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22/02/2018 (Modified: 23/02/2018)
Very controversial ski resort. We went to Zakopane this year (mostly for freeride). Accommodation was pretty cheap compared to Alpine ski resorts. Snow conditions were pretty decent. However, the wether is often not skiing friendly as there a many foggy and windy days.The main area is Kasprowy Wierch. There 3 lifts that all go to the same summit, which is pretty convenient.

Mountains are awesome even after Alps, with lots of potentially fantastic freeride spots. BUT. They are part of the Tatra National Park. Which means you can't ski off-piste in many ares. If you do you might get fined (something like 200 PLN). Some spots are pretty hard to get to, but definitely worth it.

Overall, not a bad ski resort, but make sure you know everything about it before planning your visit.

Szczepan (Guest)
The whole city is betwen mountains, we haven't got any snowpark up here but really nice BC Terrains that why Staszek Karpiel is in the Voelkl International Team now becouse he was hard working.
Kasprowy ierch is one of the highest mountains to ski up here. The Mountain in't so hight but the terian is beatiful.
In front of the Kasprowy Wierch we've got a Guba³ówka Mountain witch is perfect for ameteur skiers, and of course Szymaszkowa for intermediate riders.

kristina (Guest)
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Tackled with people, simple, blue uniform slopes. And: nothing is related. There is no continuous lift system in Zakopane but skiing consists of going to one and the same hill, usually at the blue level, o Hanging there for the hours you paid. We were a family of five who went to a place considered by the local ski hire as one of the best. For more than EUR 100 we went for four hours in the same hill. It was perfectly ok and quite long but a little snug anyway. Another day we took taxis (ski buses or public transport does not seem to be right, taxi fairly cheap) to a place two miles away, kotelnica I think it was called, perfectly ok, but only blue slopes and long queues. Details that I was disturbed by were that despite long queues there was no lift guard trying to get people together in the seat lifts, usually it was sparse. Few speak English and they are not very charming. Maybe they don't want tourists because it's crowded enough for the Poles anyway. No, stay in Sweden or add a little extra and ok to the Alps instead. The skiing enthusiast has nothing here to pick up!

Vincent (Guest)
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We were five young people from Skåne who went to Zakopane. Reason that Zakopane was just this year's ski resort was of pure curiosity, recommendations and limited budgets. Never have I been so disappointed on a trip.

1. Stan
Zakopane is a city that does not like international tourists. Never have I been greeted by so unpleasant and angry people. Zero service-mind and generally scary English. Before our trip we were recommended to go on Zakopane's most famous street Krupowki street. During the day, this street really saw the tourists' waterhole and everyone gathered here. There were so many people so you could hardly get through, giving a slightly claustrophobic feeling. During the evening, the street was emptied and transformed into a very insecure and threatening street where at the end of the week we hardly dared to go. Several evenings we were persecuted by alcoholic Poles who grunted and screamed for us. The second evening we were even beaten by a full pole. It felt like the pole had made a sport of hitting tourists as he very relaxed after the conflict went there quietly with a wide smile. A few days after the incident, we met a girl at a bar, the first to speak English. We addressed the incident that happened a few days before and she was not surprised. She explained that this was nothing strange and that it was a bit of a tradition that "Village-people" (Poles living outside Zakopane) went into town to suck and fight. Overall, you do not feel welcome or safe as a tourist.

2. Nightlife
The first night, two in the gang were deceived at a bar. Then they bought four tequila shots that ended up at $ 10,000. Yes you read right. When my friends discovered this and confronted them, a gorilla-like guard came and threw them out. The money didn't see my friends after that. Nightlife overall was defined by messy nightclubs with threatening staff and visitors. There were no traditional pubs or anyone obsessed with apres ski so long the eye could reach.

3. Riding
Riding was a joke. We tested three different ski systems. On the first day, we tested the Szymoszkowa ski center, which was really horrible. Terribly long queue to the lifts, unorganized and a short little piste that resembled a children's hill in Sälen. On the second day we went to Suche which we were recommended by one who lived in the same hotel. "This is a famous Olympic piste", and again we built up expectations. When we got there we couldn't do anything but laugh. This was not a piste, it was a hill with snow on which the ride could be completed in half a minute at high speed. But we did not give up, the third day we visited the well-known Kasprowy Wierch system. This was the only ski system that offered a cabin up and a respectable height to go on. But of course, three out of four slopes were shut down due to a snowstorm. This is certainly bad luck and the system overall felt right okay. After checking the forecast the rest of the week and it turned out that it would snow even more and the chance that the rest of the system would open was minimal. Because the dissatisfaction was great, there was nothing to do, it was bad weather, the group decided to leave this god-forgotten hole also called Zakpane and go to Krakow one day earlier instead.

Cheap ski hire
Cheap beer
Cheap accommodation
Near Krakow so you can easily escape to if you have made the mistake of going here.

Everything else

Finally, Zakopane is a living example for getting what you pay for. I would not even recommend Zakopane for my worst enemy. Tips, put them that extra money to go to the mountains or the Alps. It's really worth it.
Never again seen Zakopane.

