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This small Italian town near the Swiss border has a name that originates from an old German word for avalanche. It might sound sinister, but remember that avalanches tend to stick to the slopes that skiers find most enjoyable. In stable conditions Livigno can offer world-class skiing!

The origin of the name may also provide a clue as to why skiing outside the slopes was banned until the 2012/2013 season. However, nowadays nothing stops you from moving outside the prepared slopes and they even offer heliskiing. For those who do not like to go off track, the often talked about wide, long and empty Italian slopes are also there to provide the best opportunities for achieving the perfect carved turn. The slopes are, however, mainly aimed at those who prefer slopes that aren't too steep, even though some of them are.

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  • Monday

    14.5 mm rain
    Sol och regn

    3 m/s
  • Tuesday

    0.7 mm rain
    Partly cloudy

    3 m/s
  • Wednesday

    3 mm rain

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Hey guys, so i staye...
  • By: Zdeněk H. (Guest)
  • 09/05/2012

Hey guys, so i stayed in Livigno with 3 more people for 6 days, it was at the beginnig of march 2010.
The weather is always nice at this time of year so we had a decent week. Slopes are awesome, they propably are not the widest i have ever seen but because of the open terrain they simply seem like the widest highways in whole Alps.
When you hear anyone talkin about Livigno, they always talk about tax-free zone, nice terrain and slopes, awesome freestyle park and slopes on mottolino and carosello side and should be it, but its not cause you have got some really nice people there and simply awesome and endless posibilities of freeride but since last year its illegal to be off piste without guide so if you want to give it a shot you have to pay for a guide of simply try your luck and not be caught.
So at the end i would say that Livigno is totally worth for getting your asses there but i would also recommed you to do it as soon as you can because every single year Livigno seems like more and more crowded and expensive (but still much better that most ski area in Alps)

So classic review:
Pros - basically the widest slopes i have ever seen, good snow conditions, great nightlife, tax-free zone, its just one village with limited beds options so slopes are not crowdy

Cons - getting there is harsh, especially during weekends so if you can avoid weekends do it!, its tax-free but i have been there several times and prices are getting up every year, freeride has been put under control - its illegal now - since dec 2010, the only was you can go off-piste its with a guide

grade 8,5/10

livigno 23-12-2006/3...
  • By: rudy (Guest)
  • 30/08/2007

livigno 23-12-2006/3-1-2007
what 'bout livigno?livigno is a great for really every kind of holiday! we stayed in a flat, 7 people, and we had a great time. life is really cheap there, since livigno is a tax-free area, so you can shop anything you need.. and watch for good deals - blades, ski, snwoboard, but also cigarettes, food and SPIRITS!!!! by the way..check-out "homelywood", the most incredible place ever..and the highest barmen ever!!!!!!!
skiing? just a bad year for all italian ski-resort, with very few snow...and, of course, it was snowing the day we left. but they have good planned-snow programs-SURVIVAL SKIING. but I think livigno can be a real cool site for freeriding served with ski lifts, with some natural snow.
I would like to thank worldwide governments, politicians, managers, and everyone on this planet whom, for his own profit, has contributed to devastate this planet and, via climate-changes,over all the damages in several ecosystems, has also reduced snowing on italian alps! thank you fuckin' much

Fantastic ski resort...

Fantastic ski resort!!!! The pists are always really well prepared and also if the place was busy it didn't look like in the pist.
Lots of space for everybody!
I satyed in Hotel Le Alpi, , really welcome Hotel and family, the food is great and the cleaning is superb!!!
Mauro, (the owner) next year we are coming back, be ready!!!!!

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