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Romme Alpin is the largest ski area in southern Sweden. Here you will find a variety of activites for all ages, which is great if you want to get as much out of your ski trip as possible, but do not want to travel abroad. The area is full of nature and when you travel down the slopes you are surrounded by woods and rich plant life. It was a good area for skiing right from the start so no major changes had to be carried out. The variety of slopes is excellent and beginners, as well as experts, will appreciate this area.

In the junior park there are two lines that are slightly easier. But even children who like to jump will enjoy themselves here. The park contains three jumps with kicks and some rails. In conclusion, it is possible to say that Romme Alpin will suit all ages and levels. However, Romme does not have the same quality as Åre further north. On the other hand, Romme is a little more easily accessible to those traveling from Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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What do you think about Romme Alpin?
Dagmar och Barbro Lindgren
Dagmar och Barbro Lindgren (Guest)
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Sicken bluff! It was expensive too. Here I paid for queues and sorbet snow when I had been able to sit in good rest and look at murder and no visors. And then we haven't even counted the visitors! Instead of rushing forward on the slopes, you can stand in the lift and see the toddlers who open themselves up. And not to mention the snowboarders! Such liars should be banned.
The best thing about the visit should still be the bus trip, as I was lucky enough to go with a really handsome driver.

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Romme Alpin is a nice ski resort with slopes for the small and large. The proximity to Stockholm, only 2.5 hours drive, is both a plus and a minus. There can be quite a lot of people on the weekends with queues to lift, at the same time that it can be a good day or weekend trip.
You can stay overnight in Skilodge with spacious rooms, there is a good restaurant and playroom for children. You can also choose to stay overnight in Borlänge, which is only 20 minutes away.

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Everything good, always a lot of people. Almost always gets run up really fast, but big plus because you year after year are investing in developing, new lifts, new slopes and new houses. Would be nice with cheaper accommodation near the hill.

Sofia eriksson
Sofia eriksson (Guest)
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Always equally fun, always a new experience for big and small, a place for everyone, good choices on food, always nice slopes and clean and tidy.

Jonas (Guest)
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Best place for a day trip from Stockholm.

Richard (Guest)
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Really good! They have taken care of nature, which makes the experience clearly better than some other systems. When they know they have a lot of people, some optimization of the food could be done by daring to cook a little more on the chance to get more spin but, as I said, really good! Fall height is difficult to influence and it is good enough for it to feel far to Sälen for those who live on a level with Sthlm / Mälardalen

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Nice instructors who were very knowledgeable and good at teaching.
Nice slopes and good flow in the lifts.

This is one of my first experiences with skiing so cannot compare with the Alps but liked it very much here, worked well as a beginner and not all that far from Stockholm (2h by car).
If you are used to going in the Alps I guess it's not as fun.

Thought it was good food on the peaks but one had to eat unusual times so as not to waste a lot of time in standing in line when everyone would have lunch etc.

Skiing Quality:
Would have liked to have had evening skiing here too, was only open between 9-15 which feels a little short preferably if 1.5h goes to eat during the day as well.
The slopes were nice and there were different levels and lengths, the longest slope is 2km (though it hardly goes as far as you almost stop.

This is not a part you go to to have apres ski and party afterwards, everything closed again when the lifts were closed so it was just to jump into the car and stand in line on the way out.
Would well see Romme as perfect for a family with children or couples who want to go and live pretty close.

But please go back as it is pretty close to where I live and will be a good price.

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Romme Alpin has a lot to offer for all.

+ Several different types of slopes
+ Continuous development in supply
+ Hotel
+ Square with coffee and hot tub and restaurants
+ Two top cabins
+ Express lifts
+ junior park

- Illuminated backe missing
- the price for lift passes 2018/2019

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Romme is very good if you do not go to the mountains. It's snow proof with the help of a well-developed snowman system, it's only minus degrees, they make all the snow needed for the entire plant throughout the 10-day season.
This year, they have also had a lot of natural snow, so the conditions are great.
I have been to Romme with the children a number of times in recent years and I have to say to be a plant that is not located in the Swedish mountain world, it is very good. Of course, it's not that long or steep slopes but they have an efficient lift system and quite fun varied terrain with racing in different weather lines. There are quite a few green and red slopes and unfortunately one of the best slopes is Götes steeped in a tired old double-chair lifts that last forever.
For 1-2 days with the children, the place is perfect especially if you want to get started with the ride before going to the mountains or the alps.
We have been there early in the season around Christmas and thirteen weekend but also later on weekends in February and March. Since we have been there mainly on weekends and weekends, we have not noticed school classes with first-time riders without kicks or skids that I saw that others complained about.
I have never tested ski school or accommodation at Romme but the restaurants are well approved. There are several different options to choose from and, above all, a few different price options. The staff in the slopes and at the restaurants are always nice and happy.
When you get to the parking lot in the morning, it is often packed with cars and you think that today there will be long queues, but it usually does not be so dangerous as the place is much bigger than what it first looks like. People spread throughout the mountain and the efficient lifts make the queues manageable.
I highly recommend Romme for a weekend trip with the kids.

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Went with family half week 6 to Romme. For a family of three relatively young children, the Romme cannon is. The journey is much faster than the "real" mountains if you live in southern Sweden. Family families are a clear target group. I spent quite a couple of hours in the children's area with my two-year-old while 6-year-old and 7-year-old went unrestrained for the rest of the system. The lift system was beyond expectation. Several modern chairlifts that swallow a lot of people. Very well prepared slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, but mostly blue. The foundation was very nice all day long. Busloads from Mälardalen with high school and high school dams that have not been on skis have previously arrived. It sometimes leads to some problems in lift queues and in children's backpacks. The area for the smallest is very good with a few button lifts and tires. You live close and easy in the ski lodge. The rooms are spacious and fresh. In the restaurant you will have breakfast and dinner included in the surprisingly affordable Rommepaketet. There is also a good lunch menu. The lounge can be used for hot chocolate daytime and a drink in the evening. There are plenty of play facilities for the children. Games room, TV room and games room. The kids were allowed to ride a scooter on the mountain (now) one evening and we were pushed with ferrets up to the top cabin one evening for fondue dinner. Go to Romme if you have children that are so small that they do not see the value in a larger system with more advanced slopes! Take a short week or a long weekend!

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