// Vincent

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Yes, you have tested skiing in Poland which was a different experience. Just went on Kasprowy Wierch about 3 km to Zakopane. Took horse carriage to the hill when you can not drive a car. You get up to the cable car, change the middle and one more. Then there is 1 (one) downhill on each side of the top. That goes all the way down. If you want to ride the long cable car again, say. Is there a seat lift on either side as well. The one seat that provides wooden taste. No modern stuff right away. The skiing. Well. However, you will get the feeling of alpine surroundings. However, no big system is Kasprowy Wierch, 2 slopes in principle. One side was very steep at the beginning and then a nicer party that then ends with small narrow icy passages. Not directly my favorite ride right away. In front of the cable car, it was better on the right side of the m 2 seat rack. Off-peak skiing not allowed. Just drove type 100m outside the piste, stood o watched the view and then went back to the piste and got a citation of a park ranger (national park). He was not angry but still ... There are many very small establishments near the town of Zakopane, which had very modern seating lifts, but little short runs and good people so we jumped all the way. Zakopane as a destination, cozy with nice cozy restaurants, etc. Try the smoked cheese osztypek grilled m cranberry juice! Skiing if you require it is Zakopane EJ comparable to the Alps, but a nice destination that is easy to reach by car from Krakow. Poland is nicer than you can imagine. But nothing to cheer for when it comes to skiing maybe.

artix (Guest)
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Some tips when it comes to Zakopane. Drive your car there. Trelleborg-Sassnitz-Berlin-Krakow-Zakopane.
90 km highway and some country road between Krakow and Zakopane. The journey from Malmö usually costs me about 5000. Shared on 4 pers. there is no money. But the car there can make a holiday to the megasemester :)
With some tips from other skiers, you can easily find all ski resorts around Zakopane and they are many!
The problem with Kasprowy is that artificial snow is not allowed there because it is National Park :(
The same goes for lifts, they can not afford anything. Ecoterrorists have power!
But usually the season lasts in April.

Lift passes can vary from 100 to max 250 kr day. 4 hours always available and buy.
Opening hours 9-21 in most cases.
Restaurants with Wi-Fi at all slopes are a must in the poland.
Hotel- example price - 2 room shower Wi-Fi + breakfast 2pers. 500kr day.

and a little movie :)

Elisabet Göland
Elisabet Göland (Guest)
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Have just arrived from Zakopane and can see that previous reviews are quite good. Kasprowy Wierch is the best place. but unfortunately there is no snow there this year, so only one seat lift on top is open. However, this seems to be very unusual.

There are plenty of places to rent skis, both in Kasprowy and at the other slopes like Szymaszkowa and Harenda. These are, moreover, the highest Sälen qualities in terms of skiing. Helmets are also available everywhere.

Certainly there are different lift passes in the different slopes, but I do not feel that disturbing. Either you buy a day card or you can download a card with a number of rides. The latter was very useful because you get the money back if you do not use your yoke.

Buying tickets to the cabin in advance seems to be a good idea when many get up at the top just to "wander" around there and admire the view, leading to queue at 10 o'clock. However, I do not know how this works.

The village of Zakopane is quite cozy and half of the shops are ski shops with a wide range. There are many more brands than in Sweden but it is expensive.

Alex (Guest)
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YES as a happy Swedish, zakopane was better than all the places I've been to in Sweden. (Years old)
There were lots of people we got to the cabin but with a pre-booked ticket you had to go before the whole sex ...
The lifts are newly built (completely renovated) and the ski slopes at the high zone beat everything.

The downside is, however, that you have to take a taxi to everything if you can not find, and the poles easily yield 200% in the price. The food was not expensive but definitely not cheap, but it's an atmosphere that does not exist in eg. sweden. In general, the village was a fairly large exhaust well with lots of Alpine-inspired houses. The only way to visit there is the main street, which however is enormously tall, with lots of fun in the surroundings.

My rating is not full, because in terms of service and standard, Poland is located.
The best way to get to Zakopane is in any case flights to Krakow and then a quick change to bus at the station. (Just jump on any). A tip is to bring your own ski equipment, it is possible to rent it, but it is a bit awkward.

Erka (Guest)
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I'm in Zakopane v8 2008 ... A vibrant city that looks like a Christmas card ...

Skiing is absolutely cruel every day, when the weather is good and ... there's really only a skiing system that's about!
Kasprowy Wierch is the best the other sucks in total. Kasprowy Wierch has a 1000m fall height, but then they count on a ride from the top and all the way down and you have to take the cabin lift. Should you go up and down the cabin lifts, it costs the shirt and takes quite some time. Otherwise, you choose one of the two seat lifts that exist and then the fall height is about 600m .... there are not so many backs in Kasprowy Wierch but they are good!

If you do not go to Kasprowy Wierch, the slopes are kind of like in the Sälen but there are even more people ... plus every lift outside Kasprowy Wierch has different owners, which leads to different lift cards (lift tickets) = flashlight.

In Zakopane, the distances are long and TAXI is the only way to get from one place to another, but the taxi is quite cheap there about $ 100 through from one side of town to the other.

It is easy to get to Zakopane. Just fly to Krakow and then there are buses and trains from the airport to the bus station / train station and there are buses to Zakopane, which runs every hour. The journey Krakow - Zakopane takes about 2h and costs 100kr / person.

Plus / Minus

+ Kasprowy Wierch
+ Cheap Taxi
+ Billy flight there, and cheap transportation at all
+ Cheap ski hire
+ Pretty cheap
the mood +
+ View from Kasprowy Wierch
+ Snow proof in Kasprowy Wierch

Bad language english
-Archances in Zakopane
-All slopes except those in Kasprowy Wierch
- Pretty expensive food ... if you do not want to eat soup
-Guest exhausts ... smell diesel and coal
-Super to find if you can not polish

Just plus to Kasprowy Wierch, but the rest is nothing to hurry for ...
It's really worth going there. Highly recommended !!!

P.S. It may be good to pre-buy cabin lifts in advance, for a nice day, the queues to the Kabp track in Kasprowy Wierch can be super-long.

jonny (Guest)
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Zakopane hits everything that is in "fjord " Sweden !! No dry bratz! No pizzas for 120 buckets mm! cheap and an incredible environment that is not found here in Sweden. do not mention their location! Krakow, Auschwitz, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest are some destinations that are not so far. can not get any better!