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Al (Guest)
Good prices

Service, rudeness, reliability.

In order to save some money, I ordered an avalanche airbag on Black Friday for someone close in my Ski team. This was supposed to be a present from the whole team.
Everything went according to plan and even got an order number (Order No.: 4581874) to be more precise- just posting this so the appalling service they have, realise I am taking action, as I promised I would, and they know whose review this is-

Within half an hour, I noticed that there was no email confirming my order, so started to be a bit worried. When I contacted them, their answer was "sorry, we have ran out of that specific airbag", I gave them a solution of exchanging a part from another bag they had (split-board model), since this particular airbag has a part that can be exchanged, thus allowing us to solve the problem. The idea was refused, as that could not be done. I figured this is because they order them and they go straight to the customer, without them having a chance of changing any parts. They also implied that the mistake was made on my side. Thankfully, I had proof of it, as I take screenshots every time I buy something online, therefore proving them wrong.

I then emailed them again proposing another idea, to send me the other bag (that has a split-board attachment, and the part that replaces that for another one, at no extra cost), but keeping a happy customer, since the mistake had been made on their side.
The most frustrating is that the customers service has completely ignored my email with disdain.
No way to treat a returning customer that has bought several items from them and has recommended their name within my ski club.
Needless to say, I will be sharing this awful experience with them and the largest skier forum in Spain.
With this vile action, they have lost several customers, as I know my mates very well and I'm going to have to buy the bag from a different retailer at a higher price because of their mistake and awful service.

Never again I would recommend you to anyone.

Peter Hrcka
Peter Hrcka (Guest)
Very supportive approach of customer service (I have bought my skis and equipment by direct communication with them because I live in Slovakia without possibility to travel hundreds of kilometers), very nice english language. Patient approach despite of my dozens emails and requests. Last but not least - good price and wonderful outdoor adventure product portfolio.

honestly I cannot find anything negative, zero weak point from my shopping experience with them, nothing to complain for

Very nice shopping experience

Stefano (Guest)
Shipping (UPS service)

All the other, service and support.

I would like to share a very unpleasant buy experience at Conrad Sport.
- Part 1 -
I bought online a "TIEFSCHNEETAGE TESTED" ski. I paid it like a new ski but I got a heavily used ski, full of scratches, with worn tip and tail.
Conrad Sport declares online the ski has been only tested for 1 or 2 days during their testival event but the ski looks like a worn-out rental ski, used without any care for an entire ski season. I have several old skis in my garage that look much better and newer than the Conrad “new ski”.
If you intend to buy a "TIEFSCHNEETAGE TESTED" ski, you had better to check personally the real condition of the ski before purchasing by Conrad.

- Part 2 -
Following my review, Conrad made me a miserable offer: 60€ to make a ski service. With this suggestion Conrad implicitly admits that delivers worn and used ski that definitely need a ski service; worthless to say, 60€ is a begging, an insulting charity. Moreover, included in the 60€ there was also a strong a very embarrassing request to change my Google review on Conrad Sport from negative to positive. That's incredible, but it explains why there are so many (too many) enthusiastic reviews (5 stars). Of course, I rejected the Conrad Sport offer. Instead, I asked for a very common and classic "replacement of the goods" that any honest and serious seller never refuse. I suggested to replace the ski with an equivalent one, same bindings, available in the shop and even less expensive. Conrad Sport simply refused to replace the ski. Evidently, Conrad Sport dislikes unsatisfied customers and, more important, does not replace the goods!!
Based on my experience, Conrad Sport is definitely a low level, unreliable online shop.

L.N. (Guest)

All the other, especially service attitude, reclamation process and quality control (e.g. mounting services)

I ordered a pair of skis - informed them about my boots and measurements. They failed, mounting wasn't even close to correct, which I noticed too late on my first ski trip. Frustration was pretty HUGE to notice that there is nothing I can do to fix the issue, other than get the skis remounted back home. Ski trip failed.

