Romme Alpin Lift Ticket Prices

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Lift ticket prices for Romme Alpin.
Number of days Price Change since last year
1 day 57 $ (485 SEK) + 11%
6 days 242 $ (2060 SEK) + 11%
Season pass 562 $ (4795 SEK) + 10%
Last updated 24/09/2021 13:29

We compare prices for an adult during the high season, ie the most expensive period in the winter. The prices are without discounts and without supplements for activities that are not downhill skiing. There may be an additional cost for the card itself on which the lift card is loaded. The season pass are valid for the winter season, not summer or all year round.

Axess lift pass
Lift ticket system: Skipass from Axess
To buy a lift ticket to Romme Alpin you are required to load a Skipass card from Axess. If you already have a card from before, most ski resorts offer you to charge your lift pass online. The number series on a Skipass card is in the format XXXXXXXX-XXX-XXX (14 digits and letters) often marked with WTP / Skipass number. Most lift cards from Axess have the text TEAMAXESS.COM in a small size on the front.

Historical Chart 1 day lift ticket

The graph shows in the blue line the price development for a 1-day lift pass in Romme Alpin in comparison with the consumer price index (KPI) from Statistics Sweden, which has a green dashed line. The KPI intends to show how consumer prices on average develop for the entire private domestic consumption in Sweden.