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With skiing at 2,500 – 3,500 meters altitude, Sas-Fee is really making a statement. With its narrow streets lined with old cottages, Sas-Fee offers a true alpine feel. Guaranteed decent snow falls every year adds to the greatness of this place.

Saas-Fee is a ski resort in southern Switzerland. With all types of skiing experiences, this alpine village is popular with both partygoers and families. The modern ski system is under constant development. There are really exciting off-piste opportunities here for anyone who wants to make a few turns outside the piste. Make sure not to fall down the glacier crevasses that exist here and there outside the safe pistes. The glaciers are present even within the ski system and you can see them as rough blue glacier tongues. Sas-Fee is surrounded by several 4,000-meter high peaks and the high mountains are like amphitheaters with the pistes running down to the village.

Beside skiing, there is a broad range of other activities to get involved in. Why not visit the world’s largest ice cave, Eispavillion?

Saas-Free offers summer skiing as well and makes sure to have a well-equipped snow park each year. This is where the world’s greatest park skiers come together, including Sweden’s Henrik Harlaut, who has released a few full edits here. Sas-Free offers skiing early in the season. Why not try powder there even before Christmas?
Saas-Fee includes the ski resorts Saas Almagell, Saas Grund

Saas-Fee Snow forecast

  • Thursday
    0 in rain
    Partly cloudy
    3 mph
  • Friday
    0 in rain
    Sun/clear sky
    0 mph
  • Saturday
    0.3 in rain
    Rain showers
    2 mph

Facts about Saas-Fee

Slopes (Total: 100)
Green Learning / beginner:20%
Blue Easy:60%
Red Intermediate:20%
Black Advanced / Expert:0%
Total length of pistes:62.1 miles

Lifts (Total: 22)
Gondola lift:4
Aerial tramway:4
Chair lifts:2

Vertical drop
Saas-Fee Vertical drop
Mountain high: 11811 ft
Vertical drop: 5906 ft
Mountain low: 5906 ft

Start:31 October
End:18 April

Country: Switzerland

Reviews for Saas-Fee

What do you think about Saas-Fee?
Stefan (Guest)
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Not as much offpiste as we had imagined. Quiet and nice town, car-free. Lonely in the hill until noon. 11 almost every day.

12/12/2017 (Modified: 12/12/2017)
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Spends the winter season 17/18 here. Authored 12/12 based on the experience of the resort so far, update follows!

Highly located = Snow proof
Early seasonal opening
Köttig, very wellshape: by summer park (big flight, open until 1st dec)
Not so many powder hunters here, especially when the system is open during snowfall
Nice locals (unless you're nice to them, many speak mostly German)
"Proper", compact and car-free city (basically all you need is available for purchase in local shops within walking distance)
Good restaurant offering, both in town and in the back
Picnic / heater on the ground floor of Morenia Restaurant
Good opportunity for longevity on the field
Cheap season ticket

A little smaller place in total size
Hard to get a job without speaking German
Wind-sensitive glacier peak
Good knowledge of the mountain is required for off-piste skiing at the glacier height, also near the piste
Not especially beginner-friendly due to long, steep slopes (may definitely be an advantage anyway)
Switzerland is generally expensive to live in
May be a bit difficult to acclimatize because of height, the physical recovery for a longer time

After traveling with several means of transportation, of which the last bus travels to extremely narrow and snowy serpentine roads, we finally arrive in one of Switzerland's most elevated, picturesque ski resorts; Saas-Fee! I find out how the peak peaks, including the highest in the Swiss field; Dom (4'545) prepares itself in all directions, and despite the fact that the village is at an altitude of 1'800 meters, it is in a protected pot surrounded by the mighty mountains. We have come here to make our first season abroad and it is watered in the mouth after the white gold which usually shines with its absence within our borders.

We are early and arrive already November 1st, the start month of the winter season when our lift pass will begin. Through a common friend, we have contacted a apartment renter who gives us both a favorable rental agreement (approx. 20k sek / month for a 4th with kitchen) and cheap season ticket (217 chf, special hotel for the year with local hotel / landlord); magical for seasoners who want to shredda more than work! Generally, I think it might be difficult to find such good deals on seasonal housing, but everything is probably due to how busy you are. If you want to live yourself or share an apartment with just one person, prices will rise to 7-900 chf / month, but the more you can share with the lower price. However, we are far from the first for the season to enjoy a nice piste and, at least, a meaty park on the glacier. The pre-season has been running since July and the great park-chariot "The Stomping Grounds" has just taken place in October, leaving behind hopes that are very "triple corkable".

