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What do you think about Huså?
8 reviews
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Like the resort and see the potential but unfortunately very bad winter this year, rain and plus degrees when we were there. An advantage to have Åre and snow cannons close so it is possible to choose. The restaurant is run this year by new and really great food from Djupa Gruvans Krog. Looking forward to next year and hope for better weather then!

Thor Thomsson
Thor Thomsson (Guest)
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Great offpiste, good quality on the snow (north slope), nice staff and the fastest buttonlift I ever went ?

Isak (Guest)
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Just the fact that the resort is available so that you can get an interpretation back after the amazing ride from the west side's back is worth giving Huså 5 stars for. Then the ski resort itself offers really nice skiing in the north end, which is something of a shortage in Åre. The feeling it provides for at least my thoughts directly to Svartlien (the darkest pistated bear cave and the cold hole in the Nordic region). With his jerky pomalift, without working lift card locks, paper lifting cards with rubber nodes, a city center of caravans and a park of various car wrecks, I'm almost surprised that I never saw an Ockelbo 300 swischa past. Although it is easy to perceive that the time has stood still since the lift was built, they have hung up where needed and retained what makes Huså a nice feeling. The slopes hold a class that is difficult and the host house delivers what it's going to be, but it's going to be right to have only 3 dishes to choose if one is there longer than just one day, the same applies to the supply of only 4 slopes.

+ Offpiståket down from Åreskutan / Västerskutan
+ The true feeling
+ North position

inch size
-Efficiency of the snowmobile drivers if you want to interpret back to Åre

burr burr
burr burr (Guest)
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ended up here for some strange reason and saw that it was a while since someone had written ...
Husa has now got a new back, a ski-cross course: D

Offpist (Guest)
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Huså has built cruel hopes both in the children's back and the blue piste this year, hearing that it's the winter acrobats in Järpen who have their education there! The slopes are really well-prepared, the upper secondary school in Järpen, which has its practice where there are pistes every day (!) And cruising, and you do not have to stand in long queues and can go for a maximum of all day. The offpiste to the left of the lifts is 5 out of 5 possible. The off-peak from Åreskutan's top is 6 out of 5 possible. Sad nice staff who really put up and fix. The pub has cool food. Both of the day's, burgers and steak steak. Also nice staff. Type half price against the other side of the boat and much more skiing! There is accommodation at Hyttgården where we lived here at Easter. Cottages and hostels.

philen (Guest)
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We went to last year and I bought a lift card for eight days. Last day I chose to test my house and boy what I regretted my purchase! Huså is quiet the best back I ever went in. I went the same offpiste as Dynastar, it seems like and it was awesome! I also tested the offpiste between the lift and the black back, cruel offpist with lovely drops after turning. It seems that I might have been touched by Husa's staff, but it is not. But their piste is fat! I have NEVER gone in such a nice piste!

The ski passes cost a lot less than yesterday as well. If you want to go to the top of Åre and just go down the other side, you will enter the World Championship system directly. Then when the day is over, go up the top and back home in a cruel offpiste all the way to the cottage.

The only minus that exists is that it is a bit small with four slopes and only one of black resp. RED.

IT NOW! :)

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Huså ruins Åreskutan's best forest skiing and perhaps even the best shooting in the area. Actually a piste that is really good. Snow safer than Åre. Another good thing is that it is leaning and it is efficient riding, the hill is in a northern slope, so it is not for sunbathers a nice spring day. With good food at the restaurant and cheap ski passes, this is a good ski resort. I have a bad eye on accommodation, but there are guaranteed cabins for rent for a cheap slant. Are you going skiing in Åre here? Are you a crazy soul who usually goes skiing in Åre, there will be a good snowfall here and you will be guaranteed a better experience. I'm writing this because I think it's more likely that they are forced to shut the elevator than there are too many people when there are good conditions.
Best ride on Åreskutan but maybe not in Åredalen because it is not in the Age.

Dynastar (Guest)
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IT'S MUCH GOOD OFFPIST! between each back there is a good offpiste! if you go to the right of the hill to the left and continue the track down then a hill will go up on it and go a little bit to the right for about 100 meters to get to a FIN lina (Backe full of drops in the middle of the woods without trees ) Very nice to go in, but you can not go straight down and you will arrive with a camping time, just follow the snowmobile trail towards the campsite and then to the lift again :) The most beautiful offpiste I went in :)! READY 5 points on the offpiste! but what is a pity is that there is no park but I talked to them last winter, when they started to build some little jumps but never finished it would be done better better this year but have not been there than soap I do not know (have a caravan there) at the campsite!

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