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Hoppe (Guest)
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Val Claret ski-in & ski-out. Best ski week ever. The train that goes up to the glacier was very efficient. Many different types of slopes, lifts everywhere, no congestion on the slopes even though it was Easter. I was alone in the lift on several occasions. High mountains that protect against wide, almost windless with radiant sun. The proximity to Val d'Isere, you know exactly how to go, there are only a few slopes up and down. Long beautiful slopes.

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Val Claret - best ski week ever.

- large selection of slopes,
- close to Val d'Isere,
- lifts everywhere,
- no lift queues,
- consistently very good infrastructure - lifts did not stand still or stopped for a quarter of an hour,
- long slopes,
- beautiful environment,
- the train passing through a tunnel in the mountain to the glacier,
- the high mountains make it not windy, almost windless everywhere.

Will more than happy to return to the over 300 km large area.

Jonas Carlsson
Jonas Carlsson (Guest)
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Were four friends in Tignes during January 2022. Very good ride both there and in Val d’isere which you ride on the same lift pass. Good order in the systems so we basically never stood in a long lift queue. Expensive to eat and drink but not worse than at home… There are cozier villages but Tignes is fresh and has everything you need. Some nice restaurants if you do not want to eat at the hotel every day. Can recommend Grizzly's bar in Val Claret for lunch or if you bring your big wallet, Le Refuge is magically nice when you take the cabin straight up from Val d’isere. Went with Langley and stayed at their own hotel 2100. Very good everything that said. Well worth a visit! Awesome with the high height so you are basically always over the tree line.

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Tignes is always Tignes. Would probably choose Valdicer today, but they share the skiing. Interesting and beautiful anyway.

P (Guest)
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Visited Tignes (lived in Claret election) the first week of March. I have never been aware that there has been so much snow, in 6 days it snowed 5 times. Each time it came 20-30 cm. Very easily accessible off piste, liked sharply and happy to go there again.

Stefan Eliasson
Stefan Eliasson (Guest)
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Fantastic Tignes / Val d'Isere has delivered again !!
Week 52 2018 made no one disappointed. The weather was cruel, about 0 degrees in Val Claret and a few degrees below the peaks every day. We spent eight days in the slopes, one of which was a magical day in the off-piste when it snowed all Christmas Eve. One meter of snow in the "valley" and two meters on the peaks made about 90% of the slopes open.
In addition to very good skiing quality, you can find lunch on the slopes at humane prices and good quality. Large portions for hungry skiers are served in every place we have visited. Maybe not so many restaurants as in Italian ski systems but those that are there are good. The accommodations are small but functional in Tignes. If you book late you can make clips, our apartment cost 5,000 SEK for a week. We had ski in / ski out and the balcony was five meters from the piste.
On Christmas Eve you had carnival and torchlight and invited Vin Chaud (warm wine) in the village.

If you want to be sure of access to snow and very off-piste then you go to Tignes / Val d'Isere!

// Madde and Stefan

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Tignes is included in the ski area "Escape Killy".

Plus / minus with Escape Killy compared to other ski areas:
+ Snowproof in high altitude and glaciers
+ Large system that fits well and swallows many skaters
+ Suitable for everyone (be careful which city in the ski area you choose)
- Well-known and thus always a lot of people and high prices

Plus / minus with Tignes compared to other locations in Escape Killy:
+ Plenty of simple apartments and there are good food stores
+ Possibility to first come up in a good part of the system
+ Bathhouse included in lift pass (a visit to weekly card)
- Low soft factor
- Far to some parts of the system

We booked flights to Grenoble week 4, 2017 and chose the city the week before departure based on snow access. The lot fell on the ski system Escape Killy and the town of Tignes which is a charming building (complex), but practical if the priority is skiing, in front of restaurant or nightlife.

The snow supply was at the bottom when we got up. Luckily so much of the week snowed, mostly in the evenings and nights, some ski days suffered from poor visibility due to snowfall, but otherwise it was good.

We who went in search of loose snow in front of the piste and did not go at all in the park. There are many well-known loose snow areas for all riding levels. There are also lots of nice pistes in all colors (slopes).

Tignes is situated on one edge of Escape Killy, if you want to go lift to and from Le Fornet, which is at the other end, so it takes most of the day. Tignes and Val Claret, located next to each other, are seen as a motorway a short distance from Val D'Isère, which is the area's main town and considerably more cozy than Tignes. The ski bus that is included in the lift pass does not drive all the way, but you can supplement with a regional bus.

Should I try to compare Escape Killy with something else, then it is of the same caliber as Chamonix.
Chamonix benefits from a short transfer from Geneva. The advantage of Escape Killy is that the lift system is connected. I thought Tignes reminded a little about Val Thorens and then I do not just think of outdoor après ski, La Folie Douce which is located on both towns.

In conclusion, "Escape Killy" is a safe card and feels very complete as a ski system. A good choice if you are going for a week or more. For a short week, there are more appropriate alternatives.

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Was there Easter 2018. Stayed in le Breviere
There was a lot of snow this season, so it was easy to ride without going down to the village
An incredible ski area with rides for all interests and level.
It snowed several of the nights so much off pist it became. Both lighter and some more demanding

LosHalleröd (Guest)
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Visited tignes week 7 2013.
Went with nortlander skutors who were doing quite okay.
We lived in Val Thorens, a city built entirely for the ride, so they just had to take the skis and take the lift up.
The system itself is absolutely huge, as it is connected with the voters in the common ski area espace killy.
The Alps here are huge, as are the surfaces. The lifts give access to nice slopes, such as the long red from le grand motte to choice claret with a fall height of almost 1000 meters, but also a lot of easily accessible offpiste that offers very very nice opportunities. The disadvantage of this is, however, that it is snapped up, so get up early in the morning after snowpump to put the first fresh tracks. A piste to highly recommend is the long black down towards Tignes les breviers, with a fall height of 1200 meters.
The French Alps are expensive, but we lived in an apartment where we bought the food in the near future and then cooked to it. If you plan to buy and buy the cheaper commodities, you'll get away without the wallet scary too much. For those who are interested in a cheap filling, however, it is only to buy food stores. The wine is ridiculously cheap.

Tignes I highly recommend. As long as you buy your own jaw, avoid washing the champagne on the legendary backdrop, let the foil douce and refrain from ostron in the upper-class cavity, you get senseless driving without ruining your wallet.


Lena (Guest)
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I have just been away for a week in Tignes and we traveled with Langley. We have had a HAPPY FANTASTIC week in every possible way. WONDERFUL, wide, nice backs, large lift system, which means that if you want, you can escape the ski buses. We have been away v10 and we have had STRONG sunshine every day (got some color on the snoop!) However, it started to melt in the end a little later, so be careful to go.
We tried to cross Val d'Isere but felt that there were significantly more people in those slopes (= raised much faster). So we spent a lot of time in Tignes and we enjoyed it very much !!
We stayed at Langley Tignes 2100 and in room 506 which had a lovely balcony where you could sit and sunbathe for a while before jumping into the shower. So room number x02 to x09 have a balcony, the others you should avoid;) The food we got at the hotel was 5 +++++! Great nice selection of breakfast (they even had oatmeal porridge, never seen before !!) and the dinners in the evening were incredible !! YUM !!!! : P