Val d'Isere

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Val d'Isere includes Tignes

Lifts (27/39)
Slopes (50/78)
Snow depth
3500 m
1850 m
140 cm
80 cm
The village by the river Iséres boasts its status as Europe's most expensive year round open grocery store, no less than three World cup status downhill runs, stores with designer garments worth insane amounts of money, a nightlife that during certain seasons can compare to the Mediterranean islands, you get the picture - Val d’Isère wants to be over the top. At the same time it is a very idyllic village which has been located in Savoie's most remote valleys since the 1600's, and all types of skiers will find appropriate slopes here. It isn't just crazy people and party animals, even though they are usually the majority of the bunch.
Together with Tigne, Val d’Isère makes up the enormous area called Espace Killy, which was named after a hero in this region, Jean-Claude, who brought home quite a lot of medals during the Olympic Games in Grenoble in 1968. He wasn't the only one who was a talented skier, the ski club in this area happily lets people know that it is the most successful alpine club in France.
In fact, Val d’Isère really only has two disadvantages - price, and possibly the longest and the most curvy transfer time in all the French Alps.

Snow forecast

  • Thursday

    1.1 cm snow
    Partly cloudy
    2 m/s
  • Friday

    0 cm
    0 m/s
  • Saturday

    3.6 cm snow
    1 m/s
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Best Off-Piste:
Off the back of Le Fornet, there is more than enough to go round. Feels like you’re a million miles from anywhere! Pack your beeps and shovel.

Best Black Run:
La Face Bellevarde – home to the Olympic downhill in 1992, and will be used again for the 2009 FIS World Championships. Do some non-stop runs down here and your legs will know about it. Renowned as a 3-4pm icy slide-slip of a route for all but the most competent. Sometimes ressembles a rugby field!

Best Red Run:
Arcelle – from the easy Madeline express, you can drop down to Le Manchet down a wide open run with lots of inviting rollers. A real blast.

Best Blue/Green:
The only challenging part is the first section as you leave the Borsat Express lift, then it is an enjoyable cruise down to Fontaine Froide chair. Complete the loop by taking the Mont Blanc. Great for the kids.

By: Graham Bell 5 time British Olympic skier (& presenter of BBC’s Ski Sunday)

What do you think about Val d'Isere?
Matthias (Guest)
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Va there 13/1 18 for a week and it snowed every day except one ... 3-5m all week, I think so there were pillows every day except first. The best place I went because of the snow amount.tinge was shut down for 4 days but there were really other backs going .. there is something for everyone there .. not as expensive for a lunch as in Val Thorens.
Do not know if I go there again for my expectations will be cloudy after the last visit there. But definitely worth visiting at least once in a lifetime

Rebecca (Guest)
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Sick beautiful and good ski resort! Uterable slopes and well thought out system. Both for beginners and more advanced riders. Lovely range of restaurants both day and evening. Good nightlife! Asphet afterski !!! A little expensive in general, but in France

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Very good ski resort. Extremely big with good slopes. The offpiste can be awesome if it has snowed a lot.

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Were there for the first time in late February 2016 and then we had relatively good snow. Have just been to Val T before and have to say that they are spoiled by their ski in-ski out, on the other hand, I have to say that it was very convenient in Val D, although they do not have a "clean" ski in-ski out. The ski area is large and varied with both high peaks and a bit of woodland skiing that you can hide when it starts to snow properly. Can be a lot of people sometimes in some parties but that's how to get out if you want to go to a place that offers both good nightlife and great skiing!

Annica Söder
Annica Söder (Guest)
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Wonderful ski resort with the best slopes on the highest peaks. Both old and completely modern lift systems make it so charming! Great food in all restaurants both in the piste and in the village!

Åse Hvalgren
Åse Hvalgren (Guest)
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2017 v 8.
A ski system that offers wit o variation! During this week we were not fed by snowpower .... but it is a well-maintained lift system and backs, you get up quickly on the mountain from Val d'Isere. Dare to try the parts that are a bit more off, they surprise!