The summer park includes in addition to these two monstrous jumps, three slightly smaller kicks (maybe something bigger than Åres rød), two pipes (unfortunately quite odd, mostly maintained in summer, July-October), a rail section before reaching the main park with both straight and knotted pipes for the middle to advanced skater and some, more advanced features in the main part. In conclusion, a giant quaterpipe boasts both high and low. In summary, there is no park for the beginner skier, but in November most professionals are elsewhere, if you want some more experienced riders, try out the best of the season's first big flight to its carefully developed cork. 9th it's free! The park unfortunately closes on December 1st, when the pistons must spend time preparing the rest of the mountain to complete the season's first boom; Christmas. The winter park probably opens, due to the snowfall, in the latter half of December, a little further down the mountain, where the hours of sunshine are more and thus the visibility is better. Below are two edits linked from "The Stomping Grounds".
Ståle Sandbech:

Oscar Wester:

In the piste, on the other hand, it is a little trickier when many racers are here and pre-seasoned in November, but it's calming down significantly in the middle of the month. The piste is good, well groomed. The glacier invites red rivers, both a bit steeper and flatter but definitely within the red spectrum. Favorite trails are the two slopes of the Allalin 1 lift where the sun shines the most hours. The skiers left are somewhat flatter with good opportunities for technical training while skiers right offers more speed. Unfortunately, the road is quite short and not particularly rolling, so the adventurous sense disappears a bit. However, they are perfect for finding back to last year's shape! When the snow, on the other hand, begins to start, a world of long, steep mountain with a bit more varied terrain opens. One yard top to bottom is 1700 meters fall height constant adrenaline kick over the spring season when the piste is the best and the tourists have not yet arrived. The transport stretches provide a bit of rest (though too flat) and you can stay on as long as you can. The lakes around Längfluh and Spielboden are sunny even in December and offer exciting terrain both straight down and easily crossing the mountain.

Then finally comes the dump! It has been wrecked down and the system has been closed some day to let the snow settle. We are almost alone on the glacier and put the first turns in the 40 centimeter deep powder between the lifts and the piste while continuing to fall from the sky. It's important not to get all the big freedoms up here at the top as we do not want to get into a glacier crack as deep as a four-story house is high. The terrain is quite nice here because the bottom surface is mainly made up of ice, but we still find some feature to jump out of the field and train our powder landings. Further down the mountain looks like being able to offer a really good off-piste with a little more stones and rocks to jump off when more snow has settled, especially the forest at Plattjen and the ravine under the mirror pododol. Unfortunately, for the time being, it is not enough for these trips, but besides the Längfluh / Speilboden piste we have found one and the other dropable rock! Did I forget to mention that we are almost alone in the lifts when it dumps? The pudders do not seem to find here yet but we'll see how it's going to spring in the spring, locals say it's at its best.

The food then? As you probably already know, the Swiss are extremely happy in cheese and preferably in molten form. Raclette and cheese fondue are thus on the menu at the majority of the village restaurants. In addition, the Wallis / Valais, the county in which the village is located, is famous for its wines so it is easier to find places with Swiss gourmet food rather than hipster hak with exotic burgers and 10 guest meals on tap. The price range is fortunately quite varied. You can find three-course menus in the 100+ chf class, take a berry and kebab at the Nesti's ski bar for 18.50, - but also find the most in between. In the food stores, it is slightly more expensive than at your local ICA store and especially the meat prices go away. However, if you are thinking of becoming a vegetarian, it's good to eat well and well without the cost of the shirt (it is good for a lot of other reasons to reduce the meat, especially the environmental factor (less global warming = more powpow / longer winter season ?)). Another great way to save money is to use the picnic floor at Morenia Restaurant instead of buying lunch on the slopes! However, if you want to buy food on the slope, I would highly recommend Längfluh which offers both a la carte with panoramic views and also high quality self-service for around 20, -.

Unfortunately, unlike many seasoners, we are not very interested in afterski and hang out at nightclubs until the small hours. The little we snapped up from other seasons and a few own tours is that the Packed Lunches, Black Bull, Happy Bar and Popcorn are the favorite places of the season. The prices for drinks are similar to Sweden, maybe something a bit cheaper; 6-8 chf for 0.5 l of beer and drinks between 10-15, -.

In summary, my impression is that Saas-Fee is a good place to season if you are looking for good all-round skiing, cushions, pistes and parks, and may think of a smaller place where competition for the powder is not as great . It is quite quick to get to know those who are here for the season and something that of course makes it easier for you to socialize, if you are a little versed in German or already know someone in the area. If you do not speak German, it might be a little tough to go here alone unless you live with an English speaking gang. Are you also looking for the "big season" with really wide social offerings, a lot of party and more lifts than you go for a week, it's not the right destination.

My rating so far is a clear 4/5!

Hope this post may be of benefit to you, especially you who go for seasonal tanks!

