Les Portes du Soleil

Ski resorts in Switzerland
Les Portes du Soleil includes the ski resorts Avoriaz, Champéry, Champoussin, Châtel, Les Crosets, Les Gets, Morgins, Morzine, Torgon

Les Portes du Soleil Snow forecast

  • Thursday
    0.3 in rain
    Rain showers
    3 mph
  • Friday
    0 in rain
    Sun/clear sky
    2 mph
  • Saturday
    0.7 in rain
    Heavy rain
    3 mph

Facts about Les Portes du Soleil

Slopes (Total: 283)
Green Learning / beginner:39
Blue Easy:111
Red Intermediate:108
Black Advanced / Expert:28
Total length of pistes:403.9 miles

Lifts (Total: 197)
Gondola lift:10
Aerial tramway:4
Chair lifts:79

Vertical drop
Les Portes du Soleil Vertical drop
Mountain high: 8091 ft
Vertical drop: 4810 ft
Mountain low: 3281 ft

Start:15 December
End:14 April

Country: Switzerland

Reviews for Les Portes du Soleil

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5 reviews
Hej (Guest)
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How great skiing! And mixing colors on the slopes that are suitable for everyone! ? also suits young children who want to try to stand on the skis. Best skiing !!!!!!! ????? And gray skiers are just as well suited

Schweppes? (Guest)
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Just arrived home to Sweden again (usch ..) after 9 days of skiing and snowboarding (5 on skis, 4 snowboards). 20/1 - 29/1 2012. My spontaneous impression after the trip is a single big WOAH, when a large part of the ride was among the absolute best I ever had. Varied weather conditions made it very exciting, as some days offered incredible freshness while some offered sorbet wood lower down. A pair of snowboats that I managed to find last Saturday after a couple of decimeters of snow had fallen were completely sick. To add that I only had an EVASION ski pass, not an all-round Portes du Soleil pass, so my experiences were limited to the area around Châtel and away from Les Gets.

Also took the skiing that I put on the shelf for the past 7-8 years during 5 days, due to that I did not hurry to bother with the bindings when I was skiing with other skiers. During those days, he went back to my previous level (type 10 years), but the offpiste was not so bad, probably technical flaws, but I would also like to blame some of my worn slides that probably were 1/3 as wide as one pair of shavings of the model 2x board. But the offpiste I got on board where I can get the technology and have the material (how difficult is pillow skiing on board really?) It was awesome!

Stayed as friend of a friend with a girlfriend in the little corner of Torgon with The Ski Company, English hostel / tour operator where the aforementioned girlfriend works. The accommodation and everything around it was really cruel, smoothly and with very nice people to hang out and party with. The English could represent quite well at a party. Otherwise, Torgon is probably pure festive, a little dead, but I had a really nice experience outside the piste.

If I am going to mention something negative, then, for some days, the weather did not really fit for skiing or winter sports at all. DIMMA, a dense damn like that, made it in some places dangerous to let the layer slide at all. This occurred during 3 days when we canceled the ride in the early afternoon.

- A few people
- Well prepared slopes
- Smart and easy lift system, the ability to get around to other villages / towns without taking off the skis / board is absolutely amazing
- Easy to find good offpiste tracks
- Nice atmosphere and laid-back atmosphere on my accommodation, but felt very relaxed in general

- At times foggy, single sorbetsnight hours
- the language Not a huge problem, but can lead to some strange situations with non-English speaking French and Swiss.

Wondering more or any question? Email.

Christina (Guest)
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In a week we will be there again, now for the 7th time. We live in the village of Chatel, the most genuine Alpine village with a market every week.
Sometimes the snowfall has been bad at the beginning of the season, but then you quickly go to Avoriaz which is higher. The ride on the Swiss side is absolutely lovely, wide wide pistes and no crowds or lifts, at least not in January.
The accommodation is also much cheaper before the school act begins. There are several large older apartment houses next to the cable car.
We fly low fare to Geneva and rent a car there, then it takes 1.5 hours to Chatel.
Warmly recommend our gem.

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Portes du soleil is a big ski system, which leads to the fact that there are also slopes to suit all tastes. In a simple way, you are moving from Switzerland to France and vice versa, although there are some striking areas, but in general it is very smooth.
The main downside is that on the Swiss side there are a little too many trailer lifts for my taste. Luckily the ride was up for it (and for our elevated snowboard mate it was the rescue).
Great system short and good.

Viktor P
Viktor P (Guest)
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Portes du Soleil, one of the world's largest lift systems.
Portes du Soleil connects 14 different villages in both Switzerland and France. The 300 slopes in the lift system allow you to ski for a week's skiing holiday without having to go on the same slope for the last time. This ski system contains famous villages such as Avoriaz and Morzine and also lesser-known villages such as Les Gets.

I have been to Portes du Soleil for my entire life (16 years), but I have never felt tired of the system. Here is everything. From family areas with blue and green slopes to red and "light" black for the more advanced. The one who feels really good can try out "Le Mur", the hill between Swiss Les Crosets and French Avoriaz. I promise it's sick much harder than the Swedish "wall".

Then we come to the quick pluses and the minus:
PLUS: Really many also back offpayers.
      Difficulty levels that fit ALL.
      Great food at cafes and resturants.
      Few Swedes and other Scandinavians.

MINUS: A lot of people, especially when the Parisians are allowed.

In short, Pores du Soleil is one of the world's best lift systems.

Nearby ski resorts

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Châtel5.6 miles
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