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20/10/2014 (Modified: 21/10/2014)
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Note, applies to summer and based on visits for two different years.

Really rugged and unique place with playful hikerspark of about 500 fall height highs, which is dirt on a All Mountain / Enduro bike, and has a mix of technical single track, DH tracks and jump / berm tracks. The bikepark itself is enough for a few days. But the big thing about Pila is that from the end of the beech park at about 1800m down to the city of Aosta at 500, it's a Freeride track with lots of branches. It's fast, loose, sandy and with lots of alternative hits, jumps and features. It is also possible to get up to a comb at 2700m and go for a singletrack ride down to 1800, then continue on the freeride track and get a ride of 2700hm down to 500. :) Stan is cozy and genuine, a really old city ​​center with cities etc.

Cheap ski passes in addition, under 20euro / day.


Christian Cewers
Christian Cewers (Guest)
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Feel it was time to write a review. Have traveled on roundtrips in the Alps for a few weeks in recent years and tested some places. Pila was definitely a fun surprise. Included in the aosta ski pass and we lived in Champoluc. Do not go there, but oh, surprise. You take a lift from the height of 500 meters and get up. Däruppe opens a charming little lift system with wonderfully hilly slopes in medium terrain. A little like Davos type. Nice turns and some people. Had enough fatty skis there, lots of families with long super g skis. Just italianos everywhere. Not a female in sight. Nice atmosphere with curious Italianos at the restaurants, felt like an outsider there. From the top it is interesting to draw skiers right with a long off-piste. Unfortunately, it was pretty hard when we were there, but at the pillows - a lot of potential. No place to hang out for a long time, but a couple of days can be awesome fun. Recommended! The rating is set for a 2 day stay. Go there, you will like it. A plus is also the view from the top of almost 3000 meters to Aosta at 500 meters altitude. Feels sick high !!