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Hochfügen belong to Zillertal.

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Very positive surprise.

Has a varied and quiet terrain with easily accessible offpiste. Now it had not snowed for a long time (two weeks) when we were there but still the potential for very fun offpiste is definitely.

This combined with very good beginner / medium areas makes the area proud of its smallness is really good for a group of varied ski levels.

In addition, it's actually relatively ok with people in Hochfügen. It was possible to ride a lift without being suicidal until 10:30, which was a positive surprise given that it was New Year's Week. Kaltenbach as Hochfugen sits together makes one want to make a face plant from the closest cliff, sick people. (read separate review)

What makes Hochfügen not completely overcrowded is that more or less a car is needed to get there. By bus from Mayerhofen it is really far and get there by bus. This makes the charter swimmers not visible to and most are car tourists. In addition, there is no park, which makes it impossible for families with teenage skis.

Can definitely imagine going there again.

02/08/2006 (Modified: 02/08/2006)
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A lovely big area with lots to choose from.

You are welcome here whether you are a family of children, pistilian retirees or off-piste ski enthusiasts.

The system is large and there is something for most tastes.

Linus K
Linus K (Guest)
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Take the Holzalm Sesselbahn to the top. When you get off the elevator, put the skid on your back and tear straight up to the mountain in front of you (50 - 100m). When you get up on the bergkarmen you go down the back of the mountain. On the right side you will see the Kaltenbach system, which is combined with Hochfügen. Between the mountain you are now on and the nearest peak in the Kaltenbach system goes a brook. Over this brook there is a narrow plank that is the only way over the brook we could find, so do not miss it. It is located about 70m before the woods. After crossing the brook you will have to walk a further ten meters until you enter the forest (you are trampling here on the ground so it's not as hard as the first climb you did). When you get into the woods a few meters and it starts going down again, you take the skis and slope right. After about 100m when the forest starts to get a bit less dense then drive straight down until you get on a road. Follow the road until a little more open party appears below the road. Drive down here! You will come down on a small hiking trail ... follow it until you reach the valley back in Kaltenbach.

This is a very varied yard that has the most features (open powder shooting, tearing, forest skiing, local difficulties a little depending on the way of choice). You can choose the road yourself a little. The most important thing is to meet the crossing over the brook and then slope far enough into the woods to get to the right side of the ravine. Just keep in mind that it takes a long time to go all the way and then get back, so go there in the morning.

The last two pictures on the link below are from this off-piste. The last picture shows the plank you should not miss if you do not want to get wet on your feet.


Conclusion: A varied adventure for all skiers who feel comfortable on a couple of skis or snowboarding. Even though the strip does not have any particularly steep parts, it is not recommended for beginners.

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Rider: Andreas Ojamäe Photo: Joel Westlund


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