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Tignes belong to Val d'Isere.

Lifts (4/46)
Slopes (4/82)
Snow depth
3456 m
1550 m
95 cm
32 cm
Tignes is the casual and relaxed younger sibling of Val d'Isère. There are actually five villages - Le Lac, Val Claret, Lavachet, Les Boisses and Brevières, all with the prefix Tignes. The first three are not so charming, function-built, concrete villages, located on a high plateau with magical skiing opportunities right outside the door. Down by the pond lies the much more cozy, but also more secluded, Boisses and Brevieres.
Tignes works hard on its youthful image and managed to become the host of Euro X Games from 2010 to 2013. Freeride World Tour competitions also used to take place here. The skiing is mostly above the tree line, but there are some larch trees where you can take a turn around down towards the large power plant pond.
Brevières, the village located furthest down , is also called the Three second village because that is how long it would take before it would be swept away if the pond should happen to burst. Stressful.
In Tignes you can ski all year round - the glacier on Grande Motte is open even in the summer.

Snow forecast

  • Sunday

    84.4 cm snow
    Kraftigt snöfall
    3 m/s
  • Monday

    20.9 cm snow
    2 m/s
  • Tuesday

    0 cm
    Sun/clear sky
    1 m/s
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Best Off-Piste:
Try the off-piste runs down from the Grands Motte glacier (there’s some amazing stuff off the back, but you need to take a guide with you.) Come down the Grand Plan red from the top and then as you get to a sharp right, drop left into the big bowl and choose your run. Finish down by the snowpark at Les lanches.

Best Black Run:
The legend that is Sache. Get all the way up to Aiguille Percee from Tignesthen take Corniches. Sache is glorious, has a back-country feel to it and can be steep, bumpy and icy. If powder has fallen, this could be one of your great moments!

Best Red Run:
One of my favourites is the very pacey Stade run. Always sunny, with a bumps training section off to the left. Very good for poseur racers who like showing off to the lift voyeurs.

Best Blue/Green:
You can do a lot worse than the very long linking run from Val to Tignes which starts at the top of Toviere into Val Claret – a thigh-burner. Otherwise the blues down from Aiguille Percee into Tignes Le Lac offer spectacular views, small bumps and wide open pistes.

By: Hugh Hutchison double time Olympian and Britain’s most successful mogul skier

What do you think about Tignes?
LosHalleröd (Guest)
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Visited tignes week 7 2013.
Went with nortlander skutors who were doing quite okay.
We lived in Val Thorens, a city built entirely for the ride, so they just had to take the skis and take the lift up.
The system itself is absolutely huge, as it is connected with the voters in the common ski area espace killy.
The Alps here are huge, as are the surfaces. The lifts give access to nice slopes, such as the long red from le grand motte to choice claret with a fall height of almost 1000 meters, but also a lot of easily accessible offpiste that offers very very nice opportunities. The disadvantage of this is, however, that it is snapped up, so get up early in the morning after snowpump to put the first fresh tracks. A piste to highly recommend is the long black down towards Tignes les breviers, with a fall height of 1200 meters.
The French Alps are expensive, but we lived in an apartment where we bought the food in the near future and then cooked to it. If you plan to buy and buy the cheaper commodities, you'll get away without the wallet scary too much. For those who are interested in a cheap filling, however, it is only to buy food stores. The wine is ridiculously cheap.

Tignes I highly recommend. As long as you buy your own jaw, avoid washing the champagne on the legendary backdrop, let the foil douce and refrain from ostron in the upper-class cavity, you get senseless driving without ruining your wallet.


Lena (Guest)
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I have just been away for a week in Tignes and we traveled with Langley. We have had a HAPPY FANTASTIC week in every possible way. WONDERFUL, wide, nice backs, large lift system, which means that if you want, you can escape the ski buses. We have been away v10 and we have had STRONG sunshine every day (got some color on the snoop!) However, it started to melt in the end a little later, so be careful to go.
We tried to cross Val d'Isere but felt that there were significantly more people in those slopes (= raised much faster). So we spent a lot of time in Tignes and we enjoyed it very much !!
We stayed at Langley Tignes 2100 and in room 506 which had a lovely balcony where you could sit and sunbathe for a while before jumping into the shower. So room number x02 to x09 have a balcony, the others you should avoid;) The food we got at the hotel was 5 +++++! Great nice selection of breakfast (they even had oatmeal porridge, never seen before !!) and the dinners in the evening were incredible !! YUM !!!! : P

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I have not lived in Tignes, so how it is outside of skiing, I can not comment, but after a winter in Val d'Isere I have traveled a lot.

Pist: Double M, down from Grande Motte, is the red carving back when it's best, provided you get there before anyone who should not leave the barnback than has done it. Even Leisse down on GM's back has its moments, though the elevator is sick there. The Grattalubacken at the park on the sunny side is perfect if you just want to adore, as well as Palafour, and the flat ravine just to the left of the skiers. On top of all, Tignes is the most chill-out skier if you stay in the piste. However, there are some terrible puckers down to the lower villages, and the black backs from the Val d'I side down to Le-Lac are often broken by people who are wrong.

Tignes has a hopeless bottleneck, on the sun side between Val Claret and Le-Lac there are two lifts that, besides smacking the limbs of people, are some of the most successful in the entire system. Should you go from Lac to Val Claret there are no major problems, but elsewhere: TRY!