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What you're looking for is in Valdise! Piste skiing, powder skiing, après ski, nightclub, decadence - you will find everything in this cozy little ski town. Pistachio - wide variety of ice world cups back to cozy blue downhill runs like Diebold, which you can cut down for the days at the end. Powder skiing is easily available in large fields near the lift at the cuff lift. For those more adventurous and experienced, there is the classic couloir des pistes. Afterski - Best spent at Saalon! Play Headfuckerpong with a small-packed British trubadur as a background music. Tips "Say you're seasonal and work at some French j * vla hotels nearby" so you get 2E off your HeadFuckerJug. When you're done with Saalon, you should slip on to Dicks. There is invited at 9E Redbull Vodkas + Halfdan House with live violin + bentuffa guards who will throw you out if you try to climb up to the DJ. Believe me it's happening. Let me last but not least raise a warning finger for the Alfahans from the United Kingdom. They are deceitful than you can think of their 12 pints.

 Enjoy your trip!

 For seasonal housing, search for the myth point Mr. Hamburger (Mr. Cash Only). A true entrepreneur in the correct spirit of the word.

This is the best ski resort in France, and probably also in the world!

Fredrik O
Fredrik O (Guest)
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Been in elections d`sere week 1, 2017. Bott at Langleyhotell and had a good time. When I looked at these reviews myself and used them, I think it is appropriate to contribute as much as possible to yourself.

Of course, the resort is very fancy, not as cozy as a small town in Austria of course. We speak jets hotels here with rich Russians who have ski clothes from bogner, and many English people, more than you think. Several exclusive ski shops, but not really expensive than years. There are several savings stores in town and a competitor called sherpa. Good food store, but we speak 7-11 / press agency prices. So self-catering in selected islets can be expensive. Food and beer otherwise are on the yr-level. Food in the slope is the year / seal level. Maybe even a little cheaper. Snack on dish is 6 euros and good gulash soup is 5-7 euros. The difference here is that you can eat with a little more style and quality if you want. Cheese tray and a glass of wine are no problem. Some places, (top of la grand motte), you can even drop a carafe yourself from the barrel and sit on the balcony in the sun and have it pretty nice. Generally, you eat with more quality than Sweden even though the portions in between are minimal. There are lots of places to rent skis, I rented at Langley and got good help, good skiing there. Nice to avoid wearing.

You do not need any French to be a week here. English, as well as the punctual language, works well. Cards work everywhere, even if some cash is good at being prepared. If the snowstorm may not be, the broadband will work at the restaurant in the back, and then the internet connection will not work, nor will the card payment work.

The skiing then. When I was there, basically all the slopes were open, even though there was some snowfall in the valley. The snow cannons worked at night. We went in the whole area (the whole pistemap.) In principle, it takes 2-3 days to cover everything. With the Tignes area, there are a lot of people circulating. This means that after lunch there is a lot of time. as for lunch and then sit back in the back or at one of the restaurants on the slopes. And with snow shortages and artificial snow, it may be odd after lunch. In general, many red and blue hills. Beginners, middle skiers always find Something here. The favorite train was the train from the election claret and then the red back under the chair lift. Alternatively At the top and far left of the pistemap, they stayed well and a little more sun there.

Free waterpark on the lift card, bring swimwear.

Are happy with the trip, the food, the resort, the skiing. But the next trip goes elsewhere
// Fredrik

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Have a health season 12/13 and then one week each season (January 2014 & 2015) probably somewhere around 150 ski days (and a few board days) in the system! I thought it would be time for a recent review.
(Since I may be a bit biased, you may want to take this with a pinch of salt.)

The system (and the ride) is insanely good at all! When my season 12/13 was spent for the most part in what was apparently the best year of the century, pure snow (a total of 8.5m, of which 4m before the new year), I will focus mostly on skiing outside the slopes. Park I'm not a hardener, but of what I understood by my friends, that's good, but with room for improvement (compare with Breck or other US megabygge).

