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British Columbia stands out with skiers and snowboarders around the globe due to the deep snow that many of its ski areas receive, including the amounts at the Whitewater Ski Resort. The conditions are ideal for producing the dry powder that makes carving fresh tracks so much fun, and the resort sits within the Ymir bowl, with a prime altitude for powder conditions.

Motorists will use British Columbia's Highway system close to the US border (Highways 3, 6, and 95 provide the best approaches). Highway 6 leads to Nelson and passes near Ymir Mountain. Americans driving north have several roadway options, depending upon which state they are traveling. West Kootenay Regional Airport is the closest airfield, with the nearest International Airport sitting in Kelowna.

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Downhill skiing has been a part of the fabric of Nelson since the 1930s, but it was not until 1974 that a co-op of local snow hounds got together and selected Ymir bowl that the Whitewater Ski Resort began to take shape. The only overnight facility at the resort is a camping area where guests can park their RVs (which might have to be moved periodically after heavy snows for plowing purposes). Nelson is only a couple of miles down the road and has ten lodging options to meet visitors' needs.

Dining options at Whitewater Ski Resort include five different drink or food venues in the day lodge, with an additional option at the Glory Lodge just outside the winter resort. The day lodge also houses guest services, a first-aid station, and washrooms. There are plenty of retail outlets in Nelson, but guests can buy apparel and gear at the on-site store. The Whitewater Ski Resort rents standard and hi-performance equipment, with staff available to tune up and repair personal gear to get it ready for use.

Skiing and snowboarding lessons at the snow school help beginners with the fundamentals. Other groups or private classes help participants with various skill levels and interests. These include instructor programs and courses on avalanche safety.

Alpine Exploration in the Selkirk Mountains

Ymir Mountain is part of the Selkirk Mountain Range, stretching from the northern reaches of Idaho and Washington into the Province. The Whitewater Ski Resort sits below the peak, in the naturally created Ymir bowl, which receives 480 inches of snow each year. Prevailing conditions generate plenty of dry powder instead of the wet snows found further west. The temperatures hover around 18 degrees Fahrenheit during the ski season, so guests need to stay bundled as they play down the slopes.

A 2,044-foot vertical drop at the Whitewater Ski Resort generates plenty of speed and opportunities for skiers and riders alike. The winter resort has 1,184 lift-accessed terrains and a profile of 2,367 acres of total skiable terrain. There are 82 runs that guests can select as they explore Whitewater Ski Resort, with ratings of green/beginner (8 runs or 10-percent), blue/intermediate (26 runs or 32-percent), black diamond/advanced (39 runs or 47-percent), and double black diamond/expert (9 runs or 11-percent).

The Whitewater Ski Resort maintains four lifts with an uphill capacity of 4,500 guests per hour.

Whitewater Ski Resort Snow forecast

  • Friday
    0.39 in rain
    7 mph
  • Saturday
    0.1 in snow
    4 mph
  • Sunday
    0 in snow
    2 mph

Facts about Whitewater Ski Resort

Number of slopes:82
Easiest Green slopes:9
Intermediate Blue slopes:28
Advanced Black slopes:39
Expert Only Double black diamond slopes:9
Longest slope:9843 ft

Lifts (Total: 4)
Lift capacity:  4500 persons/hour

Vertical drop
Whitewater Ski Resort Vertical drop
Highest Point: 6709 ft
Vertical drop: 2044 ft
Base Point: 4665 ft

Start: 6 December
End: 6 April

Cross country skiing
Tracks:9.3 miles
Lit tracks:0 miles
Artificial snow:0 miles

Childrens area:1
Country: Canada
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Awesome little place outside Nelson - days when it dumps snow so there are sick many alternatives to good skiing. If you have skins, the possibilities... Read more (61 words)
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Were there v5 and v6 2008. After traveling around half the globe to experience cushions, the disappointment did not notice any boundaries after a coup... Read more (176 words)
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Great potential but no newness when we were there. The pistachio slopes were nice but they are not so many so it's getting a bit tough with the piste.... Read more (123 words)
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Nice little place both Nelson and the ski area. Sorry, did not snow in two weeks when I was there 21-23 Feb. The area has potential but close to offp... Read more (93 words)
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Nice little place. Cheap. Smoking prohibited in the two lifts, it may be necessary for Nelson to have some hippie status, but the ban is respected bad... Read more (92 words)
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An incredibly nice and charming ski resort. Not at all the same as elsewhere. Glee forest provides good snowmobiling. The piste was okay with - good ... Read more (57 words)
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Sicken lovely lie. Had snow all night and continued far into the day. Thanks to that, Whitewater was really fun. On the other hand, if it was bad with... Read more (83 words)
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A really cozy mountain in redneck country. The lifts feel a bit of the 2nd World War, but there is nothing wrong with the ride and the snow. The legen... Read more (139 words)
Annic Lundstein
Annic Lundstein (Guest)
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A small and really charming pillow case. The snow is light, falls in quantity and is enough for everyone! Very good off piste. Skip the food bag and t... Read more (55 words)
Kaka (Guest)
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Small but cute ski resort. Wonderful lovely pudersnö, with good hiking places.

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