Reclamation process went really bad, I felt that they don't believe me - asked more photos. Once I sent them remounting receit with more pictures of my skis having extra holes - they said in five words that they compensate the remounting - not even any explanation what have happened, apologies or nothing. I told them to keep the money if that is BEST they can do and never heard about them again.

Total failure in service attitude, reclamation process and the most important, quality control of their services. Never gonna order again, their bargain prices aren't worth it - use other online stores instead, which I have a lot good to say. Sports Conrad will run their business down with this service.

LessPåConrad (Guest)
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Warning! It is possible to make a bargain but it can also be very wrong and customer service seems unfortunately not very good at how they should correct their own mistakes.

Ordered skis a few weeks ago and got home a pair of skyltex (!) Ie skis that are only meant to show the ski's design and shape but without really core. Incomprehensible that the mounted binders did not react when there is a large orange decal "only valid for cosmetic" on the ski.

It took some emails to get them to accept their mistake and offer replacement skis, but they thought I would dismantle the bindings from the demo skis and then install them on the new skis they would send. Some more mail and phone calls were required before they agreed that it might not be my job to correct their mistakes.

Then got a promise to get new skis with mounted bindings. A return form was sent to me and I returned demo skids with bindings. Waiting for new ones. Receive message: "Sorry, you have to wait for the skis you return to come down to Germany before we can send new ones. Or you pay the new ones and we will send them at once and you will be refunded for the first incorrect pair when we get them."

An additional 10 emails as they continue to claim I have to wait (because of their mistakes). I was anxious to get the skis fast (had already missed being able to use them on a ski week because of the first stroll) and therefore agreed to pay the new skis in the promise of repayment immediately when they got my return.

They got the return a week ago and today, after repeated claims, I have been repaid for the bindings - but not the skis! So, just to get started and write another 10-20 mail to possibly get someone on the customer service to solve this.

So, find bargains, but be aware that it can become a rather strenuous (and possibly expensive) deal.

Karin (Guest)
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Worst customer management for a long time. Have been waiting for 3 months for a delivery (instead of 2 weeks that was indicated when I bought them). No compensation or even recognition from them that things have not gone according to plan. Effective choice of them not to respond to repeated mail or phone attempts, as I as a customer quit give up try to be compensated.

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good and fast customer service, cheap, big selection


works well!

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Fast, smooth and good!


Ordered a couple of songs on Sunday evening. (22:30)
Ski and tie would be on the shelf Balance.
Ordered assembly according to my wishes.
Paid 50 € extra for fast living. Then I would travel 5 days later.
Acc. SC, the assembly of binding would not affect the life. time. (Which I doubted) and had plans to order without getting them on time.
With UPS express would live. Late by Friday. Which would work when the trip goes Saturday morning.
So then, just wait ... he did not wait so long.
Tuesday at 10:25 pm, it will be in a UPS car at work.
Did not believe it before I kept my skis in hand with mounted bindings.

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The most obvious strength is that they are cheap and have a good range. I think their service is good, you get help most of the time you email or call and ask for something. I've even advertised a couple of skis from them, no problem at all. Had to send back the skis for free with UPS and, after quite a long time (14 days), got a pair of new skis, mounted and ready. There were also a couple of skis of this year's model, rather than last year, which was what I had bought from the beginning.

It is located in Germany, everything is getting worse. UPS as a supplier is not super either ...

Super to use as poor student, since the price diff may be thousands of kronor compared to Swedish stores. It will be more fun if you have to advertise and take some time, but my experience is that it will be right in the end. If I had a higher income, I'd probably prefer to shop in a Swedish store because of the lesser problem that arises from problems.

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Fast delivery
Good contact, quick to reply to mail etc. Helpful.
Cheap shipping cost!


A good, committed and reliable side with great prices and short delivery time! An online store that has everything you can expect. Can not be anything but a 5a