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01/04/2019 (Modified: 12/04/2019)
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This is a review of Sharoutdoor's cat skiing but located below the ski resort Popova Shapka as it is not a ski resort of its own. I went to the lift system last year and it gets a maximum of 2 stars (including a bonus star because the lift hosts were nice).

The evening of arrival is a review of equipment and a very basic safety review. The guide goes through the schedule with times and how he wanted us to go. Breakfast 7:30, collection and ready 8:45 outside the hotel and 9:00 it was departure. We went to about 16:00 and finished every day by going down to the hotel.
We were lucky with the weather and it snowed 35 cm just before we arrived and another 15 cm our first ski day. The first day we had very good snow but poor visibility so we kept to much in the forest where there was better visibility. The second day it was perfect weather with glorious sunshine and cold snow and quite a long ride. This was our day with the highest altitude meter about 4400m according to an Austrian who measured (think it was 11 yo). The third day there was a varying ride with all possible bow, powder, crust and sorbet. The last day it was really hot and we went a long way to find good north sides, mixed rides and the guide found two really good rides on the border with Kosovo that were completely magical. Of four ski days we got 2 days with cold and powder and 2 days with warmer spring skiing. The group is constantly changing when people come and go but we went with Macedonians, Swedes, Austrians, Poles and Swiss.

We departed from Hotel Scardus. Although we got the vip suite, it didn't really live up to 4 stars but the service was canon and everyone was very helpful and pleasant.

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In summary, Sharoutdoors and Eskimo are very similar, a little more orderly and clear about Sharoutdoors.

A small film from the Polacken that was with.

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