Ski resorts in Sweden
Lifts (35/41)
Slopes (71/90)
Snow depth
1274 m
384 m
87 cm
Mentioning Åre usually brings up a variety of different associations. The Alpine World Cup in 2007, international jib contests, SkiStar Snow Parks, intense conferences or fun winter holiday sports camps. Åre is the skiing capital of Sweden and is not facing any major competition in that area. Many tourists often look at Åre as a mini Whistler.

Åre is not a new holiday destination. As early as the 1100s, thousands of pilgrims from all over Europe visited the village during their journey to the grave of St. Olav in Nidaros, nowadays known as Trondheim. In 1910, Åre Bergbana was opened. This is a railway and Åre's first transport to the mountain. Åre keeps attracting people year after year and the interest just keeps growing. It is one of the most visited winter destinations in the Nordic region. The ski area reaches from Duved, located in the west, through Åre to Åre Björnen in the east.

Snow forecast

  • Saturday

    0 cm
    Partly cloudy
    2 m/s
  • Sunday

    0 cm
    Sun/clear sky
    1 m/s
  • Monday

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    Partly cloudy
    4 m/s
What do you think about Åre?
Henrik (Guest)
Best skiing in Sweden

Adam N
Adam N (Guest)
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Offers very good pistachio and even loose snow for those who know where to look!

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Frida (Guest)
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Cruise skiing all over the hill, no matter if you are a pro or beginner, Åre is up to you

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Magic! I love Åre. There is nothing better than long playful days on the boat or in the various forest lines.
Good lunch in the hill and lovely hanging in the evenings in the village!

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Have always appreciated the ride in Åre and there will be several visits every season. There is a large ski area with a good variety of slopes, there are plenty of child friendly options and there is the possibility of very nice off-road skiing.

For the family of children and the beginners, I would especially recommend the ski area Björnen where, in principle, all slopes are adapted for easier driving. There are plenty of activities for the smallest, restaurants and accommodation. Those who want to glide with skiing skills can easily access the harder rides by transporting the piste road to the slopes at Åre city. Only the smaller ski area Duved is not intertwined with Åre (one and the same lift card works everywhere), but I can guarantee that the range of skiing in Åre and Björnen is enough even for those who plan to stay for a whole week. As for the quality of the slopes, it is good. You can not complain about the maintenance, but sadly, the low-zone looks like a cockpit in the afternoon. The entire ski area feels crowded with chairlifts so lactic acid in the thighs is not an excuse to go home before closing.

Hunger is rarely a problem as there are plenty of restaurants in the slopes. The food is very good, but it costs a slant. Pricing can be said that the whole of Åre is at the top, although prices do not feel completely unreasonable. The expensive prices also include the lift pass, but considering the ride Åre can offer in relation to other Swedish ski resorts, I think the lift card is worth the money. There is plenty of accommodation, but it may be a good idea to book on time if you are in high season or during any major event. Even the accommodation can cost a lot, but there are cheaper alternatives to find, especially in the off-season.

During a sunny day, Åreskutan is a great place to visit. Wonderful views and if there is a will, you can go down through an off-piste on the back of Åreskutan. As usual in the mountains, the weather can be unstable, but I feel that there is more blowing in Åre than at other resorts. Please note, however, that this is a very personal experience and I do not know if it actually is. However, due to the blow, the high mountain range is often closed, which limits the possibilities for riding.

Åre city is a very nice place and unlike many other Swedish resorts, there is actually a city to stroll around in! There is also the possibility of activities other than skiing, such as skiing. fishing and cross-country skating. A visit to Åre chocolate factory is a must! Although skiing is Åre's biggest advantage, there is a lot to do here in the summer, for example mountain biking or cycling downhill. If you want to print, you can also invite mother-in-law to tandem paragliding.

I myself go to Åre in the first place for the off-piste, which is fantastic. It's just a matter of pricing the good snow days and being in place before everyone else. The ride outside the slopes is available in varying degrees of difficulty so finding something that suits you is easy.

Finally, I would like to put in a good word for those who work in the ski shops in the resort. Experience that most of the staff are very knowledgeable and I have rarely left a shop without getting helpful.

Despite the expensive prices, definitely the best ski resort in the country!

+ Offpiste
+ Many backs and big variation on the slopes
+ Good fall height
+ Plenty of child friendly options
+ Many accommodation options
+ Many chairlifts
+ A really nice city
+ Good possibilities for other activities are skiing
+ Knowledgeable staff

- Expensive!
- Often windy and therefore closed in high zone
- The backs are picked up in the afternoon

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Rides a lot of skiing every winter, and can only say that Åre is quite so
by far in Sweden I think! Then both about skiing and food / experiences generally.
All areas have their charm, with Tegefjäll as a personal favorite, especially its offpiste / forest skiing.
All ages can find their favorites in a wonderful atmosphere!

Ubbe (Guest)
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Åre is really a very nice little place, which unfortunately has become totally overexploited in recent years when all celebrities and stock cutters from -08 countries will get there and squeeze and show up on the hook. And the cozy atmosphere of the village disappeared.
Enormous queues if you're unlucky to go there one day with nice weather, and very many beginners on the slopes that are insecure and shy around the piste.
No, Åre was a canoe 20-25 years ago, then it has just been done unfortunately (hehe). Where all the lift money has gone I do not know, the number of guest beds has obviously increased significantly more than the lift capacity.
If you go there to bend and fix, so okay, but for those who want a lot of skim in the legs-choose the Alps.

HenricA (Guest)
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Years clearly overrated!

After spending week 7 (which is a sports permit in western Sweden) in Åre / Duved, they are clearly overrated as ski resorts. True, the sun is shining, the snow depth is at least 50 cm, the temperature is -5-10, the fog stays away and the wind blows can probably Åre belong to the best ski resorts in Sweden. But to compare with the Alps ..... probably only those who have not been in the Alps. According to many loyal visitors, bad weather in January and February is more likely than exception. And this is crucial for skiing.
As the high mountain area is usually closed due to fog and wind, it will be no more with the fall height than many other Swedish facilities.
Otherwise, it is nice to have long interconnected slopes and the opportunity to go with frequent ski buses between Åre and Duved.
Åre lives high on his reputation but without the competition arrangements and the relative proximity to Stockholm and Mälardalen, many had chosen other places! And wait for March so maybe it will get better!

John (Guest)
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A windy sunny day on the Åreskutan with views of Sylarna and the entire mountain world around and 20's different mountain ranges in different color balls down is completely unbeatable in the Nordic region! Unfortunately, not all days are sunny and windy. :-)

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