Moose Mountain

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Sitting north and west of Fairbanks, Alaska, the Moose Mountain ski area is a no-frills destination that offers lots of south face fun at a reasonable price. It is the largest alpine ski resort in the state's interior, offering incredible views to visitors looking to enjoy some winter fun.

Those traveling by air will make use of the Fairbanks International Airport. Ground services and rentals will get them from the airport to the ski area. Alaska Highways 2 and 3 bring traffic into town, where maintained roads provide access between Fairbanks and the resort area.

Interior Skiing with a South Facing View

Skiers familiar with the frigid winter temperatures in Alaska can attest to the importance of gear. January temperatures around the Fairbanks region include highs in the single digits and lows that go into the negative teens.

While it might seem counter-intuitive to ski bums from the lower 48, the south-facing terrain on Moose Mountain allows guests to take advantage of the temperature inversion. It can be between 20 and 30-degrees warmer on the mountain compared to the valley below. Tree cover on the runs helps block the winter winds that prevail from the northeast.

The climate around Fairbanks is listed as humid continental, bordering sub-artic. That means you will get four seasons here, but the winters are cold and long. The average annual snowfalls of 70-inches surprise travelers who thought Moose Mountain would receive at least four times as much each year.

Balaclavas and goggles will help block the sting from the wind, which can send riders indoors from time to time. Those traveling to the Moose Mountain ski area for the first time should dress for the worse because this is not skiing and snowboarding in SoCal.

Hitchin' a Ride

The Moose Mountain ski area uses a dozen terrestrial trams to shuttle people to the top of runs instead of traditional lift systems. A single surface lift is in place, but visitors should not worry about delays. The trams keep skiers moving so they can make the most out of the daylight and temperature inversion.

The base elevation on Moose Mountain is about 680 feet, and the peak elevation is well over 1,980 feet. Rippers and shredders have 1,300 feet of vertical drop to play on, offering them plenty of potential on the trails.

Speaking of trails, over 40 runs lay across the 200-plus acres of terrain. Once visitors depart from the buses with ski racks, they can select from runs that cater to beginners, intermediates, and advanced skiers. On the extremes, 15-percent of the mountain rates as green for beginners and 20-percent as black diamond for advanced skiers. That leaves well over 60-percent of Moose Mountain rating blue, catering to rippers and shredders with some experience.

Guests looking for something outside of the 15.5 miles of trails can explore the terrain park. Here, they can practice on various terrain features, both natural and enhanced. The Moose Mountain ski area does provide some services, but the best dining, shopping, and lodging is in Fairbanks.

Moose Mountain Snow forecast

  • Tuesday
    0 ft
    3 mph
  • Wednesday
    0 ft
    Sun/clear sky
    3 mph
  • Thursday
    0 ft
    Sun/clear sky
    1 mph

Facts about Moose Mountain

Number of slopes:52
Easiest Green slopes:2
Intermediate Blue slopes:30
Advanced Black slopes:20
Expert Only Double black diamond slopes:0

Vertical drop
Moose Mountain Vertical drop
Highest Point: 1988 ft
Vertical drop: 1309 ft
Base Point: 679 ft

Country: USA

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Trail map

Trail map Moose Mountain

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