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03/09/2007 (Modified: 05/09/2007)
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If you want to give a rating to the Sunnmøre Alps, the beautiful scenery, from downhill skiing / offpiste / hikking etc., the rating is no less than 5+.
best time is between mid Feb. until mid-June (late in the season are delite traveling among mountain birches the last 3-400 height meters :-))
The Volda-Örsta-Säbö area is the wildest and most beautiful accommodation, one of the best places to stay in Sunnmøre Base camp in säbö - opens April - 08
Snack with Fredrik +47 94 22 05 19
Skyssta pictures on the site can be found at

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Here the snowfall usually is good. There is much more family pride on Fjellsätre compared to Strandafjellet. In the weekends, every family of children arrives in a couple of miles radius here to soar. My tip for the more adventurous is that, if you come from Ålesund, do not turn to Sätrefjellet, but instead continue about 1.5 miles along the same road until you reach Stranda Ski Center. There it's ball. And if you are interested in randoneé and top trips, there are so many tops in the Sunnmur Sellers that are worth visiting. Incredibly beautiful surroundings and a lot of snow. Come here on the spring edge when the conditions are stable and the sun is shining!

(My rating is given to Fjellsäters facility, not to the entire geographic area of ​​Sundsvalls!).

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Rider: Sebastian Garhammer Photo: Mattias Fredriksson


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