Cerná Hora - Janské Lázne

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Cerná Hora - Janské Lázne includes Pec pod Snezkou

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Kurort since the 1300s (indoor pool), the sources known since the year 1000. First FIS World Championship 1925. Nowadays, quite a lot of families and schoolchildren.

Gondola, 4-wheelchair, 6-chair express. Almost 600m fall height. Most red and red-blue slopes, often narrow,

+ View of the lowland, your fall height is greater than the hillside. If you're lucky and get low clouds, you'll see them up, Krkonosje is the highest ferry chain between the Massifs of Massif and Austria.
+ Several pistaches (buffet) with patios with views. Soup plus scratches in the sun at lunchtime 15-20 SEK
+ Lift pass for the entire SkiResort area (45 km piste) 2 days adult over 400 SEK (was 200 / day). Discount for junior and for 63+.
+ Pleated with chilled snow cannons
+ Cheap accommodation if you take the time to search, then miss some vacancies, so try and www.
+ Gondola with 8-seater eggs and 550+ fall height
+ Sofa, 6-seater with high back, rear heater, plexibubble (fall height only 300 but wider back)
+ Czech Gripenplan patrolling every now and then. Adequate. :-)
+ Right road to be Czech Republic, both to Prague (140 km) and to Poland

-Si and so with pistons
-Row days weak second in grades due to queue to the gondola 15-20 min between 10 am and 15 pm (except hour at lunch)
-The lifts take 8.6 and 4 riders at a time in theory, but about half in practice ... :-D)
-Away to Poznan (about 150 km) and Wroclaw (200) so avoid days that are red in Catholic countries. In the Czech Republic, Thirteen Weekend is a normal working day, but can still be sick with 90% Poles and 0% order in the queues, as the slopes on the Polish side of the mountains are not as modernized (and the roads into the Czech Republic are).
-English Furry Rider walks with the kids in a busy black hill while the elevator is open ...
-A frequent cross-country crossing crosses the longest piste in a far-reaching spot, suddenly appears
The ski bridge across the carriageway at the bottom is only 5-8 m wide, but still brings together all the driving directions in a bottleneck - requires caution.
The national park rules make it difficult to broaden the slopes or build up towns. The "integration" with the rest of SkiResort is a ski bus or snow slope with the right spell timetables (easiest to stick to 1 place per day)

Krkonosje further west has a more sporty appearance (not least Rokytnice nad Jizerou, where 1 yard with long express chair gives 600 altimeters), but avoid red days due to the proximity to major cities.