Ski resorts in Switzerland
Verbier includes La Tzoumaz/Savoleyres

Verbier belong to Les 4 Vallées.

Lifts (20/82)
Slopes (25%)
Snow depth
3330 m
1500 m
140 cm
110 cm
4 valleys, is one of the largest ski area in Switzerland and a reputation as one of the world's best off-piste areas. As if that wasn't enough, there is also the annual final of the Freeride World Tour, which traditionally takes place on the frightening north side of the mountain Bec de Rosses. In Verbier you can find almost everything that most snow-covered mountains have to offer. The fact that it has become the hot spot for many European high-income earners might not seem so strange. Although, they would probably rather return to the countless 5-star hotels, luxury restaurants and connoisseur shops.

Verbier is a big city with a population of around 35,000 in the winter. Don't expect to only find people with the most money to spend in this area, because snow enthusiasts from all income groups like to come here to enjoy the mountains. Looking at the price though, Verbier is not one of the cheapest places in the Alps. The great thing about having so much to offer is that it would take a lot for things to go wrong. It's almost impossible to go wrong with a trip to Verbier.

Snow forecast

  • Tuesday

    13.6 cm snow
    1 m/s
  • Wednesday

    7 cm snow
    0 m/s
  • Thursday

    21.2 cm snow
    Snow showers
    0 m/s
What do you think about Verbier?
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Lovely ski area! Large areas and varied rides.

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Verbier - can not recommend warmer! Other resorts can only be as good but rarely better. Verbier is a place for skiers.

Maggie (Guest)
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Hello again,
Wrote a proper task review in 2009. Looks like it remains. Date of update.
Verbier is a cannon-hot ski resort! No question about it. In addition, when the snob has slowed, it has become calmer and nicer. Right relaxed indeed. Perhaps a stock market crash would be required for the worst offspring to disappear. The "Galatants" in fur and the Russian New Zealand have settled down. In addition, Televerbier continues to invest in building new lifts. Good!

The skiing. Last season the lift was opened Mayenzet. Meaning that it has become easy to get up quickly from Carrefour and the iron up to Ruinette. The last thing I heard was that you will now also connect the Medo system with Savoleyres to ease for many. You do not have to drag an offpipe to switch from the Medo system to Savoleyres. Good.
Another positive thing is that from the valley station in Le Chable you will be able to take a sprinkle's new lift right up to Bruson! Talk about Le Chable coming to the middle of the ski center. Looking forward to living in the slightly shady Chable, is it well-anticipated.

Obviously you will test "Verpan ". Best off-skiing in the Alps. Nice weather Long sweeping slopes. March month is superb. Often big dump at the end of the month. Just take a little piano. Too many Swedes and others are drawn to scary avalanches every year. Do not drive your head under your arm. Dare to think about. Enjoy.

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Good slopes, good off piste, big surfaces, good food on the slopes and good after skiing!

Maggie (Guest)
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Need more critical reviews about Verier.
Have seen Verbier change over the years - to the worse.
Crowded with people. Parkerngen down in Le Chable full already at 9.00.
In Verbier, the outside is true. If you do not have the right backdrop or trendy clothes and skis, you'll be flashy "nerscannad". A guy who sat behind us at "Carlsberg" noted; "I pay my fan not 100 bucks for two glasses of water, it's sick"
A pizza in town is about 20 Sfr, ie about 140 bucks today = "ripp-off". The owners reason well; "If so, it will be." Feel at the last of me as a part of cattle that are sheltered over the mountain. Ahh, I do not like Verbier anymore. If you are the one who makes and burns Attelas-Ruinette, it's easy to get tired of Åre.
In the past, it was possible to go off-piste. untouched, in lots of places; Mont Gele, Cole de Muche, Arbidalen, etc. Today, everything is run out in no time. And how fun is that? Have been talking to a lot of old-known Swiss, they just shake their heads. Stan has grown up on the Savoy side and has become too big. And then all these (new) rich snakes and "galatants" in fur. Urk.
A tip; Check out the other places in Valais. And do not forget the super cool outdoor pools in hot springs. How about 1000 jaquzzis rays in one place. Now we are talking. Please try Verbier, but do not forget everything else in Valais - especially the incredibly just people outside the snobbery. They only tore Verbier.

Ragnar G
Ragnar G (Guest)
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Warning for the piste that is completely bombarded with people, impossible to get down at the end of the day. However, there is really good offpiste snow in the area, there are scratches for beginners and to the little more advanced.
By contrast, the whole village is overwhelmed by Swedes, especially during the Swedish sports holiday weeks 7,8,9. When the Swedes' place of origin is Lord Nelson Pub, where it is packed with young young Swedes, it can be quite fun.
Usually, it's okay when snow is coming up, but the warmer climate has affected snow conditions all the time, and some weeks get lost all day! If you have any money, then you should definitely visit La Cavue, where you can get really good raclette and cheese fondy.
 A good ski system, but a little over explored!

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Were in Verbier V 15 this year.
Looks like the place was cruel, there was very easy accessible offpiste, generally everywhere, and usually very long, for example, mont-fort down to the tortine is 1300 fall height meters. The boring is just as with all other resorts, they get up quite quickly, but because we were there late in the season, we could still find a nice, untouched, but flattering offpiste in the Savoleyre area the following day. Away from Veysonnaz and Thyon, you have good pistoling, but nothing for us who like to go offpiste.

The disadvantage as I see it is that they did not plan the location of the lifts spec well, the jumbolift could, for example, lie further than it did, there would not have been as much transport at the end etc.

Otherwise I thought it was cheap there, pint of beer 3 chf = 18 kr.
Gulaschsoppa type 45 kr in the hill, maybe maybe around 20 kr. Oh, that's good, much more expensive than that.
The Mont-Fort Pub does not have to be missed, do not speculate on Tuesdays, then Eagles!

Filip W
Filip W (Guest)
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A place like Verbier is, so Swedish, as well.

The village is pretty big, the food pretty good, the people are pretty nice and the prices are right. It's easy to go through the system and easily find the right, really good offpiste.

Were there under V.5 and it had not been snowing for quite some time. We solved it by hiring a guide and dropping down the hillside back to late skinny with leather.

Has it not been snowing for a long time and is good weather, rent a couple of ski slopes with hides and go down from the back of the hill, where there are thousands of possibilities. Otherwise, recommending a Guide called Thomas, no fan will not remember his name in last name, but he is relatively well-known in the village. A little old and a joke on finding good skiing.

If you are lucky enough to meet a snowfall then there are huge opportunities with offpiste from the lifts. Many nice rocks and colouirs. Be careful, however, for the narrow ones, such as Attelas colouirs directly after snowfall, many accidents there.

If it were snowing for a whole week, there's really cool forest skiing away for Thyon. Large larch trees with a lot of space, however, are large parts of the ridge there nature conservation area (beware of barbed wire, the Swedes are serious)

A yard that is quite sick is the forest yard under the cabin. Nendaz, usually there for as long as it is in a children's area, it is steep, sparse and with little little rocks if you wish.

The atmosphere is good, the snow is usually stable and you dive a snowfall, you are, take me fan, paradise. Really ballt place!

bettan (Guest)
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Far from the best place in the Alps. Long lifts, many transport distances, short slopes. Good offpiste, but it is so popular that the season there, where the powder is often harvested. But if you are comfortable to be surrounded by Swedes on good and bad, this is an option.

Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder (Guest)
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Cannon Place ...

Good skiing and quite OK at Le Pub Mont Fort. Met my wife there ten years ago. Just one such thing.

Best when it comes to !!!

Could load superlative side up and side down but do not write anymore.

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