Ski resorts in France
Chamonix includes Argentière – Les Grands Montets, Le Tour-Vallorcine, Les Houches

The birthplace of extreme skiiing, Chamonix offers the biggest and the most when it comes to skiing. Every inch of the mountain and the village has a sense of history and this is the place to visit if you are interested in steep hill skiing. Many legends have chosen to reside under Mont Blanc - the tallest mountain in the Alps.

Unfortunately, many have also lost their lives on the mountain's extreme slopes.

The resort consists of four ski systems: Grands Montets, Les Houches, Le Tour/Balme, La Flegere-Le Brevent.

In 2010, the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc county had 9 054 residents, but many more people visit the area daily. Chamonix has more visitors in the summer than in the winter with around 100 000 per day during summer and 60 000 per day in the winter time.

The first Winter Olympic Games took place here in 1924.

Chamonix is located in the Southeast of France, only a 20 minute car ride from Italy going through the Month Blanc Tunnel. You are close to both Geneva and Milan and the travel time to the Geneva airport is an hour as it is located approximately 50 miles away.

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Best Off-Piste:
Not a very easy question to answer, I’m afraid. There is just soooo much to do. Definitely take a guide and try Grand Montets if there’s any hope of powder. You’ll not be disappointed.

Best Black Run:
Charles Bozon at Brevent Flegere. Stunning views, accessed by a cable car only so not often crowded ... especially when you see the off-piste just past the sharp right hander on the left.

Best Red Run:
Belle Place at Tete de Balme in Le Tour. Fantastic red I never get bored of, leading onto the wonderful blue run, Les Esserts, for powder tree-skiing extraordinaire.

Best Blue/Green:
The super long Index run in Flegere that has enough challenge to keep the good skiers happy and is exciting for the not-so experienced too. A lovely run.

By: Candice Gilg former World Champion Moguls Skier, Olympian and stunt double in the James Bond film, 'The World is not Enough'

What do you think about Chamonix?
jason baxton
jason baxton (Guest)
I was in charge of booking our anual ski trip this year and Chamonix was a hot favourite for the group with plenty of high skiing and lots of different runs for the styles of skiiers and boarders in our motley crew!

We found Chalet Tisseres via one of the big chalet websites and contacted the owners directly. Renska (nice Dutch lady) who owned and ran the place with her husband Damo gave us a super fully catered deal including airport transfers from Geneva in Switzerland.

We arrived and were blow away by the place. Fantastic rennovated traditional French Chalet with great sized en-suite rooms and the most amazing view up to the aiguile de midi.

The food was simply restaraunt standard with classic French style and international dishes as well. Really enjoyed the scallops and Lamb Tajine.

I'm not a serious wine type but friends in the group who know their wines kept being very surprised as to the quality of wine served with supper. Well though out and balanced with each meal.

The outdoor hot tub is a great addition and the in house after ski massage service from Ali was just what the doctor ordered. The team arranged all our lessons with a local company who were first class and picked us up and dropped us off at the chalet each day, great personable instructors.

On the chalet night off Damo arrnaged for us to have a ski doo night above Courmayeur. Blasted up to the Maison Vielle on the back of a ski doo in the dark for some fab local Itlaian food and booze....... Definately the highlight of the stay.

All in all the best ski trip we have had in a long time and we are looking to book next year and take the kids along in the group as well.

Liked — living room and huge fire place
Disliked — would love bigger hot tun, only seated 8.

Pat (Guest)
I have to disagree with the comments made about Le Touring hotel. I've stayed there a numer of times and have found it to be quite sufficient. I't not a five star hotel but it's well priced and the staff there are very helpful. The food that I had there was fine. The staff there also kept luggage for me while I did the Tour de Mont Blanc which is very useful as there is no longer a "left luggage" facility at the train station.

As for Chamonix itself. Great place.

Egidio (Guest)
As first experience in the Alps, the last week has been great (and not wonderfull only due to the bad weather conditions). Main reason of this comments is to help people in selecting the right Travel Agency and avoid unfortunate surprises. In fact, I've been travelling with STS Resor with the following facts happening:

- the flight to Geneva got a delay of 13hours (instead of
14.50 the 010317 we left at 03.30 the 010318)
+ STS resor paid back 1/7 of the cost of the trip
+ all people were guested at Eurostop Hotel in Arlanda with
dinner before the departure of 010318.

- the Hotel "Le Touring" in Chamonix claimed to be a **, but
it was less than a * I would say. In fact the bath/shower did not work at our arrival, and although we mention the problem the english staff of the hotel simply neglect the problem. We were adviced to use the staff shower outside our room, but after the first use of it, the staff closed down
the warm water which made useless that shower too.

- although we had paid in advance a full package with breakfast/lunch/dinner included. The quality of food was quite poor in more than 1 occasion: one dinner we got 3 shrimps + salad!! All the lunches were made by: 1/2 baguette with some cheese OR a slice of ham + a coke + a small chockolate bar!

- the restaurant could not handle all the people which had paid in advance to have dinner. The 2nd day we (3 people) arrived in the restaurant and due to the lack of space we were told to split in 3 different tables (we did not know the other people). Although our polite request to get some other
arrangements, we did not receive any help...instead we got a real proof of HOW UNPROFESSIONAL was the "le Touring" staff and open a discussion. At the end we decided to go out and eat in another restaurant...some real French food.

- another day the same episode occured to a couple
of guys. The STS Resor guy without even asking the 3 of us, just took forks, knife and plate and fix it on our table (with the clear intention to fix 2 places for the 2 guys at our table). Considering that there is nothing strange to get to know the 2 guys, I did not really appreciate the rude way
in which the STS Resor guy was unprofessionally solving the
strange situation.

