Skis 2021

Piste (63)
For those who are weak to groomed slopes and loves to be on the cutting edge.
All mountain (108)
For those who are hunting for a pair of skis that works all over the mountain.
Offpist / Freeride (49)
For those of you who love off-piste and expect a lot of snow.
Park & Pipe (26)
For those who plan to spend much time in the park to study all the jumps and rails at close range.
Ski touring (45)
If you are looking for a lightweight and flexible skis that fit when you go on tour.

314 skis

Salomon QST 99 2021
Salomon QST 99
Whether you are doing laps in back-bowl powder, dropping down a steep line or flying down your favorite groomers, the QST 99 gives you the confidence to always push your limits. Full Sandwich Sidewalls guarantees stability and precision, it enhances ...
Salomon QST 106 2021
Salomon QST 106
The legendary QST 106 is the ultimate freeride ski. It can handle anything you put in front of it and is the most versatile platform we’ve ever made. Slash through soft snow, lay trenches in hardpack and conquer the steepest lines without a second th...
Salomon QST 92 2021
Salomon QST 92
The QST 92 is lightweight and stable, boosting your confidence as you carve on hard snow, hit the moguls or explore some of the steepest corners of the mountain. Full Sandwich Sidewalls guarantees stability and precision, it enhances performance by p...
Line Vision 108 2021
Line Vision 108
The LINE Vision 108 is back for another year and is not slowing down. Voted the Number One Freeride Ski by Freeskier Magazine, The Vision 108 is stable at high speeds, light in the air, and easy to control. Created with THC Technology, a featherwei...
Line Sir Francis Bacon 2021
Line Sir Francis Bacon
Our most popular ski, the LINE Sir Francis Bacon, is back for another season. Equipped with a versatile 107mm waist width paired with 3D Convex Tech™ it floats and butters through powder without sacrificing performance on groomers and blown out ch...
Elan RIPSTICK 106 2021
There's a fine line to walk when building your freeride quiver - the widest skis lack performance on hardpack, while narrower skis don't offer enough floatation, causing you fall behind your buddies on deep days. The Ripstick 106 with Amphi...
Line Sakana 2021
Line Sakana
The LINE Sakana was created to carve. We took the insanely fun and innovative design of the Pescado and transfixed it into a narrower, more versatile ski. Utilizing a unique swallowtail shape and camber through the majority of the ski, the Sakana i...
Faction Candide 3.0 2021
899 $
Faction Candide 3.0
A freestyle-inspired shape makes the CT 3.0 easy to press and wash out when you want to jib, but also hold a strong edge when you ask more from it. This is the perfect one ski quiver for the rider who is always on the lookout for fresh goods and need...
Faction Candide 2.0 2021
799 $
Faction Candide 2.0
Designed with Candide, the CT 2.0 is the all-mountain freestyle blueprint for fun. A 102mm waist width, true twin symmetrical shape and soft flex in the tip and tail means this ski loves to pop lips, butter rollers and whip effortlessly between turns...
K2 Mindbender 99Ti 2021
K2 Mindbender 99Ti
Quick edge-to-edge? Check. Absurd float in pow? Oh you bet. You might be surprised to hear that the Mindbender 99Ti only clocks in at 99 underfoot – it definitely hits above it’s weight. Toss in that titanial Y-Beam™ and you’ll be wondering where the...
Head KORE 117 2021
Head KORE 117
Like all KORE models, the Kore 117 ski is made from the most advanced technology and materials available on the market. Its Koruba wood core in particular makes it lightweight. Furthermore, the ski surface is not made from the usual plastic but from ...
Extrem Project 100 2021
Extrem Project 100
All-mountain Test Winner 2016/17 in the Swedish ski magazine Åka Skidor with rewards like “This feels premium! They are stable, confident, inviting and my personal favourites.” This acclaimed and award-winning model is developed to conquer the deman...
Line Chronic 2021
Line Chronic
Designed for all-mountain freestyle enjoyment, the LINE Chronic is the dopest all-mountain freestyle ski. With over a decade in the game, the Chronic a versatile turn shape that will allow you to turn the mountain into your terrain park. This award...
Faction Prodigy 3.0 2021
799 $
Faction Prodigy 3.0
Inspired by the Prodigy 4.0, this 2021 Faction Skis Prodigy 3.0 shares the same shape, construction and materials as its big brother, meaning that whether youíre gapping safety barriers, bouncing down pillow lines or wheelying rollers, this mid-flex ...