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Valmorel Snow forecast

  • Thursday
    0.3 in rain
    Partly cloudy
    1 mph
  • Friday
    0 ft
    2 mph
  • Saturday
    1.1 in rain
    Heavy rain
    3 mph

Facts about Valmorel

Slopes (Total: 0)

Lifts (Total: )
Gondola lift:3
Chair lifts:16

Vertical drop
Valmorel Vertical drop
Mountain high: 8366 ft
Vertical drop: 3773 ft
Mountain low: 4593 ft

Start:18 December
End:18 April

Country: France

Reviews for Valmorel

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A versatile place that provides a lot of varied driving, an advantage if you are a gang of different levels and interests. I have been here twice and had wonderful skiing both times. Mostly the easy-to-reach offpiste that suits me. A few meters out, it's almost untouched, and you're a little bit tired. I think you can go to an offpiste scratch to Val Thorens from here but I'm not a hundred. We stood down the slopes down a valley and considered, but aftershin attracted more at that time!

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Slidskarmecca in the valley next to Val Thorens. Small area with Trois Vallees but large with Swedish dimensions. Were there on week 5 2006 and almost had nice weather that slammed the snow. Slightly snowy as the area is from 1400 to 2500 meters east. Most of the rides are blue / red but there are tougher slopes, spec that seem to be low with the firing of the steep slopes = puck piste. There is also a lot of easy-to-reach offpiste - go out next to the piste and you go offpiste. The area around the Lauziere lift offers larger areas and some corridors for those who dare. Almost nonexistent lying queues and rarely congestion in the slopes. Some slow chairlifts that allow sunbathing and physical recovery during the upgrade. Price levels may be lower than other well-known French cities, without being in any way low. Coffee in the back 2.7 Euro. Easy lunch in the hill around 10-15 Euro. The resort was built in the late 1970s, so the architecture is not concrete brutal in the same way as the towns built earlier. Clearly family-friendly place with the best baby back I've seen - long rolling band and also big soft plastic pipes with soft snowdrivers behind the backbone that do not catch gliding glides before they get unusually high speed! Beer and food are hardly available at night.

Andreas Bronieus
Andreas Bronieus (Guest)
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Was u Valmorel v.11 and experienced my best skiing ever. There are bays that suit all types of riders, beginners as "professionals". There are also great opportunities to go offpiste.

The lift systems are not of the most modern kind and in my opinion, went too slowly.

The village in general is very small but extremely cozy and nothing really lacks.

Valmorel as a ski resort is best for families or couples who want to experience nice downhill skiing. Larger bunches (read joke threads) should probably look for larger resorts if you want to party too.

Overall, however, a VERY nice ski resort!

Magnus Brink
Magnus Brink (Guest)
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We went to Valmorel with the children (5 and 7 years old) and found a perfect family place and a good next step after Swedish mountains. You can find wide, long blue slopes abound. There is also a very lightweight and easily accessible offpiste at snowfall. Tired people on the easy track there are also really steep climbs both in and outside the piste. The lift system lasts far longer than a week both in the number of lifts and in the planning of the same. However, some of the lifts are of the older type, but it felt barely like a problem. The nice little village has, despite its size, everything you may need and shops, accommodation and lifts are close to each other.

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Were in Valmorel last week and this was one of the best I've been to.
Okay, the lifts are a bit old fashioned and creepy but the slopes fit most.
But the best of all is that the offpiste is so easy to access and it's very untouched snow that you can access without breaking far or taking a heli.
But if you go out to the best offpiste you'll feel someone who has been down there, met a guy who had been down there a lot and knew everything, that was nice ..
/ Ride on.

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Absolutely perfect city! For those who are only down a week and want a lot of their days, this is a real gem. Can agree that the lift system may not be the newest all times, but considering that there is NEVER a queue for the elevator, it still works! Wide nice slopes to sizzle down and very unspoiled, easily accessible off-piste! Try Lauziere and Le Mottet. Party can be shaken! Jimbo Lolo and Café de La Gare are safe cards, but all places work to drink beer! The food is high priority in Valmo, Le Petit Prince is by far the best place for a fair price. If you want to get up the hill and in price then there is a Guide Michelin-rated restaurant in the village!

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The village is quite cozy and not as intensive as the major French resorts, which may be both good and bad. On the other hand, I experienced the lift system as surprisingly outdated, with strange two-chair lifts, which I have not seen since the hill in Älvdalen ...

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Be here v.2 -01. A good ski resort where it was actually cheaper than in other French cities. There is a lot of skiing, although it may not be the toughest ride. Snowed a lot of the week i was there, so have only nice memories of that week. Nightlife is available, although small. A lot of Danes.

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Were in Valmorel during the 2002 season. Get this French Pearl, which is perfect for families and puppies! There are plenty of wide blue and green slopes for those who like it and really nice, steep ride for the brave ones. Try Lauziere (pist / offpist) and have lunch at the "Lasagna Restaurant" at the foot of the hill. What to eat there you can list yourself ... Or try one of my favorites Renard-long, lovely back or Le Mur-card & brant. Take a Long Island Ice Tea at La Cordée and greet Damien! A bar round also always includes Perce Neige, Cafe La Gare and Jimbo Lolo, where you can swing in the bar before landing at the Le Clover disco. Nice trip!

magnus (Guest)
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Absolutely ok place! The lift system is relatively small, but you can manage one week there without getting bored. The fact that I had three days of pillows in a week was also a part of the experience. This week's best trip we found one afternoon, at two o'clock, totally untouched .... in addition, the trips are cheaper than everywhere else ...

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