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Lovely genuine and genuine Austrian feeling. Gave my sister a week in Schladming as a 40th birthday present. Lived in the attic of an old strict housewife and skied all day so the powder glistened around us. A fantastic ski resort. Affordable above all, great shopping, genuine restaurants, great selection but still location and a lot of skiing.

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Just returned super happy from a week in Schladming / Planai. Everything was asber, really good piste, good lift-off powder (to be an old guy who carvar fast in flat slopes). Now we had iofs top weather with 2 nightly dumps and the rest brilliant sun.

Very close between cabins with very good beer and good simple food. Very affordable prices.

The best part was the absence of disturbing Russians and Danes on the slopes. Very little Swedes too. (Which might be nice if you want to get the real alp feeling)

Great Après Ski in many different places. Scaf-Alf is highly recommended.

A weekend trip is a toboggan on Hochwursen, all the way from the top. Very expensive unfortunately, evening time, but ascool.

Great lift system, although it is a bit tough to get to Hochwurzen and Kaibling, but there is a notable ski bus too.

Then it was a little bit steep bit by bit, a beginner has not so much fun there, because you do not come home if you can not get down for huge red slopes ....

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Schladming, great pistachio. I bought a last minute v 4 to ski with my lady. Without expectations, I was very pleasantly surprised. Superb wide well-groomed slopes that lasted a long time. Mostly steep terrain. My lady, despite good skiing, thought it was partly unnecessarily steep. No place to start.
Schladming is quite low most of the below the tree line, but the slopes are really long with continuous slope from top to valley no unnecessary lift, good modern lift system. If you keep away from the main system Planai, the slopes are quite unpopular. The resort has unusually adult clientele. Very really good middle-aged + with pistachios. Nice cabins where many start apres ski too early. The beer and the snaps flow, which is less good. But we did not see any incidents with refreshed skaters. Overall nice people. Very Gruss Good. You will probably always be well treated if you have spoken German. although all staff in restaurants speak English. Generally speaking, Schladming does not seem to be a great charter resort
A well-functioning ski bus system if you want to earn time. The 4 different systems hang pretty much together but lie so to speak in the length of the valley. Not like in Saalbach where you take a tour.
The village or the smaller town decent and you like oversized portions with schnitzlar as a clove have come right.
The off-piste quite inaccessible when the spruce forest is really dense. The openings you see do not have many for the eye natural finishes and the ravine-rich terrain is not something you should give out in without local knowledge. Clearly a local guide will find nice yokes but there are better places for off-piste hunters.
During our week, I did not see a single pair of skirting, just pistracers. We saw an occasional touring coach.
Schladming is well worth a return visit.

Rickard (Guest)
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Have been there many times, seasonally 2 years long ago. My "Home away from home" in the Alps.
Sytemet is good, the ride is good, not world class but good and the village is completely wunderbar.

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Stay down in Schladming v. 11. 10 days of brilliant sun and great skiing. We stayed at Hotel Planai which did not make matters worse, 30m to the lift station. A cohesive ski system with varied skiing, a solid forest trail. A big plus are all the alphites that lie a little here o where, unfortunately everyone was not so hospitable who worked there, a bit tired of tourists maybe. To go v11 is enough at the limit of late. It started to get a little bad with snow in our sun, considering that the highest ridge is approx. 2000 m. Despite that, we could go down to the village. I would like to go back.

+ Hotel planai with close connection to the lift
+ A good cohesive ski system.
+ schysta lunch prices backen
- Sura cooks in some alphytes
- If you like skiing then skip the glacier, short slopes.

Micke M
Micke M (Guest)
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We (me and my partner) were in Schladming and stayed at the Lion Alpin's Hotel Planai in March 2013. We were very pleased with most things except that the weather would be dear the first few days. We are no off pistons but the slopes are great and when it was snowing overnight they pissed in the morning. The prices are quite ok on the hill and we are going back this winter! The hotel is well there, but it's close to the elevator anyway. Cozy town with a couple of good aprons.

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Something very positive is that there are very good forests to go in and some good resturants and even very nice pistons! I have the roots in Bad Ausee so we go down every year on the sports license! It's usually a freak of snow! But that's good service and so I think the resort is worth going to! One negative thing is that there are very many supandi family dads that bother quite a bit and just are annoying! The people are very unpleasant! Not Austrian but, for example, Dutch and German! ;)

Andre Agassi
Andre Agassi (Guest)
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was in Schladming in January 2004 and thought it was cloudy. Small nice town. Not so much, so you want to look elsewhere. The lift system is modern and you can easily get between the different peaks. (four in a coherent system). Easy to get to buses to nearby locations. We were browsing Flachau when we were there. Offpiste opportunities exist but are not too easily accessible. Low altitude and plenty of forest. However, I can recommend a visit to Schladming.

Telemarkus (Guest)
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Were in Schladming in March 05. Perfect for weather and snowfall. When we were there, the biggest continuous snowfall came in March in 50 years. Ca. 1.5 meters in 2 days. Good off-road driving on skiers right from the top lift in the Planai plant. Try Zauchensee, which lies about the middle between Schladming and Bad Gastein! Steep forest drift Remember to check snow depth and stay before you leave!

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I have recently been to the Schladming ski resort and was also visiting two years ago. As mentioned in previous review, it may be a problem with the snowmobile, but I did not have any problems with the last time, on the other hand, before. Last 160ca was snow on the whole mountain and unforgettable skiing. There is the possibility of extremely nice off-piste skiing. I lived in a town called Haus, which is a mountain from Schladming. Hausberget is the snap better according to me, but it's nice to vary a bit sometimes. Also liked afterskin in the evenings.