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Ann-Sophie Thomann
Ann-Sophie Thomann (Guest)
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jonas (Guest)
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Now it's my second time here and in summary, I think you can choose the resort as the uncertainty about the lift system is open or not, though, I'm skiing, I mean the pist gun can seldom piss.
2015 v.2 took a chance to go here when snow access was bad in Switzerland it was promised 1m here but as usual they have a joyometer. It's low season and really empty in the elevator queue and you got the feeling that's why they did not want to get started all the lifts they blamed for heavy winds and you'll know that it blew 4 m / s in the valley and 10-12 at the top of Felskinn 3000m Mittellalin 3500m was closed all week, Alpin express (maybe 80's express) just went up to my station all days except one to go to the top, but the wrong skin was working for two days and it went to the same height, how did you think about this? What was annoying was that the chairman Morenia was turned off too, as they are not wind-sensitive in the same way. 2-3 lifts open all week are a rip off and you did not drive the lifts all day but from about 10 to 14 sometimes 16, without a few money back.
Off the piste, however, was divine when you got the chance and easy to find and there are not many skiers outside the piste.
Difficult to score but the village is charming nice people, off the piste superbly, the slopes get and what gets bottom rating is how to have the system open. I have been here for the last time do not want to sit and wait for a hotel room for liftwaffe to please open
The last time i was here was v 10 2007 I think it was, then it had snow and the first day there was only one lift open, and the rest of the week you had a total of 3 running when you blamed on too much snow. Again again super lovely Off piste completely for ourselves it felt like.

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I visited Saas-Fee week 13 in 2011. Also visited Aletsch which is the continent's largest glacier in one day. One day I was to Zeermatt for the joy of the rejoicing. Many tour operators usually have Zeermatt in their package and can also buy ski passes and travel on site. The weather was mixed in Saas-Fee but the day in Zeermatt offered sparkling sun and wonderful skiing. The temperature was in Saas-Fee from about -5 ° C to about -10 ° C. The ground was not as cold as usual this season and few resorts could offer off-piste skiing. The slopes must and still be kept in trim as there is snow guarantee to live up to. The safest thing is to find off-piste skiing is always a glacier, and it's here. Even at the end of a snowy season, the resort is a snow safest place, when Saas-Fee is 1800 m and the snow is about 2000 m. Can always offer off season skiing throughout the season. I went mostly in Allalin 3600 mh h where there were good opportunities for untouched exercise offpiste. It felt like the air was thin here and it took on the forces. Here is the Ice Pavillion, which is a tunnel system that has been erected in the glacier. A nice and instructive visit. The world's tallest subway takes you to Mittelallalin 3500 m. H. There are also good opportunities for offpiste. A restaurant that spins around its own shoulder is here. An attractive but easy-to-wear attraction recommended as it is the world's highest-ranked sk revolving bar. The restaurants are generally large and quite modern. Good food and mostly self-service. Längfluh 2869 m ö h has good opportunities for carving but also for offpiste. It is the sunniest part of this mountain. The Paljatta with 2567 m ö h was a rocky pistachio and there is also the black World Cup back. Here it was also sparkling sun. Here I went only in the piste when the possibilities of offpiste were few. The drain system 2336 m the system located in the second part of the resort was closed when there was too little snow there. One should live in Saas-Fee and not in one of the other resorts Saas-Grund or Saas-Almagell, as they lie down in the valley. The Saas-Fee is free of cars and there is therefore a multi-storey high garage at the bus station. The hotels have their own small electric cars as they carry bags and travelers. There is a main road leading to the lifts. The street divides by the square in two main streets. Most hotels and restaurants are located along these two streets. Many houses are built in cozy knuttimrad alp style. Overall, a very nice place. Afterski lies along the main street on the brook closest to the lifts at Längfluh. Live music is available every evening at Holzwurm, where, like the rest of the city, it was the most fun on the weekend. Some places also had live music on the weekend. The population of Vallais is much more open and pleasant compared to the country in general. Guests come from all over Europe except Russia.

In summary, the resort is very snow proof and has a good variety of skiing. Swiss cozy atmosphere and quality with international atmosphere and guests of all ages. Easy to get there. A little brother to Zeermatt. Rating 4 of 5. By Börje Hammarling.

31/03/2009 (Modified: 01/04/2009)
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Saas-Fee has everything but on a fairly small scale. Canon forest skiing, big pillow fields, good steep slopes, a good park with most and beautiful drops and rocks to jump. Saas-Fee is not the biggest system and if it has not been snowing for a long time it's definitely not the best but the season 08/09 dumped it lots of snow so there were pillows every week, a few weeks 25 cm new every day for four days.

A disadvantage of Saas-Fee is that it is quite weather-sensitive as it is a system in a valley so if it starts blowing up, close everything, which causes no skiing and destroyed cushions. If you only know where to look, you can still find pillows.

