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Cozy city and the ridge is top. Located in a good system with varied rides. Have been here several times.

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Wengen is a classic ski resort that I visited week 13 in 2014. The snow fell 24 hours to later just fall during the nights. The last days came spring with the sunshine and there was a bark in the village
To the ski system you go from the village with the gondola up to Männlichen 2230 m. An area with many red and some blue pistes. Here there are opportunities for offpiste between the slopes. The lower part goes through a wooded area to Grindelwald Grund. Here you go to Grindelwald's ski system.

The main system also includes train from the village to the Eigergletcher train station 2320 meters. The system then goes down to the train station at Kleine Scheidegg in 2061 meters. Here there are all colors on the slopes and from Eigergletcher it is easy to find good offpiste areas. Particularly good east of pist 26. In the western part of the system, in mid January every year, the World Cup is a classic. The crossroads The Lauberhorn Run is longer than the other runoffs. In the middle of there is a closet curve at a cliff. Here is a dump and a very narrow piste. To rebuild such a racecourse is not allowed today. The slope is located in the lower part. Both World Cup slopes go down to the village.

Grindelwald's ski system is smaller and the resort is bigger. Therefore not as nice as Wengen. You go through the system in one day. From Grindelwald can get back by train up to Klein Scheidegg and further down to Wengen.

Murren is a ski resort adjacent to Wengen. A very nice place to visit. The journey takes one day. The village is located like Wengen on a cliff shelf but on the other side of the valley. Therefore, you have to take the train down to Lauterbrunnen, and then on the narrow-track railway up to Murren. Here is a gondola at Piz Brigg up to Piz Gloria 2970 m. The top station is known from James Bond's movie "In Her Majesty's Secret Service" where the villain Blofeld alias Telly Savalas has her earliest. James Bond goes into the movie offpist chased by the bad guys. Here you will find a fun James Bond museum and a rotating restaurant. Lots of mostly Japanese visiting the peak station. From here I went offpiste lively photographed by Japanese.

Wengen is located on a cliff shelf 1274 m above sea level. There is no car traffic and everything is located along the approximately 500m short street. To get to Wengen, you must leave the main railway network in Interlaken Ost and travel by two trains. The change takes place in Lauterbrunnen where the last train goes on the narrow track with the support rail in the middle when it was so steep. This train continues right up to Mount Eiger with a terminal of 3454 meters. Which is the highest railway station in Europe. Lots of Japanese visit the restaurant, the museum and the observatory to see the mountain Eiger at 3970 meters. Wengen has visitors from mainly Switzerland and Great Britain. There is even an old English church here.

In summary, Wengen is a snow-proof place with a spectacular location and views. The whole area including Grindelwald and Murren is so typical Switzerland. The best place to be in the area is Wengen as it is located in the center of Grindelwald and Murren. International atmosphere in a classic World Cuport with well-functioning service. For all guests except those seeking to keep going. The season ends in early April. A classic worth visiting! Rating 5 of 5. By Börje Hammarling

Pär (Guest)
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Wengen in Wengen in February 2012. Beautiful piste skiing in well-prepared pistons. There is also some good offpiste if you like it. Not really crazy people, making it quick to get up without queues. You can burn well on the slopes, thanks Stöckli Race. Wengen is like Zermatt, car free, you take the train up to the village. Nothing great at night, which is a pleasure for then, there will be more quality rides in the days. Definitely recommend Wengen. Over Easter it becomes Ischgl Österike.