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Levi is the biggest ski resort in Finland with the pistes available for downhill skiers and snowboarders, beginners or advanced skiers as well as children. Levi offers all from wide family runs with lots of space to carve your tracks to challenging steep pistes which whet the appetite of more accomplished and even expert skiers. There are altogether 43 pistes (2 black, 22 red, 18 blue and one transfer) and for those who need coaching Levi has international Ski School.
NEW for season 2016-2017 are South Park, Alpine Training Park and freeski area at Northeast pistes.
For cross-country skiing Levi offers in total 230 km of skiing tracks. First opens free First-snow skiing track with snowmaking system from centre to Northeast pistes and onward, in total 9 km.

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Irene Lindblom
Irene Lindblom (Guest)
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Superb ski resort for the whole family! We have been your four years on the rake and always top class!

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Levi is a lovely ski resort! The resort is not huge, but it is clean and tidy and good quality on the slopes and there are relatively plenty of entertainment and restaurants. The service is difficult. I went with beginners and children as a companion, so we were mostly on the slopes around South Point. There are nice, straightforward hills for beginners, and nice slopes give us a little more experienced. Around the South Point there is also cozy forestlanding easily accessible and a good quality park to jump and trim in. If you want to exhale some more, there are the World Cup slopes at the gondola lift, or you can reach the northeastern slopes where there are some nice piste-rides. Around the mountain there are also several cross country trails.

I was in Levi for three days in late April, it meant almost empty in the slopes and non-existent lift queues, but still a lot of snow inside and outside the piste. We stayed in a large cabin about 10 minutes walk from the village and about 10 minutes by car from South Point. In the village there are several restaurants and bars, shops of various kinds as well as activities like water park, bowling and the like. If I compare with a Swedish ski resort, I get more sense of Sälen or Vemdalen than Åre - but in a good way. I will definitely come back.

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Went there on a spontaneous trip in late March, really surprised. Tok-nice, 2-floor apartment including rubbed, overlooking the center-back 200 meters away. The outpost was as paved. The slopes were somewhat hard and stained a bit icy, but well-prepared, and open until the evening. Existing lift queues.
5 el. 6 pers. chairlift + a smaller gondola lift in the center back, and the latter will take you 300 meters to an unfinished hotel ....

Definitely worth being tested !!

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A heavenly place I like! We have been there 4-5 times now.

The service and maintenance of the slopes is top class. Here are no young cool guys at the lifts and kill and send their sms o shit in if there's a 5 year old who needs help without being ready to help for the smallest little ones. The only place I heard a lift guy say "goodbye" (in Finnish) o handed over the bracket to every skier!

The accommodation is top class, ranging from hotels, apartments to the worst expensive luxury cages if you can afford 25-30 'span for one week. Everyone naturally has a sauna! That is in Finland.

The slopes are not so long, the mountain is not that high. However, it is possible to go for a few slopes on the forest side (where one snow park is) even when the top lifts are shut down. Good planned lift system with 2 gondola lifts, one of which you do not often go in. Otherwise, only sledding lifts o some are very slow. The south side is the beginner page. 5 o 6th pistes + 10 o 11th are the nicest + G2.

The word cup back has a shorter steep m 52% degree slope.

Afterskin runs best on legendary Vinkarri, high mood and there you will hear aaallla songs on Finnish products see you want or not. Hullu Poro Arena is the big night club in the village. Many go there without skiing just to party it also seems like.

Finns are good at service o The most feels well organized, something that many ski resorts in the northern part would need to learn. The service at restaurants can sometimes be a bit slow, of course, if there are good people.

Very mixed m types of people who go here, ranging from jetsett to skiers, senior citizens (as nob is the most long) and families with children. But the mood is not snobbish at all in any way.

However, it is quite expensive in general. A really good salmon pasta for lunch is at 9 Euro, but then it's really good. Several restaurants up in or in the vicinity of the slopes to have lunch on.

The place is like a small alp village in miniature in the middle of Lapland. The thunder that lies slightly closer to Luleå can throw in the wall in comparison. On the other hand, you may think that it is a bit well exploited then, but it does not matter.

The only problem is probably the language if you can not speak Finnish, although most can speak English.

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super! Was there on last sports promise and will be there again this year !!
The best ski resort I've been to has been on

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Mmm Finland's largest ski resort offers a lot of good ...

The gondolift that takes you to the top easily, smoothly, warmly and comfortably.

Never before seen such well-prepared slopes, even The world cup back was nice with a slope of 52 degrees if I remember correctly?

And 3 parks make one become more happy, all world-class;)

The offpiste, however, was a trial, at least I had new racers for piste, and partly that the snow depth of -04 was about 80cm and the forest was dense.

HEHE, however, is able to even out this recession by whining the restaurants with their employees English skills being matched with a 7 year old child ..
But then we are, as I said, in Finland;)

Hyvää bäjvää!
Kokka fräzi!

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sheltered plant in northern finland ...

+ World Cup back to the other black slopes
+ Gondoliften
+ evenly prepared slopes without roll clamp, pits lr high edges
+ well done kicking on the jump in the park

- unfortunately very hot landings
- icy to badly shabby pipes
- I do not know how to go to sleep ....
- The lift guards who are insisted on helping me with an anchor lantern, though you have told Finnish that you can handle yourself ...
good people
- Sura to snowy English
- The slopes are quickly absorbed
- Many beginners, families with children to snowflake decorations
- I think bad offpiste opportunities

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- Large, and versatile
-Finlands steepest piste, and also some other really good slopes for experienced riders.
-Gondol lift, the only one in Finland.
-See to have finland's best after skiing.

-Maaaasssor with people. For God's sake, do not go to the blue slopes, because it's packed with people, that you can buy a kind of hour of hay before you get up with the elevator.
-Very very families and beginners.
-Not so bad offpiste opportunities on the mountain itself, but there are others farther away for the one who can take a hurry. Aakennustunturi.
-More anchor lifts.
The slopes are quickly harvested and extremely hot.

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Here you will find Finland's steepest hill, with a slope of 52 degrees.
In itself quite ok., But as usual quite ice-creams.
A gondola lift.
Often, so nice with people in the backs.
Worth testing!

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