Černý Důl

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24/01/2017 (Modified: 29/03/2018)
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Affordable small family ski resort, most blue with a little almost red.
The name means Svartdalen, but you can find some sun anyway.
The rating applies to weekdays, on weekends it would probably be lower.

- Builders lift and 1 slow 3-chair (tire).
- Small place with low fall height.
- Under 1000 m, h - check snow depth and webcam before.

+ close to pretty good road
+ Overview, small distances, cozy slopes among forest lakes and genuine knot-tailed villages.
+ Workshop and rental right at the back, you usually go skiing to the door.
+ (From December 2017) An express lighthouse chair with a few meters extra fall height (may be needed :)
+ Free SkiBus 10 minutes to the 6-chair Hoffmanky Express in Janske Lazne (a plexibubble and rear heater - recommended), more expensive ski passes are required there and apply throughout SkiResort, 45 km of slopes.
+ Because it's softer because of low height, and the inclination is mostly blue, the lentil remained for lunch (weekdays).