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Lifts (0/82)
Slopes (0%)
Snow depth
3330 m
821 m
260 cm
25 cm
4 valleys, is one of the largest ski area in Switzerland and a reputation as one of the world's best off-piste areas. As if that wasn't enough, there is also the annual final of the Freeride World Tour, which traditionally takes place on the frightening north side of the mountain Bec de Rosses. In Verbier you can find almost everything that most snow-covered mountains have to offer. The fact that it has become the hot spot for many European high-income earners might not seem so strange. Although, they would probably rather return to the countless 5-star hotels, luxury restaurants and connoisseur shops.

Verbier is a big city with a population of around 35,000 in the winter. Don't expect to only find people with the most money to spend in this area, because snow enthusiasts from all income groups like to come here to enjoy the mountains. Looking at the price though, Verbier is not one of the cheapest places in the Alps. The great thing about having so much to offer is that it would take a lot for things to go wrong. It's almost impossible to go wrong with a trip to Verbier.
Verbier includes the ski resorts Bruson, La Tzoumaz/Savoleyres

Verbier belong to Les 4 Vallées.

Verbier Snow forecast

  • Thursday
    2.9 mm rain
    0 m/s
  • Friday
    2.6 mm rain
    Rain showers
    1 m/s
  • Saturday
    0 cm
    0 m/s

Facts about Verbier

Slopes (Total: 412)
Green Learning / beginner:2
Blue Easy:11
Red Intermediate:18
Black Advanced / Expert:5
Total length of pistes:256 mile

Lifts (Total: 82)
Gondola lift:6
Aerial tramway:5
Chair lifts:12

Vertical drop
Verbier Vertical drop
Mountain high: 10925 ft
Vertical drop: 8232 ft
Mountain low: 2694 ft
Skiable vertical drop: 6004 ft (The vertical drop you can ride in one go on skis)

Start: 7 November
End:18 April

Cross country skiing
Tracks:3.1 mile
Lit tracks:0 mile
Artificial snow:0 mile

Childrens area:3
Country: Switzerland

Reviews for Verbier

What do you think about Verbier?
gthoward (Guest)
Best freeride mountain in Switzerland

Thierry Siraut
Thierry Siraut (Guest)
Verbier is one of the best Ski resort in the Swiss Alps. When coming from the US, you will discover no limits on anything. No max speed, no limit from skiing outside the slope, great adventure skiing with highest safety. Good nightlife and last but not least affordable appartments such as Michou12

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After I made the season in Verbier, I have returned at least one or more weeks a year for 10 years. Verbier is a ski resort located in the western part of Switzerland. The easiest way to get here is to fly to Geneva and take the train or ski bus to the village. (Both cost about 60 CHF so I recommend taking the bus transfer) Once in the village you have a fantastic view of Valais and the peaks on the other side of the valley.

In Verbier there are slopes, but that's not why you go here. Around the slopes there are fantastic opportunities to go off-piste. It is as usual to keep track of what you are doing. Spade, probe, tranciever and knowledge of avalanche terrain is a must. One advantage of verbier is that there are many protected sides where the snow stays good even though it is windy or a little sun. Describing each yoke would be a half bible, but here comes a bunch that you get to google on yourself: Stairways to heaven, Backside, Rock garden, Bananas, Col de mine, Col de mouche, Couloir cosmiques, Bec de rosses - Dog Leg.

The village:
Verbier is a relatively picturesque village in comparison to French giants such as les deux alps or val d'ais. Here, however, there is good nightlife for those who want to go out and jump between the ski days. The given after-ski resort is pub mont-fort which is located near the base lift of the metro lift. Here it is usually good atmosphere and you get a pint of the liquid gold for 3.5 CHF between 16 - 17.

The accommodation can be quite expensive if you choose to stay at a hotel with full or half board. My tip is to find an apartment on airbnb. The range is quite large and it is possible to find affordable apartments that are still centrally located.

Verbier is a place I will always return to. Mainly because of the incredible opportunities to find good snow several weeks after the latest dump.

  • Verbier
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Warranty 5 * For this season start and more snow will be awesome!

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In this FANTASTIC ski resort I have spent 2 full seasons + 1 week holiday.
For the good rider, Verbier can be considered the best place in the world. In order to make the place justice, it should be divided into three parts:

Park, Verbiers park is not much to brag about. What's available is well maintained but the park is low-priced. If you want to park, I recommend instead going to Thyon in the lower part of 4 valleés, or you'll find yourself driving any of the jumps that usually appear at the comb around Fontanet.

