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The old, picturesque Italian village of Courmayeur is located at the bottom of Mont Blanc. Approximately 3,000 people reside here and they are all adrenaline junkies. With unlimited off-piste skiing, great restaurants and a nightlife beyond the usual, Courmayeur is very popular.

It should be said right away that Courmayeur has a different "climate" than the French side of Mont Blanc by Chamonix. The snow may not always be as good as on the French side, but in exchange you will be guaranteed more sun than if you were in Chamonix. In addition to skiing, Courmayeur is famous for its climbing and attracts many world climbers to the mountains. Something that you should try out yourself if you are in Courmayeur.

The proximity to both Geneva and Turin airport makes Courmayeur the perfect weekend getaway if you can't find the time to go away for an entire week.

Courmayeur Snow forecast

  • Sunday
    0 in rain
    4 mph
  • Monday
    0.2 in rain
    Rain showers
    0 mph
  • Tuesday
    0.2 in rain
    Rain showers
    2 mph

Facts about Courmayeur

Slopes (Total: 24)
Green Learning / beginner:0
Blue Easy:7
Red Intermediate:13
Black Advanced / Expert:4
Longest slope:22966 ft
Total length of pistes:62.1 miles

Lifts (Total: 20)

Vertical drop
Courmayeur Vertical drop
Mountain high: 8609 ft
Vertical drop: 4593 ft
Mountain low: 4016 ft

Childrens area:1
Country: Italy

Reviews for Courmayeur

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The second year we go here and have the village as a base. Close to other places like Pila, Cervinia, Cham make Courmayer the perfect place. The food is fantastic, the accommodation affordable and the village super-cozy. The rides varied with a fantastic off-piste both on the Courmayer side and at Hellbronner, guide recommended! Hot springs are 20 minutes away at Pre-Didier.

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  • Courmayeur
  • Courmayeur
  • Courmayeur
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Those who are cool with Courmayeur e that they have left the 2 old cab lane.
Good pistachio is also good and good, I do not like anything negative about this ski resort.

From Courmayeur, you can see the south side of Mount Blanc, looking at the left, it goes a long round, leading to the mt blanc. If you go there you will find a good place to get up on the mountain. In about a year, we'll go that round and climb on MOUT BLANC.

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Be here on 9th of 2008.

+ cozy town, the resort feels very unexplored
+ very good food / drink
+ little people, both inside and outside the slopes
+ Close to other ski systems, for example, two days in La Thuile are included in a 6-day lift pass

- a small piping system, giving too little variety!
- From the top lifts (Cresta d'Arp) you have to guide if you are not local due to the glacier terrain.
- Lifting capacity up to the second highest point (Cresta Youla) was safe! Long queues are constantly here!
- a lot of bus drivers to get to the other resorts included in the lift pass (La Thuile, Chamonix, Cervinia)

Next time I would rather invest in a place where you do not have to go by bus, where everything is going on. Type Val Thorens or the like. Courmayeur would be perfect for weekend trips, but hardly a whole week.

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A very small system that you get tired of if you were there for a week. However, a big plus is the food, the Italian cuisine can not be complained. The baubles are also not very scary and you get tired soon as it does not matter what the back is called. One good thing is that it is relatively close to other systems.

Kalle (Guest)
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Visited Courmayeur week 6. The village is terrifically cozy with older buildings and alleys. The village is a bit of a jet-set place for rich milanobores, because the furrows are dugging tight. The skiing is good with generally steep slopes. However, the ski system is not bigger than Hemsedal so that a whole week there is excluded. We were a couple of days in La Thuille which is a bigger system with slopes in all levels of difficulty over several peaks, which means that we can always find good weather. La Thuille is linked with La Rosiere on the French side. The ski buses are, however, not going so often. Just outside the village there are small carabiner lifts up to 3500m. From here there are no slopes but it is quite easy to find down. 2000 fall meter off-road rail and also easily accessible, cannon. Afterski and nightlife are not like in Austria but the poll is really nice.

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Were in Courmayeur one day in March 04. Did a small excursion from my seasonality in Chamonix, across the Mont Blanc tunnel. Courmayeur is a nice little ski resort that has a lot of fun rides to offer! However, I'll take him through all the ski slopes in one day, and then I can imagine there is some risk of being bored if there is a bit too long .... A fun and slightly different experience was to take the last the cabin lift up to the top where I and my friend were first questioned if would go offpiste? yes .... we said. Then he started the elevator where we were all alone. Some difference to Chamonix where you rarely stand in a cab lift without being clamped against a wall or window pane ... When we got to the top we met with a very happy Italian who, in very doubtful English, explained his impressions over my telemark skiing. He had been telis earlier, but had problems with his knees. Anyway, we would write names and phone numbers before we got out of the snow "security reasons" .... above our name there were four names on the list for today's date (and then it was around 15:00). hmmm when we came out we saw a largely untouched valley away from the ski system. The problem of choosing to go down there is that you do not get back to the village without a good bit further south and have to get a lift on a slope. After a while the happy lift killer came out and said he would shut the elevator for the day and go home, but he contacted the peronal downstairs so they knew we were going down. We chose to go back to the lift system to get back to the car. Felt sad to leave the beautiful valley behind us, but but ... The hill below the elevator is quite steep and quite rocky. The snow was also quite hard ... nothing great, but a fun experience .... Because our French "Carte neige" did not apply in Italy, you had to take it a little cautiously ....

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has been there between 10th and 17th of January 2004. The weather was good ie the rain in the village that got snow in the slopes (a lot of snow) the system was small enough for two days' hikes. You can go to La Thuile bus going on the lift card. There are some restaurants on the slopes and in the village poppys bar american bar are the more tribal places for us.

all in all:
+ plenty of snow
+ calm and no queues

-little system
-top lifts closed

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If there is too much to be found in Campox, which can easily be, there is not a long escape route to Courmayeur. The ride in the piste is significantly better than in Champox since the supply is bigger and the substrate better. There are a couple of nice, nice outpists from the top, they should not be forgotten!

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Went to Italy while I was in Chamonix and was not so impressed by the magician.
Small system and boring slopes. On the other hand, there was not much offpiste there so it was untouched virtually everywhere. Had heard that the top lift was never open and it was not when we were there either .. until the end of the time when the mist came .. then the dome opened but because of the mist there were no longer excursions but just down the cresta d'arp on the front ... may be good to go down the back i think ..

- small system, boring slopes
+ pillows, free buffe on the roma if you buy a bira

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Small nice place to spend a day in during their stay in Chamonix. No pillows when I was there but very well pisted for anyone who wants to carva !!
Do not forget to take a pizza at the plateau where most of the slopes pour down!

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