs and La Plagne was closed, but Les Arcs was well enough. But if it is also open, twice the amount of ride is offered with the entire Paradiski system. Otherwise, Les Arcs consists of La Rosiere, Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry. In addition, the Courchevel neighbors and Val d erere are, if you are likely to get tired!

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Staying cheap in Bourg St Maurice, I live comfortably every year on Charled des Naiges on Arcs 2000. One of the world's largest ski systems - The world's fastest ski slope - Speedskiing - Cruel offpiste - Swedes and close to Tinges / Val'disere for day trips. World-class !!! :-)

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Les Arcs is a terrific place! Les Arcs 1800 is probably the most party. Really nice and good backs! Recommended!

haze (Guest)
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I thought I would contribute a little to the discussion about where to stay if you go to Les Arcs. Since a year back, Les Arcs and La Plange ski systems have been built together. This means that a city like ex. Vallandry is located in the middle of the system. However, it would be guess that Vallandry is the right dead place in the evening for the partysugne.


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If you are going to Les Arcs for a week or two, do not make the mistake of staying in Bourg St Maurice. It's a little hole and if you're sucking on something other than skiing alone (partying, meeting French people, eating good etc), this is a tip to try to find accommodation in Les Arcs 1800 and not at the other nearby places. The advantage is that it's only at 1800 where there are any party opportunities, two nightclubs and a variety of seaside bars ...

The ski system is great, with several wide untouched slopes for wide and beautiful carvings. But if you are looking for something other than skiing, then the tip is to stay in Les Arcs 1800 where there are certainly most French people but the average age is not 52 (as in Bourg St Maurice) but is somewhat younger.

3rd week of skiing !!

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I have been to Les Arcs on a number of occasions the last 25 years. The skiing is quite ok and I would recommend the black piste called comborcierge (or something similar). If there has been a lot of snow in the night you will definitely go there before the pistons come (and they will arrive quite late at this piste)
We usually live in Bourg St Maurice and take the mountain railway. It is located next to the train station and here you can take high-speed rail in 8 hours to London. We usually say that Les Arcs Liftsytem begins in London and ends at Aguille Rouge.
It's nice to go to the "Alperna's longest black piste", Aguille Rouge-Villa Roger, but it's not black.
I do not understand why there are no ski trips to LA from Sweden anymore, one of the best areas of the Alps, especially now that you are building La Plagne.
Swedish-free can be quite nice on the other hand ..