The offpiste is easy, there are not so many trees. Search and you will find. A little fun forest is located down towards Brevieres.
The park was (much more winter) much calmer than the park in Val d'Isere, a little less really good skiers and a little less hope but it did not matter to me. (Park fears.) Shady position on the sun side with some sun loungers and so on.

One of my favorite things with Tignes is the lunch. At SPAR in Le-Lac they have Enorme Americans (baguette with hamburger and other fun in) for 7 euros. Even if you share with someone you will be two-way. The sun is best done at the tourist office's wall or at the Aeroskiterassen. The tourist office also has really fresh toilets.
The best pizzas in Espace Killy are found at L'Armailly in the three-seater village of Tignes-Les-Brevieres. The slopes down there may be good sluggish in spring but it's worth it.

Hmm yes I like Tignes. Ugly villages, nice skiing and is the sunshine there is not much better.

hejsan och tjenis
hejsan och tjenis (Guest)
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Absolutely wonderful place, the best I've been to.
Arrived late at night week 9 and did not really see any of the village, Val Claret, or the slopes because of dark and heavy snowfall. Woke up to cloudless skies and sneeze everywhere. I was in seventh heaven.
The slats were long, varying with even and nice puckles.
We met a Frenchman who showed us around in the different slopes. Among other things, we went for a whole day from the top and far down the valley where the meadows had already melted and the first flowers started to look forward. We had to run into the gravel with the pants to catch up with the last bus back to Val Claret. As I remember, we only needed to take the lift a couple of times to get all the way down.
The evenings were almost as good. There were two Swedish buses to Tinges at that time, so you got to know everyone the first evening. The French (the young) were much better than their reputation. Was invited to the hash on a disco. The restaurants were few but tasty. A few bars and just a disco. Perfect! Everyone you knew was there and you quickly became "hello and worthy" with the rest.
What was not so good was the hotel rooms that were tough.
This was a while ago. In the morning of departure we were told that Olof Palme had been murdered.

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Were there with a friend, went with UCPA. One of the best trips I have made, the company was wonderful, I was the youngest: P, the food was brilliant (except the crust because they looked like a sauce or the same crunch bread). The slices are very good (except puck paste) freshly sliced ​​platter to fine every morning. It's a nice little town with the best pub "Crazy Horse", a British / Irish "classic" pubb.
A destination that sits in the soul.

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Tignes was as anonymous as I want it. No super tourists from Sweden come here without that there are not so many people who know 109gnes which is a plus. However, this can be said for the ugly architecture (which I thought was very cool) there .... but then on skiing.

I stayed at Langley Hotel 2100 and the slopes around there were wide, long but still so wide-fledged the alps. But if you took a little further away from tignes between valleys and valleys, then they came to the absolute perfect slopes.

 What was good when I was in tignes was that the weather was on top all the time! It was sunny in the days and snowed in the evening and then it was cold enough so the snow was perfectly dry as it should be. The offpiste was perfect, but because of that. of snow conditions.

There was never a lift queue, and this shows that it's not overexplored.

What a minus I thought was the food, French food is like that, just a bunch of cozy cheese dishes

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English / French town on the other side of the mountain from Val d'Isere. Has the same ski system as Val d'isere - so really big!
Not so famous for us Norwegians, so Tignes is not at all as exploited by Swedes / Danes / Norwegians as the larger resorts (Val d'I, St. Anton, Chamonix, etc.). Nothing that affects the nightlife though .. Although Tignes is a bit smaller there are plenty of bars and clubs ..
Tignes also has a glacier which makes them very snow proof.

+ Large ski system
+ Glacier
+ Beautiful exhibits
+ Average size
+ You do not have to sleep hard
+ Two parks
+ Totally ok offpiste

-Nothing for the incumbent driver plan (really a positive thing)

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Spent a week in Val D'Isère at the end of March 2003 and of course it will be a couple of days in Tignes. Twenty-four weeks ago, there was no snowfall when we saw a single snowflake falling down from the sky, on the other hand, increasing surfaces of snowless fields on the other side of the valley on the sun side.

Due to prevailing snow conditions, all easy-to-reach offpiste was already raised so we had a week in the piste, a bit boring but you should get the best out of the situation. In this case, it's so lucky to be in such a well-planned and modern area. Read the lancheschair and the metro on the Grande Motte are two pearls that take you up to the skating, carving down in the Face / Double M slopes are cool. Thunderstorms like the other day, so it may be quite crowded. Other piste favorites were Myosotis and Stade de Lognan at L'Aiguille Percee.

Do not miss lunch at the bottom of the Sache Gondola in Les Brevieres. Really cozy to sit in the sun gas to take a bira there =)

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Stayed at Langley's hotel Tignes 2100 in room # 507.
Sold a Swedish flag with the text "Prisoners in Paradise" on the balcony, something that apparently tore someone and we had to take it down after a day - Frenchmen ....

Great skiing and some people. A cruel off-piste from the peak when it had been new, made the trip even more enjoyable. Not to mention the rope from the top down to the "three-second town" !!! Løåång skön räckning som blevas med röda och svarta pister!

Lovely area!

(grade is an "alpine font", not compared with grades placed on Swedish scale)

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Went glacier skiing there v44. cannon weather, so basically it's over the clouds. The park is well, but overcrowded, there was a mini park that was forced to hang in. Me cash lift, which pajj clothes, I think "people think" of my equipment. Fairly expensive, I have for me, but they are the ones in the Alps. The backs are quite ok, but the best ones have been shut down due to national teams, of course, in advance season training. Then the slopes down to the valley do not open. May be fine if you go there in high season. The nightlife is no better at all.

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