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What do you think about Saalbach/Hinterglemm (Skicircus)?
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Well, here was the most. Big pistol offering and slim Off. Nice atmosphere in the village.

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I was in Saalbach Hinterglem week eight this year and although it was bad weather (good if you like sunbathing) then the slopes were great for lunch and then they became ice flusch. On the website it was stated that it would be 20 cm in the valley but the measuring stick must grow at 19.9 cm. Otherwise it would be really nice. Close to both Zell am See and Bagdastein (or how spelled it) I had a pair of atomic sx10 but did not get really slippery because of all Danes and Dutch who were eviscerated to cross my skis. Ideal skis would be a couple of blends between carving and snow blades.

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A wonderful place where it's not too difficult to find out if you have a nose on the map sometimes. The most often unspoilt offpiste makes places worthwhile. Leogang's Pro Nitro park was not too big with had tasty jumps and rails. A top park where I met some other Swedes who filmed!

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I have visited Saalbach / Hinterglemm nine winters and always think it's as fun to come back. The area is under rigid refurbishment and several new winters are being built for each season.
   The park in Hinterglemm city is always as fun ocgh in recent years they have also had a ski crossroads.

The area is definitely worth a visit.

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One of the best ski areas I've ever been to ...
Have been there 5 times but never tired of it.
Where do you die week 5 this year and have never ever been in such good snow ... GO YOUR! ... I will continue!

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Will be a 5th grade for this ski area.
I'm just saying Offpiste!

The backs are so kind and the park is smaller and worse than that in Kungsberget (which is very good) in my opinion.
But if you look outside the piste you can find lots of beautiful scratches.
If you like forest skiing, you should definitely consider going here. The low altitude allows the forest to stretch all the way up to the top of several of the mountains. In addition, Austrians or anyone who goes to this area does not seem to be offpiste so everything outside the marked pace is largely untouched.

The village is cozy, but after-skin, I have no idea what it's like when I did not visit it once a week 11, I was there.

World class!

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Week 9 2006
Traveled by train from Malmö, change Copenhagen and Hamburg later by taxi from Zell am See. We stayed at the Landhaus Simone which is a very nice apartment hotel. But unfortunately a bit to knock to the elevator. The skiing was varied but the slopes are quite broken in the afternoon. The outpouring was still untouched. Afterski'n on Hinterhag alm was sweaty good! The food range was very large.

back 14 is recommended. about 1000m fall height black back all the way. Take it early in the day because it gets really hot when the beginners have settled for it.

The disadvantages then?
Lifts. Unusually many 2-chair lifts (to be the alps) that create very long queues (a lighter fainted). In some cases, wait 20 minutes to get on.

Emelie (Guest)
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Was in Saalbach v.7 -06 and it could have been a lot better. No lift queues and shining sun all week. Little people in the steeper slopes. Pretty very bad Britons, that was the only downside. If you want a really steep ride, Saalbach is not the best option, but there are many long and lovely slopes, though it is quite snow proof ...

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I was also down for a couple of months in April 04/05 and if you like board like me and like pillows, you should definitely consider Saalbach / Hinterglem. There is a park a bit away from Saalb, more specifically in leogang where the Nitro Group is the main sponsor, versatile park for the one who manages the greatest so to speak but the problem is that they almost never have it open, maybe it was because when I was there snowed it's 2m in 4 days, and it takes a while to dig up and shapa then you have to have an oversight with =), but who complains about the park when it's two meters away, not me iaf. There is also a smaller park in the winter afternoon that is open for the evening and it's a good pastime to the party because everyone seems to go out at 01:00 in Saalbach but what does it do when the last place bobbys closes at 6:30 in the morning, you have to go a little too =).

 I also worked for two weeks on hinterhag alm for two weeks but my experience is not possitive, they treated one as a vomit, staff food was crazy, the accommodation would bring animal rights activists to go through the ceiling then half the room, so the floor and ceiling over the foot end of the bed were filled with big mushrooms, the salary was 200euro a month and it did not get higher, though they forced an extra working hours. All this because they had not booked a hotel in advance, but they got their penalty and I returned my dignity =)

 There are ways to live cheap if you have a kitchenette, but it's no problem to burn money either, 6 cardboard on a bar round, though you have a friend who is economically independent, so beware why why not, the casino and yeti in the small hours, if you want some balls left!

 So the nightlife is not so boring, all cred to the one who can handle a bar round and can get to the elevator in the morning.

4/5 for the 5/5 run for the nightlife

Patrik (Guest)
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I worked as a bartender on Europe's largest afterski Hinterhag Alm -04. Now the winter is here again and then it will return to Saalbach / Hinterglemm / Leogang again. The ride may not be the absolute best in the world and if you are really cruel about going then maybe you should choose another system, but the ride and the slopes keep a good international standard. Someone who wrote here claims that there is no offpiste but they are wrong. I found untouched burns every day for 3 months.

Light and long slopes in Leogang. Leogang is a recently upgraded liff system.
Enjoyed easy-going hills in Hinterglemm, where there is hardly any lift queue at all.
The slopes just above the village, you can only go in the morning, are quickly picked up.
With really steep and icy backs on Schattberg. Schattberg, which is its own mountain, joins the other systems from the other side of Saalbach so you can go in a circle to get home. An extra plus for all the lifts that are cruel killers and take you quickly to the top.

Restaurants are really good at the slopes. Good and great food for a fair price. In the village you will find both pizzerias, Chinese restaurants, Mexican restaurants and luxury restaurants like Peter's famous for its felsensteak.

Party is awesome in Saalbach. Already at 4 pm, the party is running really. Nothing like you used to do is close to Europe's biggest apricot Hinterhag Alm. The Swedish travel agents will tell you to go after skins at Castello or Wonderful but they are so wrong.

After Afterskin, the Germans, the Austrian and the Dutch move on to Bauer and Zum Turm while people from the Nordic countries stick home and eat and prepare for the goodfare of the night. Wonderful ( is the place valid from 22-24 where there is really good tuning and good trubadurer. Then you continue to Castello where dancing and ragging takes over. Are you still on party humor, you go to Bobby's. At Bobby's you can buy pizza around the clock.

As I wrote earlier, I will be in the back, in the bar and on the outside of the bar throughout the next season. If you fancy me enough on afterskin, maybe I invite you to some Austrian specialty drinks. If you want to have a table in aftershine, you must contact me by the day before. have them