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Sauze d'Oulx belong to Via Lattea.

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Down in Sauze d 'Oulx during week 10, 2015.
Sauze d'Oulx is located just over an hour from Turin, at an altitude of 1500 meters, in the corner of the ViaLattea system (400km piste iirc). The village itself is charming, old, genuine, narrow alleys and a rackarn's mass fountains (whats up with that?). There are iaf 3 food stores, a shop selling drinks and at least 5 different sports shops. As in every good Italian city there are also 3 cheese shops, like cheese, it is recommended to buy some pieces at home.
The skiing in the Sauze area is not very good, if you want more challenges, the Sestriere section as well as the Sansicario part are recommended (Montgenevre also has a couple of interesting runs).

As I wrote at the beginning, the Sauze d'Oulx is in the corner of the ViaLattea system, which takes time to get to the French part (Montgenevre). You can count on iaf 2 hours, most of which consist of the 10 elevators (!). Because one of the lifts to get home where it's off, there are 7-8 lifts to go home; All in all, it's going to be a good trip, and not so busy if you want to get to Montgenevre.
On the other hand, the terrain is varied, which is quite nice in itself.

V10, 2015 meant 6 sunny days of 7 possible. One of the days, the top of the systems was closed down due to the blow. The afternoons meant some slash at low altitude.

When it comes to slopes, pist46 was very beautiful (type of transport distance, which rises above the tree line, beautiful views)
Pist72 is good if you want to get a little on the back. Even L 'Observatoire away in Montgenevre is good if you want to squeeze a little.
Pist31 alta, away in Sestriere, fits well if you like a piste with slope.
The ViaLattea system itself is well stretched, and there are no buses between the parts, which means that you can spend the right amount of time in the elevator.

At the bottom of the pist19 is a nice restaurant with a nice sun terrace. (2500 meters iirc).
The same goes for in Montgenevre, at the bottom of the Pré Charé piste.

Håkan Ljung
Håkan Ljung (Guest)
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If you want to freeze your hedge, in long chairlifts stand in bars with brilliant Britter, pay well for domestic beer. Go here .. PLUS: good backs and more snow good offpist .. The place breathes 90th and hooks forward so ..

Ulf Carlson
Ulf Carlson (Guest)
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Be down on the 2013 sportswear with 2 famlijer.
Good arrangement with soft snow and sun. Hardly any people in the slopes. Large system with several villages. Fun to discover new parts and villages in the Alps. And very affordable. Took a beer with the Swan after the first day and together cost 3 Euro (ie for 2 big beers). Food in the slopes around 10 Euro for main course.
You should not miss Restaurant Chiao Paix. It has to be one of the Alps' best back hooks with fantastic truffle pasta for 10 Euro. The restaurant is a bit awkward in the system clogged in the larger chalet which is also a small hotel. Here you go with aCarabinieri and Polizia Municipal over a bottle of red for lunch and top the lunch with homemade grappa. Could it be more Italian?
The backs said good, big system, not so much advanced skiing, though, it is very good forest skiing. Not so bad Swedes / Norwegians (very nice) but a whole lot of brits.
Pretty small town and it's okay. Have seen charming villages. There are british brothers, so there are a number of bars with the corresponding piece. There is a little older part that is cozy. And as before, you have to keep an eye on where you live so you do not get too far from the central parts - it will be slow to go.
Would love to go back if it were not so easy to discover.

Fredrik (Guest)
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-Many city, probably the nicest place in ViaLattea.
-Long nice slopes nearby
-Bra prepared and some people on the slopes
-Large price level about 1 € for coffee, 3 € for a big beer, 6 € for a pizza.
-Good nightlife that lasts long into the night / morning.
-Near train station (Oulx, 10 min away), close to airport (Turin, 1h away).
-Really lovely little restaurants, bars and shops with usually very helpful staff.


"Many lifts are really slow
-Take a long time to get to villages like Claviere and Montgenevre in ViaLattea

Emma Karlsson
Emma Karlsson (Guest)
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Cozy Italian ski resort connected to the ski slope system

+ Huge skid system (Milky Way), where several different villages are built together. Make sure you can drive a week without jogging on the slopes.
+ Mysig genuine city
+ Great food
+ Just a little people - Italians do not get up in the slopes before 10-11 am said in the morning you can be completely blinded in the slopes

- Great lass with English charter tourists

However, be sure to end up in the true Sauze d'Oulx and do not fall into the neighboring villages.

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