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austrian dude
austrian dude (Guest)
Fine little place... nice people, excellent food, and party all night long. by the way: they have some really nice secret offpist´s too.
I should´s my town
contact if you need a local guide!!!
Cu there

ps: really nice parks in leogang and hinterglemm

Joel (Guest)
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Had a great week in Saalbach v.1. Much snow and cruel slopes - wide and beautiful slope; carvingvänligt. There were also surprisingly many offpiste opportunities to be in a system that is not very high. Must recommend the red piste under the Bernkogelbahn - hang on the lock when the elevator opens, being the first in that hill is divine.

In addition to the awesome skiing, unbelievably much of the awesome afterskin (ranked as the best in Europe) enjoyed Hinterhag Alm as the best place. Nice city and very nice people! Highly recommended for all types of riders.

In order to find something negative (for maybe one must?) Then it's the height and maybe some transport distance too much.

jonne kalmar
jonne kalmar (Guest)
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was down on the 10th of 2010 for the 3th of the last 7 years, one place you have to go back to in blland. not as well-off s.tanton or some places in frankrice but probably good. good slopes good lift system very good snow advisory system o so the best skier on the skis is good enough for us guys runnt.40+ summer has been around in different places now for 25 years. A big + spitbub lying down in the willibald at the kohlmaisbahn do not miss this afterski pub crazy o close at 8 times when you may go on if you are in good condition. Two Swedish cannon girls working there.

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Holds everything promised by a ski resort in Austria!
Was there week 6 2009, a lot of snow, but unfortunately no new snow.


* Large selection of slopes in all colors
* Many nice taverns in the slopes (tips: Die Alte Smiede in Leogang, think it's the nicest restaurant I've been to in Austria sometime)
* Great nightlife, lots of people, full island!
* Family friendly.
* Nice staff everywhere.


* Relatively low ride height throughout the entire system.
* Offpist seems to be very easy to access, guessing that it's getting really fast after a snowfall (This is just a guess!).
* Expensive!
* The cities of Hinterglem and Saalbach feel a bit "Disney", definitely a tourist machine.

Should be perfect for those who spend a week in the Alps per year, who think that the party is as important as skiing. Families will have fun here because there are good opportunities for everyone to go together, as well as a wide range of ski schools for girls (especially in Hinterglem).

Above all, a nice place, please come back.

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Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang is a completely ok compromise. I've been there three times in fifteen years and the snowfall has varied greatly, yet you've managed to keep the groundwork really good.

Were in Saalbach last time in 2007 and then there were many Birmingham residents in Hinterglemm so it was only a few hours to drive in Hinterglemm.

The system in Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang has a great advantage in avoiding buses which are always very sad.

There are actually some offpist scratches that are okay if you find them, but not in the winter.

In addition to really nice skiing there are many good restaurants on the slopes with nice people to speak with. Feels right genuinely in many ways.

Fredde (Guest)
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I have been to Salbach 5 years in a row now (2002-2007). Yes, it's so good. V 7 2006 how wonderful. 2 m of snow and sunshine all week.

Saalbach is a large modern area. The area hats for example 10th gondolas. There are long slopes in all levels of difficulty. In Saalbach there are slopes on both sides of the valley, so you can go for a lap so you never have to go to the same place for a whole day. The smartest way to go is to start sunbathing in the morning and then in the afternoon go on the shadow side where the sun begins to appear now. Then the wet snow avoids them easily on the sun side in the afternoons. Liftköer occurs on some lifts. I think most about Bernkogel 1 3's sesselbahn. Otherwise, there are not many queues.

2007 was not really a heightened year of snow in the Alps, but almost all of the slopes were open v7 yet thanks to Saalbach's huge snowman system. But for the mildest days we went to Kaprun and went on the glacier. You can purchase a ski pass that applies to a lot of ski resorts in the area including Zell am See, Kaprun, Gastein and more.

29/08/2007 (Modified: 29/07/2009)
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I do not think that you should judge Saalbach just because it was sorrow on the hill after lunch in 2007 - it was everywhere in Europe. A terribly bad snowy year but it's going well? when I was in Saalbach / Hinterglemm in 2005 it was wonderful. I really can not complain about my stay there. We had no problems, md liftköer what I remember, maybe it happened that you were standing in line for 10 minutes occasionally, but it's almost everywhere. If you were out in good time in the morning you could virtually slide down the backlog. Aftershine is world-class, especially at Hinterhag Alm! If you miss it, you can blame yourself ...

Louise Söderberg
Louise Söderberg (Guest)
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Incredibly good skiing between Christmas easter. Here's everything, just pick and choose. One day without going on the same slope once here is possible!
Good après ski, nice people and often a big sun :)

Pontus (Guest)
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Was there at week 10 2007. Clearly the worst ski resort I've been to when it comes to the Alps, though, it was bad snow that made it impossible to go down, but although there had been a lot of snow, Saalbach did not offer any challenging skiing just.
Short and flat slopes as well as many transport routes.
Are you looking for afterski and party and do not care much about the ride, then you can go to Saalbach.
Would you like better skiing in eg. Hemsedal.

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Well, here was the most. Big pistol offering and slim Off. Nice atmosphere in the village.