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Ivo del Scandi
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one of the seven valleys from Monte Rosa. also called "Alps Himalayas"

I love this kind of places:
really old bumpy lifts. no field pillows. cheap and plush!
a villager told that they talked for 30 years about tying the system together with Saas-Fee. We shall see...

Belvedere area:
2 tough two-chair lifts and one tow.
the lower lift goes very smoothly and is really just a transport up to the next lift. But there is fantastic skiing in the larch forest. about 350 meters in height. the chair lifts have a metal seat; bring your seat mat !!

Curious: At the valley station we discovered that there was an old cabin station that had not been used for many years. As high as a thousand, we spotted the mountain station. not a chance that you could ski there. what was that?

Monte Moro:
on the paper the fall height is 1700m. Is this Italy's LaGrave?
well, the first little cabin takes 15 (!) and takes you up to Alpe Bill at 1700 m. don't miss going to the toilet in the lobby;)). It is not possible to go down to the village from here. The ride thus takes place between 2900-1700 meters.
From Alpe Bill the next cabin goes up to 2900 m. fantastic mountain with many nice scratches. (Unfortunately, when we were there it rained up to 2700 m but we went deep powder next to the small trailer lift at the top).

At the top of Monte Moro is a chair lift with a height of 500m. It had not opened for the season (Jan-18), as well as a small trailer lift that takes you up to the Monte Moro pass itself. From here you can go "back" a long off-piste ride down to Alpe Bill.

Monte Moro is located in the south, so visits early in the season are recommended.
probably the cheapest of the alps for high alpine skiing. 22 euro / day card!

In summary: odd ski resort with nice forest skiing if it snows. good mountain for fat rides in fine weather. charming village surrounded by 4500m peaks. In the cemetery are several alpine legends buried.

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Was there when there was some snow v 6 2016. Monte Moro was closed unfortunately and Belvedere was nothing to brag about. Great food and cheap accommodation. If it dumps, Monte Moro can be an alternative otherwise it is probably the summer that applies.

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Hi, because nobody wrote anything, I thought I'd fill up with some info about Macugnaga, pronounced Macunjaga.
The village is not different nearby villages, type Alagna, quiet places where skiing is in the center, here it is DEATH after 6 o'clock.
Macugnaga has two different mountains, Mont Moro with cable car up on a plateau which gives 1200 meters of high altitude, well-prepared slopes, not much opportunity for off-piste dock, even for V3 2106 when there was some snow. The cable car is open only on the weekend certain periods of the year.
The second mountain Belverde has a chairlift that takes a first 300 meters and then another 300 meters. the upper part has only black runs. The lifts over the track are no further, the gondola swings a lot, and the seat lifts are completely steel, even the sitting area, cold !!
As you walk off the seat rails at Belverdetoppen, Monte Rosa massages 2500 meters as a wall of ice and granite, powerful, up to the highest Dufour peak at 4634.
The ride is good but not more, the food cheap both in the village and in the hill. The village's specialty is Pasta Macugnaga which is a variant of carbonara, very good.
So, OK ride, cash lift, good and cheap food and cheap accommodation.
Imagine it's better in summer for those who like to hike.