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Stefan Ek
Stefan Ek (Guest)
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Baker is doubtless the gritty ski resort I have ever visited. That it was snowing 2.5m in the week we were there was of course no disadvantage, but the terrain is brutal and inviting when the snowmills are there. And they are often in Mt Baker. When it's snowing clear and the sun is looking out there are endless hiking opportunities - but talk to Ski Patrol and the local capabilities, they're happy to help and LISTEN NOW what they say. Here is potentially LIFE-TERRIBLE terrain if you do not know what you are doing. . . or chances. One guy found them after three years. . .

We stayed in the Glacier and were totally out of touch (no cell phone coverage, TV or internet) where we stayed. Went down to the gasoline mall in Maple Falls for too little free WiFi and life from the outside of Mt Baker, which, however, had limited mobile coverage on the mountain.

Finished with 15-20 "fresh cold and fresh throughout the system, last day, when the forecasts had promised 4 " - so the slopes were completely free from the normal weekend invasions. There are quite a few good skiers (both snowboarding and skis) who eat the snow. But on weekdays, you do not even need to endure the 2-minute queues. . ;););)

Reviews such as slow slopes, high risk of rain etc are just locals who want you to stay away from Mt Baker.

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I was just in Mt. Baker. They had more snow now than they had during the infamous 98/99 season when they hit the US snowmobile record. The first day there was only a plow outside the piste and there were pillows everywhere. The most famous yard was raised when the dumped day before. Quick runs around chair 1 (step on the center) were superb and later in the day it was under chair 5 that applied.

On day two they opened the Gunner 's bowl and the Canyonen as usually everything is closed according to the locals so it was just to plow it all day, even if # 10 is up in the elevator there is plenty left when you have to go to the chair 6 up again that takes their time and the locals did not get into time when they thought everything would be upset.

Finished with a trip down Split Creak and can only say that it was the best ride in my life. As a national boundary on steroids.

Stayed in Glacier on BnB and you can have good pizza and check old boards hanging on the wall in Chair 9.
Get there if you're nearby!

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Mt baker.

Mt Baker is a MUST if you like fun mountains.
Stay down in Galcier. Believe that 80 people lived in that village.

The people were sickly nice! It was invited to hamburgers after the end of the day, even if you had a free beer.
When there are bad conditions, the lift pass is cheaper.

However, it's important to be a group of 3 or more if you leave.
Ski patrol only saves you if there is no risk of them.
Laviner is never exploded due to nature conservation.

High risk of being exposed to passive weed smoking.

Awesome place! A must for anyone in the Seattle area!

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Mt Baker is a ski resort in the correct sense of the word. Here it is not an adventure country and shopping to satisfy the guests. Nor do you find the biggest and fastest lifts or biggest day lodge. The thoughts behind the "lack" of development seen elsewhere are that the mountain and the ridge will suffice. More parking spaces, accommodation adjacent to the hill, a larger lodge and more and faster lifts would help more people on the mountain. Thus, one wishes to hold back such a development. No stupid attitude!

If you stay within the boundaries of the ski area, it is a small but challenging mountain. There is everything you could wish for from North American mountains, from snoring forest to cruising pistes. If you go outside the area there are endless possibilities.

Snow is no problem in Mt baker, at least not in the sense of other places. Here it's more likely that it's too much than too little.

The snow depth is usually big. However, the quality of the snow may vary. The area is known for its severe snow conditions, often a lot and as often wet and wet. When it's later frozen to Cascade Concrete, it's no fun anymore ... It's still fast and the chance of good driving is great.

Mt Baker is a place of feeling, maybe time has not stood still, but one has stayed on to what seemed good. The surrounding nature is amazing with live volcanoes, wildlife and mountains. Glacier at the foot of the mountain is a quiet town with little variety, just what you need. A visit to Mt Baker Snowboard Shop should not be missed.

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The year we were there it was the smallest thing that was the kind of giant link so there was no further ride, but I can see that it's a terrific mountain otherwise! no queues and good long runs :)