- the last day we did not have any electricity in the room sockets.

- one girl of the staff, while serving pretended not to understand the english spoken by a friend of mine.

- the service on the table was efficient but rude.

I reccomend you all to avoid "Le touring" hotel!

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At home we often say that we might just be moving to the Alps, and then we aim to come to Chamonix. I have been to Cham on several occasions, both in the summer and winter. The city is relatively large and offers a rich social life, most restaurants and a huge ski system. Chamonix is at its best when you can draw a bearded somewhere and check out the very best skiers, inspired by the fact that the whole city breathes skiing, wildlife and where everyone has a huge smile on their lips. The fact that you are surrounded by these beautiful peaks does not make the view worse. It is also not unusual to hear Swedish speaking both here and there. Chamonix is a convenient destination for a get-away, an hour's drive from Geneva makes the trip easy.

But (!) Skiing is not as smooth as in other alports. The system is spread out and requires that you can transport you, have the time spent in the calculations, that you have thought out your routes and know where you are going. Of course, you can strategically choose to stay at one of the systems and keep you going - but let's say you live in Le tour and it starts to dump in Flegere, then you need to be inclined to move. The same applies if a system is closed due to hard winds while another is open. The lifts are many and long. Time is ticking! Chamonix is amazing - go there at least once for skiing, I don't want to say anything else - but for those who go on one-two ski trips a year, there are other places to recommend for both quality and quantity.

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Amazingly clever to this resort. As a place to just stay in, it's hard and I'll be as happy every time I'm there. However, as a ski resort, it is quite mediocre. A great advantage is also close to Geneva. Quite an hour to drive if there is not too much traffic in Geneva or your GPS is full ...

There are few other ski resorts where you could imagine just living and hanging without necessarily skiing. Personally I have spent maybe 4 weeks in Chamonix and did not ski almost two of them. Skiing has not been particularly amazing. Certainly, the only cleaned ski trip with UCPA was the unusual weather, 20 minus for a week and a long time since the last snowfall. But despite that, I have had the best in Chamonix when we just hung up, walked in the mountains with the daughter on the back or just went to town, lunch at Moö bar or drank a berry in the bar next door and just looked up at Aiguille du Midi.

Why is this like then? Chamonix is not built as a ski resort, it is a town located next to a mountain and happens to be close to ski resorts. Certainly, if you live at the Grand Montet or Le Tour lift, it's like any ski resort. Or if you live near the lifts of Brevent or Flegere. However, it is still quite spread out with few but long lifts. It's really only Brevent / Flegere who give the feeling of a "regular" ski resort.

I hope I will try the "real" Chamonix once with full day trips for "THERE THERE," etc. but so far I have experienced the skiing as hard and scattered. However, staying in Chamonix half a year would gladly do if I did not have a job at home. Being able to live in a town where you can go out in the mountains and go skiing is hard at other places. But to go to a ski resort to get maximum skiing for a week's ski trip, nja. Then there are places that are good much better.

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Large ski resort with several areas. I would recommend renting a car, so you do not have to go by bus to the ski areas

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As an experienced skier who has not taken the first time to Chamonix, he has gathered some preconceived sentences.
The first thing to do is buses, in most cases the accommodation is not at a distance to the lifts, so you can go bus a bit. It all works well according to the conditions, but it takes longer to get out on the slopes than at most other resorts.
Then there is skiing for everyone, but the majority is still more for advanced skiers. The field of off-piste skiing is good but I would not say it is noticeably better than other places such as Les Arcs or Engelberg, which is always about learning more about the place.
The rumors you heard of during the day of the day on the pillows days did not seem to me, at all, the lift queues were no problem at all, except when you went to the top of Grand Montets.
In summary, Chamonix is ​​definitely worth a visit, but they raise it to the sky as the best ski resort in the world, the best ski resort is where you have local knowledge and it is currently dumping.

Felix Ahlcrona
Felix Ahlcrona (Guest)
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Perhaps be spoiled for having been in Tignes and Val Thorens but Chamoinx is an incredibly difficult system to go in. Long bus trips to the various mountains and many of them can not be interspersed. Grand Montes is by far the best, really good, much better than anything else in Chamonix.

Okay food and there is a lot of shopping and anything else in the village but the skiing itself is very bakey.

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Chamonix is ​​the place for those who want variation. From large trails to children's backs, cross country trails to walking trails. We spent half a year in Cham with our two children then 4 months and 6 years and we all got out of the trip.

For those who do not ski, there is the Montenverståget or the glacier. For families with children, there are lovely long, nice slopes in the Le Tour, playground, swimming pool and poolside cafes with a fantastic backdrop.

For the more adventurous, there are all the big and sometimes quite extreme rides that Chamonix is ​​famous for.

Are you in the resort for a week, you can take care of going over to Courmayeur over a day. Take care when there is bad weather in Cham because in Italy, the sun always shines :)

We highly recommend Chamonix!

Nils (Guest)
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Chamonix is ​​really dreaming for anyone who likes skiing!
You can mix the world's best offpiste at Grand Montets with a crazy afterski on the chambre neuf.
If you wake up and see that sneezing has fallen make sure you're out on the hill, then there are endless possibilities for good skiing.
The only downside with Chamonix is ​​the availability of food on the slopes, it is basically non existent, so you want to get the most out of the skiing: be sure to bring your backpack food, saving many hours of exploration!

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