An overwhelming majority of days outside the piste was spent in the Fornet, the eastern part of the system at the bottom of the Val d'Isère Valley (where there is apparently a roadway over the summer). Here there are incredible surfaces with different slopes and what is now thought, with snow in the perfect north and relatively wind protected at their places.
Start the day by avoiding the Fornet cabin and instead pick up the Laisinant chairlift to save time / congestion - slide down to the Pyramides lift (chairlift) and pick it up. Here you can choose either to take the small Signal trailer lift further up to the east or just burn down to the Pyramides station again. The latter is a sunny favorite and can be enjoyed by 5-6gg on a hot day before it gets a little bit awkward. You can also take a hill on the eastern mountain side and head around to go down and past Pyramides and then end down in the valley.

If Signal is open, it is probably the Alps' best lift, as it opens up the whole bowl (Grand Vallon), and the next away (Malpasets) without having to bother themselves. Extremely large areas, point the skis in the drop-line or wherever you want and drive.

In the case of strong winds or crates, the forest harvesting at Fornet is obviously preferable, and it is also extremely good. Turn on the bottom to the bottom, take the lift up again and just drive.

There is also a ride up the glacier, but this is a bit flatter and not nearly as good as Pyramides / Signal. Nice mooring and absolutely something for those who want to try on snowmobile though! (with the area's cheapest backrest ride).

The seat lift Cugnai on the Solaise side is a kind of sitting-lane version of Signal - extremely wide terrain available to the west from descent, which with some slopes landes down at another chairlift (cuff). My life's probably best trip took place in this area, more info is not given.

There is of course incredible good riding on both Bellevarde and also over in Tignes (Mickeys Ears etc.) but if you are based in Valdi and the snow is the same, I have a hard time seeing a reason to go there for a puder day.

Pistilically, the system is great and well-maintained, with incredibly good "flow " in the lifts, which means that the absolute longest one can stand in line is Type 5min in the Bellevarde bottom. Queues are avoided most suitable by choosing another lift, since there are a total of 8 bottom lifts on the Valdi side. The typical "French megasystems " feeling that you can only travel without pulling down the skis is total, which is one of the things I miss most in many other systems (eg Engelberg / Chamonix) where more just walks around on a mountain side with the following extreme queues. Probably extra good for families with children, as there is no need for buses or similar to get around in different parts of the skiing. Check out the Fornet Glacier and the Tignes Glacier for a really good pistachio.

When it comes to the village, the first thing to mention is that it is expensive. A majority of the stores are targeted at new-born Russians and British bank workers who go for a week a year, ranging from jewelery / watches to 1000E + ski outlets. SAVE in the village is, according to rumor, Europe's most expensive, and it would not surprise me at all. To eat lunch on the slopes becomes painfully painful (pizza 14-ish euro12 / 13, now surely more expensive). Tip here is either not kidding lunch without going instead, or shopping a little bit on Sherpa in Tinges and pulling out on the hill. As a poor ship 12/13, I simply did not eat lunch in 4 months, which I can not recommend hereafter (though you get used to it soon).

Drinking in the village, on the other hand, does not have to be particularly expensive (compared to Swedish pub / club), with a beer at 5 euros in most places. The classic round of the seasons (at least 12/13) became Victors Dansk (Le Petit Danois) - Dicks T-Bar - Doudounne (if you can). There are also lots of other places, such as Saloon, Cafe Face and everyone's favorite Le Graal. One tip as poor may be to go to Sherpa's extremely well-liked Cavé and buy any 2euro rosé and then bring the friends in the room - nice and well-groomed.

If you can not read that far, maybe it's no surprise that I give Valdi a sunny five. In fact, I find it difficult to find something that the place does not have, it's extra hard when I go elsewhere and unconsciously compare them with this. Have traveled to Chamonix, Engelberg and some Austrian cities, and would never ever choose these in front of Valdi for either a week or a season. Swedish and Norwegian resorts do not bother. A sunny five, and my absolute favorite place for skiing. Go there!

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Val d'isére is good! Awesome big with a lot of fall height, long well-prepared slopes and unlimited off-piste. There are varied rides for all directions. They have really managed to make the lift system efficient and it is connected in a fantastic way. The lift queues are rarely particularly long if you ignore the morning rush. The village is nice and has everything you could wish for. Swim or practice at Aquasportif after the ride.

Since, in principle, all rides occur above the tree boundary, it causes some weather sensitivity. Also count on high prices at most, even in the supermarket.

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