The benefits of Saas-Fee are that there are not many good powder piers, which means that you can find pillows several days after snowfall. In the woods at Plattjen there are not many, but if you like to jump stones in a tree, this is wonderful. Good and often a lot of snow brings good skiing for the little better rider. Before the Plattjen forest you can also go to a large field where there is no glacier so all you have to do is see avalanches and a big rock at the end of the yard. The better rider can drool these rocks ranging from 2 meters to 10 meters high, but with fairly flat landing on the highest drops.

Otherwise there is a nice offpiste from Plattjen down towards Saas Almagell where there are only 4 people this year, me, my colleague, my brother and a friend to us. Have everything!

I will update this a little later.
Filip, Head of the STS Alpresor / Sports Trip 08/09

Erika (Guest)
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Yesterday morning I call the tourist office to make sure everything down to Morenia is up as promised on the internet inclusive park & ​​pipe. Get there and the pip was mostly ice ...

At 2.45 pm I had problems with the lift guards for the first time. They thought it was time to go home and sleep. I would love to go a little more. Remember to check open times the next time I go somewhere ...

The next morning I look to wake up early. On the way to tensioning the board, a pistol will wake up and complain that I have misunderstood where the piste is somewhere. I did not understand why I could not go to the same place where I went yesterday. The snow had become a bit more wind pinad. But regarding glacier cracks and avalanches, the risk should be the same or less. Ev bigger if it is harder to go, easier to fall and thus end up wrong. So I went anyway. Below was that stupid liftman waiting for me and I was stupid enough to do as he said and give him my lift short.
I would not recommend the ride to a beginner. But in view of what I saw people do, to some extent in the fairy of this weekend this weekend. But even more understanding in Engelberg and Andermatt where I usually go elsewhere, it feels really ridiculous and unfair that he took my lift shortly. And so I think the piste is far more dangerous in the vast majority of cases, glacier cracks are easier to keep track of than crazy skaters many times ... They had the best serious two blind skiers this weekend.

How do you know which stations you can go at your own risk? And where to get rid of the lift card? However, most of his guests seemed to be able to go without problems with lift guards. I was probably a little stupid, even though he said, but still ...

Have despite this had a great weekend with even a little powder rides. Not too bad to be the second weekend in November.

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I've been to Saas-Fee over 10 times, in the first years 96-00, it was all time very snow, I've been very outpoured, in recent years I've become more careful about the offpiste because of all the glacier cracks that during good snowy years well overtaken but over the last few years, I have understood that it is dangerous to get out if it is not covered and that you should avoid this type of offpiste, but when the powder is there, most offpist goes, that is, many people who duck the ropes.
It was best during the low week of 1999 when there were five meters of snow on the mountain, 2 meters of pillows fell down for 3 days when we were locked in the village because a big avalanche had crossed the road into the village, of course, there were no New tourists came to the village, and after three days of snowfall day and night, the sky and sun became clear, and I and Harris traveled untouched cushions from 0800 to 1700, the elevator opened earlier that day because Saas Fee was closed for three days, the most snow in Saas Fee in 100 years at that time, one might never experience more as a tourist in his life. Can agree with him that Saas-Fee does not last for a week more 2-3 days, but I have almost always been there on weekends, I live 55mil away, in the last few years I have chosen more Andermatt and Engelberg because it has been more snow in the last two. Switzerland's highest mountain is located in Saas-Fee 4545m. Saas-Fee city is 1800 meters high and it is powerful to look up at the Dom right to the right when you get up.

Haze (Guest)
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Snow safe ride & charming city

The ski system is in the north, which means it is snow proof, compared to Crans Montana (even in Vallis Valley) where the sun is flowing and the snow is dying.

I digged the high-heeled feeling with glaciers and several peaks over 4000m. The fall height belongs to the strengths of the system while its size is counted in slopes & lifts is a weakness (if you compare with les 3 valleys, etc.)

It was rude to go ski bus (cost money + just one bus per hour) to the two small sister systems (Grund and Almagell) and to go to Zermatt takes 1h 40min by mail bus & train + costs a portion.

The village is small and cozy and there is everything you want; icecream, pubs, bakery, etc. The price level I thought was okay to be the Alps. My feeling was that the village has lower prices than its big sister Zermatt & Verbier.

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Ill nice town. among the most beautiful in the Alps actually.

+ For nice riding in the piste then above all. The park was not that big but had some nice things.
Awesome good preped backs on the moron.

- quite a small lift system.

I have been there last winter.

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Rider: Henrik Harlaut Photo: Yves Garneau

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Trail map Saas-Fee

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1 day:81 $ (75 CHF)
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