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Here it's snowing!
Spent a year long in Anchorage and bred in Alyeska as much as I could.
It's snowing satans, my year 16 meters, the year before 20.
Use snow again completely and be insulated periodically during the winter as there are avalanches over the access roads. Sad beautiful view of the Cook Inlet and absolutely OK fall height. Do not go outside the lockouts, however, the guards get mad. North Face is brilliant and best. When it's snowing they barely bump, so there's loose snow everywhere. Are you nearby, go there. The local riders are naturally very good class so company is no problem to find.
Girdwood, the village is nicknamed Goodweed and consists of wintering hippies, strange mood in other words ...
+ Snowy satans mkt
+ Wonderful view
+ Fun atmosphere
+ Heli and Catskiing are available
-not too high fall height
As it is in Alaska it can be fatal cold sometimes, usually it's no problem though

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Alyeska Ski Resort is a very strange place, at least I think little (Hi Fakiestraightliner). Old hippiecamping bought by Japanese. The Japanese, in turn, have built a nice luxury hotel that can be taken at a distance for large Canadian luxury ski hotels. In addition, they have managed to shake up a sleek cab ride. By the way, there are fatal ruckel, caravans and barges between snowboarders and skiers. Alyeska is located at the village of Girdwood, which would be a newbuilding hake before the turn of the century in a gold mining town.

That about this.

Heliskiing exists. An amazing view of the ocean with the world's second largest tide level difference exists. Skiing is also available, really slippery outpist (where Alaskan Extreme Games) usually runs. There are also good pistols in place. Certainly, they will be angry when they get away from the piste - if they can not go with them. Snow conditions? It's in Alaska, so for fan. Rapid weather changes make sure that clothing that is resistant to moisture is a real asset.

Then the area (the village and surrounding land) is in exciting places because of the great earthquake of 1961 (I think) that destroyed the whole city of Valdez and a whole lot else in this god-given country end of the world. Be careful when you walk home at night because there are 4 times as many Grizzlys as people in the state - and the distance to Zodiac Isl is not too far.

After Ski? Va. This is the United States. And not just the United States, it's Alaska. Best to take the car to Busy Beaver in Anchorage instead. But if you want to see such a collection, you've just seen American c-rolls at the same time before, so it's an experience. For practitioners of the White Trash Movement or for just plain trailer park fetishists, this is a wet dream. In addition, there are a lot of hippies selling everything from caravans from the 50's to plastic birds and fake Indian jewelry.

When you have the roads past Anchorage, it is worth a visit. Definitely.

Patrick Di Martino
Patrick Di Martino (Guest)
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+ Easy offpiste
+ efficient lift queues and not so long either
+ Wonderful helicopter skating, the best hassle I've had so far
- The lift system was quite small (the helicopter area was anyway, it was difficult to climb all the peaks before the next snowfall)
+ Nice people