Spindleruv Mlyn

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Spindleruv Mlyn Snow forecast

  • Thursday
    0.3 in rain
    6 mph
  • Friday
    0.2 in rain
    Rain showers
    5 mph
  • Saturday
    0 in rain
    Partly cloudy
    7 mph

Facts about Spindleruv Mlyn

Slopes (Total: 20)
Green Learning / beginner:0
Blue Easy:8
Red Intermediate:9
Black Advanced / Expert:3
Evening skiing:2 number of slopes
Total length of pistes:15.5 miles

Lifts (Total: 15)
Lift capacity:  18000 persons/hour

Vertical drop
Spindleruv Mlyn Vertical drop
Mountain high: 4052 ft
Vertical drop: 1749 ft
Mountain low: 2303 ft

Cross country skiing
Tracks:43495.9 miles
Lit tracks:0 miles
Artificial snow:0 miles

Country: Czech Republic
Hradec Králové

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06/02/2017 (Modified: 26/02/2019)
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Large area from light blue to black

Been there several times, went everywhere in and around Spindl.

- lost its charm
- High-rise buildings with apartments as the only investment alternative now under the real estate bubble, are about showing the coat in the village rather than on skiing.
- congestion, queues, rapidly rising prices for ski passes etc.
- The integration consists mostly of unreliable ski buses

+ blue butter ride on the solid from Medvedin (Björnberget) to Misecky gets new fast chair 2017/18
+ the blackest slope is located far off in the middle of the valley (beyond Svatý Petr) www.stoh.cz/skiareal (Stoh means Höstack) - scroll down to their grayish twilight picture of the hill, hints well about the fall height 400m with even steep slope. Check carefully before there are no competitions then. Unfortunately, only lift lift, but also offers own cheap lift pass (day card 170 SEK, discounts for junior and 60+). Own parking.
Single SkiBus tours go all the way (down to the village, then herded skis, locals on the way downstream through the valley, and plenty of natural snow). Some ski hire in the village can be persuaded to drive you up, sometimes even pick up afterwards.
We took Stoh's last ski day, when you rested your legs during the return journey - they became spaghetti (of icy parts + slope + solely jib lift).

Stoh (especially a competition-free everyday) gets a 4th, the rest of the area a weak 3rd.

Update (2019, sports holiday): The fall of the Swedish krona means that Spindl has become more expensive than Sälen or Andorra, according to Forex (in other words not comprehensive) ski index: /www.forex.se/valuta/skidindex.
If you want to see the Olympic star Ester Ledecká go the World Cup there then it is also no idea in spring, she will compete in SnB and elsewhere (instead of skis in her childhood back).

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Have been in Spindl -11 and I'm really happy!
Billgt to live, cheap to eat drink and the slopes well maintained. Schysta lift. in March-13 we will go to another place 50km from Spindl, which I think seems too bad ...


Cerna Hora (Black Mountain) comes with more info when we return home;)

Maestro. (Guest)
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Been in Spindleruv mlyn 07,08,09,11 & will have your 10 / 2-12 .... The backs think yes is enough for a middle-aged rider who also likes good food and beer. As the prices are 1/3 of this at home do not matter the worse :) We have drove down the actual & booked hotel over Booking.com & get under 3000: - / person & week each time. (inc boats from Trelleborg, ex gasoline) .... Unfortunately, I have not been to the Alps so yes I have not liked and compared, but I think it's better than those in Sweden, yes ...

Eva E
Eva E (Guest)
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Fanatastic with a lot of snowy snow on Easter 2008! We got about 60 cm and sometimes it was hard to see anything when traveling. Some days of sunshine and some clouds. Good with snow in the slopes.
It's not the Alps, but maybe Åre or Vemdalen (and everything costs a third of the prices in Sweden). Good for families with children and us "ordinary" riders. We could find a black backing. Modern lifts and a lot of restaurants at the ski systems. Cheap! Both food and drink. The River Elbe (Labe in Czech) flows through the village which is picturesque and beautiful.

We stayed at Hotel Horal. Very good, we think, because all rooms had a balcony overlooking the beautiful mountains. We had half board and it was nice. A giant breakfast and dinner buffet were included in the price. There are free buses between the skiing systems (Svaty Petr and Medvedin) and various hotels all day but they seemed to be from the 60's (buses). However, worked well. Taxi is cheap if you find out the price before and they would like to go skiing in special baskets on the cars.

We can also recommend the restaurant Abacante down in the center. They had wonderful american-mexican food!

We would love to go back here! That's what you can afford!

Micke Johansson
Micke Johansson (Guest)
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Spindler is okay due to the price, but of course you can not compare with the Alps.
We have been there 2 years in a row (Jan / 04 and Jan / 05) and will continue to go there as long as they do not raise prices.

The weather is not to be expected but the slopes are quite ok for us "normal" riders.

Cost 2004:
In 2004, we took the cheapest option. Bus journey from Denmark!
The cost of 2 pers was approximately: 8000: -, 7 days / 4 nights.
The price included bus travel, hotel, half board (breakfast and dinner, though we ate out every day), ski hire, lift pass, and a MASSA bira, in addition my goa partner bought a pair of shoes for 500 pix.

Cost 2005:
This year we took a flight from Kastrup and then it became a bit more expensive. The sum ended up at 14,000: - but then it became 8 days / 7 nights instead.

The whole thing is that if you are willing to pay expensive trips to the Alps, I think you should do it. But if you are willing to take the risk of the weather, Spindleruv Mlyn is an obvious choice.
We have posted some pictures from last year's trip on our website. This year's pictures are not yet posted, but they are coming!


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Be in Spindleruv v1 -05.

The weather was bad, a few plus degrees of the day, down to zero or just below the night. Unfortunately, it had not snowed so many weeks before I left either. Snowy after all (about a meter at the top).

The system is divided into two parts, Svaty Petr and Medvedin where Svaty Petr is a bit bigger system. The systems are located approximately one kilometer from each other by the motorway. I went exclusively in Svaty Petr. Tested Medvedin one day but it was so foggy that the sight was 5-10 meters.
The ride in Svaty Petr was not particularly challenging and the slopes were quite few. The system is quite narrow. If you go on a little, you go through everything in half a day. Off-piste skiing near the systems was not to be considered as the forest surrounding the area is too dense to go in. One would probably be able to shark a bit but that was nothing I did.
The seat lifts in Svaty Petr were three to the number and the queues were sometimes very long.

Being able to go down to the bottom of the system and go into the bar and have a beer and two hunters for under a fifty-one tells a little about the price level. The prices were perhaps pleasant but probably far above the prices in the rest of the Czech Republic. Other nightlife in the evening was very limited.

Do not go here if you want challenging rides.
Go here about you

A: Have children and want to go on a cheap ski holiday and are tired of Sälen.

B: Go with a bunch of polar and want a cheap ski holiday and drink cheap (and GOOD) beer. When you get home you laugh at how cheap it was when you sit and plan your real trip down to the alps.

The rating is barely approved. Had it not been so cheaply it would have become a second.

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