Pist, if you are considering going to verbier, keep in mind that it's BRANT. In Verbier there are essentially no "green" slopes, and the blue is usually also quite steep. With that said, the slopes are good but there are a lot of people in the popular slopes. If you do not mind driving many rides in the same piste, if it is good then Bruson is recommended, there are seldom a lot of tourists and the slopes are nice all day while offering varied rides. Do you feel brave and get up in the Mont-fort lifts, the black piste down is one of Europe's steepest. Unfortunately, it is often harvested, and you will rather have a sharp puckle with a pressed carving cutter. If you are sure edge to edge, I would recommend one of the two "Tortin" eyes. The one who starts at "Lac de Veaux" is in my opinion the best and once you've passed the humpbacks on the first part, you are invited on a cozy ride all the way down to Siviez. Are you or someone in the family not so comfortable on the skis, the cabin is a convenient alternative. 4 Vallees offers everything on a lot of pistes, but the absolute best is in the other parts and not in Verbier itself.

Offpist, I could write very many words about the Verbier offpiste but I do not intend to do that. Suffice it to say that if you like Free Skating and have not been to Verbier then you should book your next trip there. All types of rides are available, from sparse coulores to wide pillows. Invite a seasoned to a beer to see that they will tell you something about it. If you like to travel, I have to mention Rosablanche. An incredibly nice trip that takes you through Verbier's back to Siviez. Just keep in mind that it takes several hours to complete the schedule before you are sucked.

What should not be missed:
1. Pub Mont Fort
Afterski for all, quiet environment with everything from young people to families with children. Perhaps one of the most pleasant places in the whole of the Alps.
2. Mont Fort (top station)
Even if you do not plan to go downhill, you should go up to the top to later overturn the extra 100 meters to the system's highest point, the view is worth every minute of your time.

All kind of ride
Perhaps Europe's funniest and most accessible Offpiste
Cruel afterski
Challenging driving
You can be there for a very long time and still do not get lost with everything

Nothing for the beginner
You usually have to go / take the bus to get to the lift.

  • Verbier
  • Verbier
  • Verbier
  • Verbier
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Lovely ski area! Large areas and varied rides.

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Verbier - can not recommend warmer! Other resorts can only be as good but rarely better. Verbier is a place for skiers.

Maggie (Guest)
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Hello again,
Wrote a proper task review in 2009. Looks like it remains. Date of update.
Verbier is a cannon-hot ski resort! No question about it. In addition, when the snob has slowed, it has become calmer and nicer. Right relaxed indeed. Perhaps a stock market crash would be required for the worst offspring to disappear. The "Galatants" in fur and the Russian New Zealand have settled down. In addition, Televerbier continues to invest in building new lifts. Good!

The skiing. Last season the lift was opened Mayenzet. Meaning that it has become easy to get up quickly from Carrefour and the iron up to Ruinette. The last thing I heard was that you will now also connect the Medo system with Savoleyres to ease for many. You do not have to drag an offpipe to switch from the Medo system to Savoleyres. Good.
Another positive thing is that from the valley station in Le Chable you will be able to take a sprinkle's new lift right up to Bruson! Talk about Le Chable coming to the middle of the ski center. Looking forward to living in the slightly shady Chable, is it well-anticipated.

Obviously you will test "Verpan ". Best off-skiing in the Alps. Nice weather Long sweeping slopes. March month is superb. Often big dump at the end of the month. Just take a little piano. Too many Swedes and others are drawn to scary avalanches every year. Do not drive your head under your arm. Dare to think about. Enjoy.

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Good slopes, good off piste, big surfaces, good food on the slopes and good after skiing!

Maggie (Guest)
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Need more critical reviews about Verier.
Have seen Verbier change over the years - to the worse.
Crowded with people. Parkerngen down in Le Chable full already at 9.00.
In Verbier, the outside is true. If you do not have the right backdrop or trendy clothes and skis, you'll be flashy "nerscannad". A guy who sat behind us at "Carlsberg" noted; "I pay my fan not 100 bucks for two glasses of water, it's sick"
A pizza in town is about 20 Sfr, ie about 140 bucks today = "ripp-off". The owners reason well; "If so, it will be." Feel at the last of me as a part of cattle that are sheltered over the mountain. Ahh, I do not like Verbier anymore. If you are the one who makes and burns Attelas-Ruinette, it's easy to get tired of Åre.
In the past, it was possible to go off-piste. untouched, in lots of places; Mont Gele, Cole de Muche, Arbidalen, etc. Today, everything is run out in no time. And how fun is that? Have been talking to a lot of old-known Swiss, they just shake their heads. Stan has grown up on the Savoy side and has become too big. And then all these (new) rich snakes and "galatants" in fur. Urk.
A tip; Check out the other places in Valais. And do not forget the super cool outdoor pools in hot springs. How about 1000 jaquzzis rays in one place. Now we are talking. Please try Verbier, but do not forget everything else in Valais - especially the incredibly just people outside the snobbery. They only tore Verbier.

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