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Les Arc is a bit of a fool. It's a pretty big (though scattered) place with a lot of ok OP opportunities. And despite the fact that most resorts around are shrinking with Scandinavians, there is hardly anyone in LA.

+ Snow proof, most of them are north-west.
+ Scandinavian
+ Borg St Maurice is located in the valley, which is cheap (eg with Val d'Isere tex) on accommodation o käk
+ Totally ok OP possibilities

- Scandinavian (see also "sad as a fan")
- sad as a fan Bourg, 1600, 1800 all villages are pissed off. Look especially up to the 1600 village that is pure death. (see also "damage free")

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Relatively large place with good fall heights. The village is divided into six areas; Arc 1600 (family village), Arc 1800 (party town, alpine meteorological party), Arc 2000 (ski village), Vallandry (families) and Peisy (families). It is possible to get through the entire area without any problems. If there is bad weather, there is the best forest lane below / around the Plan Bois lift at Vallandry or under / around the Mont Blanc lift at Arc 1600 or below / around the lifts down towards Villaroger. In beautiful weather, most of the scratches look quite good from the lifts because the system is quite open. However, you should be in the Arc 2000 system because it is where the best ride is.
A ride from Aiguille Rouge down to Villaroger is a must, Europe's longest black piste; 2000 fall height meters in one row. There are plenty of good OP scratches from Aiguille Rouge, start your stay by renting a guide someone / a few days then you can track yourself then.

In conclusion, LA has skiing that belongs to France's 4-5 best areas. Afterski, restaurants and general nightlife belong to the poorest of the Alps.

My tip is to stay in Val d'Isère and have a day in LA when the weather is good. A little hassle with the transport, but there is a bus from Val to Bourg, then the mountain rail to Arc 1600. I do not think the resort lasts for a week's stay.

Robert Blomquist
Robert Blomquist (Guest)
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Les Arcs was the place my first trip to the French Alps. Many nice memories thus. The resort is divided into 3 villages of 1600, 1800 and 2000 m. The Arc 1800 is a bit bigger than the others and has more bars / taverns. 2000 is the best (it really does all) for the ride. What I understood, you can ski to the door at almost all hotels. You get high, 3200 meters. and there is a nice little glacier at the top that is a lovely red piste. Big nice offpiste surfaces. Despite the high-rise buildings in the village (1800) you can find charm thanks to many wooden façades and that the cars are effectively kept hidden in the outskirts of the village. I ate the hottest pizza ever so ever in my life at a pizzeria in Arc 1800 (though I forgot the name of Pizerrian ...).

/ Robert

Katrin Madsen
Katrin Madsen (Guest)
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Les Arc is built in three villages 1000 meters, 2000 meters and 3000 meters. I have only been in the highest place. A ski resort that in my taste is perfect for flat slopes. The best slopes are the highest in the system. No sense of mercy at all, since the houses (at least 3000 meters) consist of a giant high-rise complex. My valuation only applies to skiing because I have only made day trips to Les Arc.

Maria (Guest)
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Here is everything for everyone. A truly superb ski resort that is also great! Long wide slopes .... not too big lift queues. Perfect off-piste skiing .... guaranteed snow o sun safely because it is so high, 3000m! Can be up to 20 degrees hot sometimes. But usually it's perfect!
The only negative is that it is a relatively small town that is quite off-dds high in 2000. But it's definitely an experience to go there !!