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Maria (Guest)
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My friend booked room for 4 adults, looked promising on the pictures.
Nice hotel with a beautiful view was the first impression. But when we got to our room it smelled a bit unketched and it turned out to be very small with only 2 beds ..!
We had to go down to the front desk and say to (we thought we had a wrong room), so we got a little snotty response "yes there were no extra beds in the room?"
Does not mind extra beds, but please have a room big enough for 4 beds! We had to furnish ourselves as much as possible to push together 4 beds. One extra bed was missing a pillow and the extra beds were paired with plastic bags or similar.
The furniture inside the room was worn and cracked, the toilet seat seemed too small for the toilet or to be loose or dirty.
Absolutely lacking in ventilation / air conditioning / air conditioner, which meant extremely hot and cool space, there was a floor fan that did not help very much considering it was 30 degrees hot in the room all night! The window was open but it did not help and was obviously very bright early in the morning. So very bad sleep for all of us!
The breakfast was well stocked, good to choose from, however, the fruit looked a bit dry, my breakfast was wiped out before I ate him, so I was allowed to pick up a new plate!

Kim (Guest)
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Yes, what's up?

We stayed there one night in the suite and had access to the spa.

+ large and spacious suite, well cleaned, soft comfortable beds, nice view of the sunbathing area
+ Good breakfast with plenty to choose from, for those who are allergic there is a lot to choose from there too.
+ Good rates for the rooms

- VERY disgusting food, we had a pre-booked table with 3 courses inclusive. we chose the "meat option ". The proprietor went down, it was raw tuna and I like sushi but not a cowboy so he skipped it. The main course was Hjort and I asked for bloody and sambo well cooked. When the food came after LONG wait, my vests and sambons were a breeze and victory than the fan myself. The dessert was as catastrophic a chocolate / raspberry cake that felt like they had been lying for several days and was quite spongy. only one could eat it was the fresh hallon it was decorated with.

- The service at the restaurant was awful, we got our table but as I wrote above we had to wait a long time for the food. anyway, only we and 2 other couples in the restaurant were there. certainly took 20 min for starters and even longer for the main course. People who came after us got food before weirdly? The servet prices were not particularly nice either, they said they tasted bad they just said ok and went!

- Another minus is the spa department, there again unpleasant staff. The whirlpool was broken and we fiddled for a long time until it started and began to bubble. we pointed this out to the staff but got a bad answer that "it's cleaning !!" and we pointed out that a whirlpool does not clean for over an hour? Then they turned their backs and went away. Then it was very dirty there, disgusting brown spots and sand everywhere, carelessly cleaned simply.

So what I can say is choosing to stay here so do not eat in the resturant you will be terribly disappointed without eating out on a nice resturant in the city, there are many with great food and nicer staff!

28/07/2008 (Modified: 27/11/2011)
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+ the hotel
+ close to the swimming pool c.
+ close to cross country trails

- bad park with even worse rails

henke (Guest)
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Were there in the summer with the neighbors and slept in the hotel next to the slopes. It looked terribly beautiful but steep! Do not know what it's like to go to the one who said where I was there this summer and then there was snow. But please feel free to get there sometime and test. I also recommend the hotel next to the hill! They had a blow. spa top up with bla. sauna, hot tub, whirlpool, hot tub and foot bath, etc. So I would recommend the hotel too!

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The back where they last summer put together Sundsvall's best "park". The back is quite alright shysst steep if you want to steal straight out for it. Then there is also a place where you can play a little bit. The beep may be better then, but it's good enough. And if you like, you can drive straight into the forest with the risk of hiding in the residential area: P worth a visit if you are in S-vall