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Be on lightning at the end of April, the snowy winter of 2007. It was at least 150cm fall at Kasporow Wierch. The lift system and the organization around there are a disaster with different owners and different tickets to each lift. On the other hand, once you get up to the mountain, the conditions are brilliant. The slopes closest to the lifts have been completed in an hour, but if you can start going a bit, the area has fantasy possibilities. Within 30 minutes - 3 hours of crunching there are lots of gutters, steep rides and beautiful hanging. Around 500 meters fall height so you can get up on the peaks again or back to the lifts. I could imagine going with the family and letting the kids slide around the slopes as I acquire myself and hurry and burn a bit away. (but who should look after the children?)

J (Guest)
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Hello Hello! Personally, I think the zakopane is wonderful! good skiing, GOOD NIGHTLIFE, very nice tourists, cheap etc. The only negative I see is that, as I said, the lifting system does not really fit together .. but it does not matter, either because they only o spend one day at each place and few little variation.
We are a bunch of young people (35 people) who go every year, 20-27 February and party in zakopane and go skiing. Nightlife is wonderful and cheap and there are plenty of modern bars and nightclubs to meet people from all over Europe, English, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedes, Danes, Finns, Germans, etc.
but zakopane is also very child friendly =)

Mats (Guest)
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Indeed, Zakopane is not very good. There is only a good area: Kasprowy Wierch, with a 1934 cab ride and two chairlifts. It is actually much better in Bialka Tatrzanska, 3 miles from Zakopane (4 chairlifts + 10 easy lifts) see: but there is nothing for good skiers (almost only blue and green slopes. Day passes cost 60 zloty (about $ 100)
Even better is it in Krynica (1 gondola court + 8 lifts) see:, lift passes approximately 80 zloty / day, near Krynica lies Wierchomla with 8 lifts see:, and the same lift passes apply as in Krynica ...
The resorts are better than Zakopane, (even better than Sälen) and much cheaper than the Alps ...


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A visit to the Polish village of Zakopane is highly recommended. Prices are still relatively low and if the snow conditions are good the ride will be enjoyable. The pistachio slopes on Kasprowy are few, but the offpsite is easily accessible and good. If you slope or hesitate for half an hour, you are guaranteed untouched snow and hikes in varied and calm terrain.

Nöjd oerfaren skidåkare
Nöjd oerfaren skidåkare (Guest)
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Poland is an excellent alternative to the Swedish mountains, although the systems do not fit together, but when a taxi between them costs the mall 5-10 kr, I do not think it matters. Going to Zakopane as a toddler I think I worked very well, great skill ski instructor who spoke very good English and was very accommodating. The backs are well groomed but clearly not huge but there are beads like Gubalowka where you can travel in different slopes regardless of experience. If you want to experience a little alp feeling, you can go up with Kasprowy Wierch's cable car where you have red and black slopes (a good tip is to book your ticket already from home). The pension in Zakopane is a good standard and serves very good food. We go back this year again for the second time and certainly not the last one. Not forgetting it is incredibly cheap which makes you have a very cheap holiday. You can see it as if you get what you pay because you can not compare skiing or prices, for example, with Trysil or Åre. Try before you condemn, well worth a visit.

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Well! What to say about Poland? It's cheap at all ... Well, it's actually possible to go skiing in Poland, in Zakopane more specifically! Were there on 8th of 2004. The systems are not assembled, but consist of several facilities around Zakopane. The best ride is at Kasprowy Wierch, which is reached by cabins, which are built somewhere between the Bronze Age and the present! But when you reach an altitude of about 2000 meters you have two dirty slopes to go on! Certainly alp feeling! If you have nice weather as we had it is absolutely wonderful at the top! I think Zakopane is definitely worth a visit. Not only for skiing but because everything is so badly cheap: Big strong: 10 kr, Big Mac with plus menu 20 kr m.m.

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Unfortunately, the systems are not assembled .... which is a big minus ... but on the other hand, a taxi costs between never more than a beer in Sweden.
The small "systems" consisting of 1-3 slopes can be compared to Lindvallen in Sälen.
But if you take the cab up at Kasprovskiy then we'll be completely different! Over the tree line, the peaks are spikes against the blue sky !! Along the top there are many possibilities, you get a little "alp feeling" when you look out over the tops against Slovakia!
The outpour is usually completely untouched, "man" does not go offpist here !! So for us fantasies, we can find incredibly good rides here !! However, you should take care so that you do not injure yourself and need to visit a hospital. Speaking of your own experience that health care is not something to "hang the grain" ..... A slight negative is that their lift card system does not work at all. .. you basically need to buy a new lift card for all the backs and they work in only one place ...

But Zakopane has opportunities to develop, there is potential here !! But before they succeed, they need to learn English, be nice and polite, and build the systems and the opportunity to use the same lift card in all systems!

But if you want a different skiing week in Poland then I can recommend Zakopane!
Everything is sick cheap !!!

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not a ski resort with giant potential! there are not so many pistes! so much of the surfaces are left free of the powder growing scandinavia. For so many poles you can not see the slopes! The one who is saved on ski alpinism can come to Zakopane and laugh ridiculously and happily!

micke (Guest)
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A number of slopes are promised more than in reality. The slopes available are okay, no more than that. Offpiste opportunities are limited, but they are available.
The beer is badly cheap down town and on aftershine.
The border with Slovakia is where the cable car stops and guards Kalashnikov's guard strictly.
Enchair lift is available, and it works well.
The hotel I had 4 stars, but in Swedish terms it corresponds to about 1.
Still recommends a visit to the Polish Alps.